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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 9 - Spirit Devouring Flower
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Chapter 9: Spirit Devouring Flower

As expected, killing the cultists who attacked him triggered the system’s random reward.

However, this time, the reward was not a cultivation technique, secret technique, pill, or artifact, but a plant.

Spirit Devouring Flower!

Chu Xuan checked the information on the spirit devouring flower.

“Spirit Devouring Flower, a rare plant from heaven and earth. It can devour everything. It especially likes to devour poisons, dark objects, and other things. It also likes to devour corpses. When it’s young, it already possesses simple intelligence and can walk. The flower is beautiful and has the power to confuse…”

After reading the description of the Spirit Devouring Flower, Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised.

With the spirit devouring flower, it was much easier to deal with the corpses.

Other than devouring, the spirit devouring flower also had the miraculous effect of healing the soul. The fruit it produced could cleanse the body and soul, strengthen talent, and increase the power of comprehension.

It had the miraculous effect of helping to break through bottlenecks.

Other than that, the Spirit Devouring Flower’s attack was also very powerful.

It could devour the mind and soul, and it could record all the memories of the mind and soul it devoured.

Chu Xuan took out the spirit devouring flower, and a one-meter-tall, small fist-sized tree with colorful flowers appeared.

The branches of the tree were as soft as vines. Not a single leaf could be seen. The entire tree was full of flowers, the fragrance was enchanting, and the flowers were in different shapes, appearing bright and beautiful.

As soon as the spirit-devouring flower was taken out, Chu Xuan detected a faint mental connection with it whereby it immediately recognized him as its master.

“Swallow it!”

Chu Xuan wanted to see the devouring ability of the spirit-devouring flower, so he pointed at the corpse on the ground and ordered.

The roots of the spirit devouring flower were densely packed. After landing on the ground, the plant could actually walk, like a small tree that had turned into a spirit.

In an instant, it arrived in front of the two corpses. The roots instantly spread out like a dense net, covering the two corpses.

The naked eye could easily see that the two corpses were rapidly decomposing under the roots of the spirit devouring flower. In less than half a minute, the corpses disappeared.

Even the clothes on the corpses disintegrated and disappeared.

Not to mention the things carried by the corpses.

After swallowing the corpses, the flower on the spirit devouring flower swayed and became even more beautiful and charming.

Chu Xuan gulped slightly. The spirit devouring flower’s consumption was even more impressive than he had expected, and this was while it was still in its infancy.

Looking at the beautiful and charming spirit devouring flower that was swaying in front of him, Chu Xuan decided to try its other magical ability.

It recorded the memories of the spiritual will and soul it had previously devoured.

The two cultists were both profound realm martial artists who had just died. so their spiritual will had not completely dissipated from the world yet. The spirit devouring flower must have devoured their spiritual will.

He could check if the two cultists had taken any secret actions against the Chu family before this.

He did not want the Chu family to suffer a major blow at the hands of the cultists. If the Chu family was threatened, how would he be able to stay safely at home?

Therefore, he soon instructed the spirit-devouring flower.

The spirit-devouring flower made a swishing sound and its petals glowed before forming an image out of thin air.

The image contained the memories of the two cultists. Chu Xuan then instructed the spirit-devouring flower to look through the important memories, particularly the memories of the past month.

There were also some memories that were deep set and related to the cult or the Chu family.

After looking through the memories of the two cultists, Chu Xuan roughly understood the purpose of their trip.

The sudden actions of the Chu family caught the cultists in Chu County off guard, and they had suffered heavy losses without warning.

In order to weaken the Chu family, they had paid a heavy price. They took the two sets of undercover spirit clothes, picked out two cultists who were good at sneaking and hiding, and had them put on the undercover clothes before sneaking into the Chu family’s land to cause trouble.

The cultist carried poisonous smoke and poisonous fire. They did not need to sneak into the Chu family’s ancestral house, nor could they do so even if they intended to. Instead, they only needed to release poisonous smoke and poisonous fire in the Chu family’s land.

This was not an ordinary poisonous smoke and fire. It would have a huge impact and cause major damage to profound realm martial artists.

What was more terrifying was that the poisonous smoke would stick to the grass and trees and would not dissipate for a long time. Without special medicine, it would be difficult to completely eliminate it.

It would take at least a hundred years for the poison to be eliminated via natural means. Burning for such a long time was equivalent to the destruction of the Chu family’s land.

Even if the Chu family had the ability to remove the remaining poison from the smoke, they would still need to pay a hefty price. This was enough to cause considerable losses to the Chu family.

The poison fire was also not straightforward.

It was a unique poison. After it was released, it would burn like a flame, possessing the unique property of absorbing and burning spiritual energy.

It was also difficult to extinguish, as the only way to completely extinguish it was to isolate the spiritual energy.

Moreover, after isolating the spiritual Qi, the poison fire could still burn for more than half a day before it was completely extinguished. If it absorbed a little bit of spiritual Qi midway through the process, it would once again continue to burn.

If the poison fire had been released into the Chu family’s land, the Chu family would have needed to mobilize many martial artists above the spirit realm as well as many spirit weapons in order to isolate such a vast area

Moreover, they would need to isolate it for more than half a day, which would occupy a lot of martial artists. During this period of time, the Chu family’s defense would undoubtedly be at its weakest, and they would be exposed to a certain degree of danger.

In order to carry out this plan, the cult could be said to have paid a huge price.

After Chu Xuan read through the memories of the cult members, he could not help but sigh. If it were not for the other party wanting to control him and increase their results today, the Chu family’s land at this time would have already fallen into chaos.

There would definitely have been many casualties.

Of course, most of the casualties would have been servants. After all, the important members of the Chu family lived in their ancestral home.

This matter also made Chu Xuan wary. The Chu family’s land was not impenetrable. The ancestral home might not have any problems, but the danger within the family’s land wasn’t small.

The cultists had worn stealth clothes and sneaked in, blocking the perception of the patrolling guards. Moreover, he only discovered it when they reached the courtyard.

He still was not vigilant enough.

Now that he had the spirit devouring flower, he could feel more at ease. He did not have to worry about being stealthily ambushed.

Glancing at the spirit sealing net that covered the courtyard, he saw one of the spirit devouring flower’s branches extending and spreading upward. The flower on the branch was beautiful.

The flower was like a trumpet. It attached itself to the spirit sealing net and sucked until the entire spirit sealing net was devoured.

Chu Xuan smacked his lips. The spirit-devouring flower was a little too awesome. It even devoured a spirit tool.

Moreover, this was only when it was in its infancy.

After devouring the spirit-sealing net, the spirit-devouring flower’s roots crawled and quickly escaped to a corner of the courtyard. The roots dug into the soil, and most of the flowers closed, leaving only two blooming flowers on its branches.

It now appeared like a small flower tree. Other than its beautiful flowers, there was nothing special about it at all.

The spirit-devouring flower was a sinister plant. Looking at its ordinary appearance, it seemed to be waiting for someone to fall into its trap.

After silently dealing with the cultists and now having the spirit-devouring flower to guard the house, Chu Xuan could finally continue to sleep peacefully.

He took out a spirit-nourishing pill and threw it into his mouth. Just as he was about to return to his room to continue cultivating his spirit and will, he saw a branch stretch out. The flower on the branch bloomed and its petals moved, making it seem like it was asking for something.

“You’re eating all of this?”

Chu Xuan directly threw two spirit-nourishing pills and two great profound pills toward the flower.

After this, the spirit-devouring flower withdrew its branch in satisfaction.

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