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Lord of All Realms
Chapter 1819: Rebirth!
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All the blood-colored smoke that the Sea of Life had morphed into was nipped away without leaving a mark.

The origins were all quietly going through marvelous changes.

There was a cluster of crimson aura growing thicker and thicker in the depths of the River of Souls, the darkness, the First Star, and the origin of fire.

The crimson aura was a condensation of flesh power.

It was far more refined and thicker than what the origins had received from their trade with the origin of life.

At this very moment, many origins were trying to melt those flesh auras and merge them into themselves!

They were trying to see if they could build a fleshly vessel for their own awareness in the chaos.

The origins actually wanted to possess physical forms in the chaos!

This had never happened in the chaos, and was a major event.

A long time ago, the flesh power that the origins had obtained had been brought out of the chaos by their Void Spirits to create species in the three worlds whose bloodlines corresponded to them.

When those species had become powerful, the origins had also become powerful correspondingly. However, their prosperity had also benefited the blood sea, making it even vaster.

They had seen some Void spirits rebel and form their own fleshly bodies with that flesh power, and morph into Star Behemoths.

In their eyes, that flesh power had contained the origin of life’s evil malicious will.

Therefore, although they had their own ideas, they had never dared to apply that flesh power to themselves or forge fleshly bodies for themselves in the chaos.

They had simply been too scared that it would backfire, and that they would be controlled by the origin of life or influenced by its will.

Now, the Sea of Life didn’t exist any longer. They had seen the origin of life’s awareness and that heart vanish completely.

What did they have to be afraid of anymore?

Hence, they had set about attempting to absorb and refine the scattered flesh power and apply it to themselves after snatching it.

As for Nie Tian...

He floated face up in the center of the lonely silent chaos, feeling completely dispirited.

His star, flame, and soul power were completely gone.

His spiritual sea had become empty. His star power core and flame power core were completely silent and withered like date pits. They seemed dead, just as his wood power core did.

He had no power to use now.

His soul power had been taken from him and his sea of soul awareness had been exhausted, so his ability to perceive was significantly weakened.

He could no longer sense the origins’ existence.

He was in a trance. The only thing he could feel was that his vitality seemed to be slipping away as well, which meant that he was slowly approaching his death.

Deprived of all of his power, he was helpless. It seemed that he could do nothing but to wait for death.

The minutes ticked by.

No one knew how long it had been. It could have been a blink of an eye or a thousand years.

Suddenly, he felt pain in his chest...

At first, he was able to bear the pain, but soon it became a piercing pain that made him feel like he was living in hell.

He awoke from his state of waiting for death, and his wandering awareness regathered. When he concentrated on examining himself, he realized that the pain was coming from his heart.


His heart was beating fitfully, looking more dead than alive.

Then, his heartbeat suddenly became unusually rapid!

He froze. “Hmm?”

Looking around with puzzlement, he found that there was nothing abnormal around him, so he focused all his awareness on examining himself.

In an instant, he saw that all the blood vessels in his heart were filled with streaks of brilliant glittering light!

Like his blood vessels, the glittering light was crimson as well. It… contained the most refined and pure flesh power.

“Ah!” he screamed, suddenly sitting up straight in the void.

He looked solemn, and a little puzzled. Then, he began to realize what his pain was.

It was because Bloodline Crystal Chains had suddenly formed in his blood vessels that he was feeling piercing pain!

Also, the Bloodline Crystal Chains seemed to be channeling something, and bringing in flesh power that almost made his blood vessels burst!

The flesh power pouring into his heart was simply far too violent and powerful!

An idea suddenly came to his mind. “Heavenly Wood Heal: Internal Organ Nourishing.”

In a flash, he saw flesh power pouring out of the Bloodline Crystal Chains to quickly refine the blood vessels in his heart.

The blood vessels and his whole heart were instantly enveloped in boundless blood-colored light.

Boundless, magnificent flesh power erupted in his heart and started refining his heart, meridians, body, and blood again as soon as the thought entered his mind.

The Heavenly Wood Heal’s five steps were carried out in his body once again.

He was astonished to find that his lost life bloodline had reappeared in his body in a different form.

The crimson bloodline aura was gone, but countless Bloodline Crystal Chains had formed in the vessels in his heart. His bloodline had transformed from being a crimson aura to being a part of his heart!

It seemed that back when he had seen the degrading and disappearance of his life bloodline, it had only meant his bloodline’s transfer, reconstruction, and world-shaking metamorphosis!

The crimson flesh aura, which represented his life bloodline, was now an inseparable part of his heart!

“This kind of feeling, this kind of feeling...”

Trembling, he straightened up. Then, he found that even though he hadn’t activated Life Drain, as soon as a thought entered his mind, the purest flesh power would surge out of the Bloodline Crystal Chains in his heart.

Back when he had been a paragon, whenever he had wanted to obtain flesh power, he would have to channel it from the blood sea with Life Drain.

However, he didn’t have to do that now.

As long as he thought about it, flesh power would emerge from his Bloodline Crystal Chains.

He didn’t have to communicate with or rely on anything anymore, because all the flesh power in the chaos belonged to him to begin with.

Since it was his, it would naturally show up as soon as he summoned it. Why would he need to rely on others?


His heart beat harder and harder, sometimes sputtering with streaks of crimson light that dispersed into his whole body. The streaks of light burst forth with numerous profound meanings of life, talents, and secret spells.

His human body, which had shrunk to the size of a normal human, enlarged as soon as a thought entered his mind.

His Life-origin Form reappeared naturally.

Then, he suddenly had a very marvelous feeling that he existed everywhere...

He was in the River of Souls, which was very far away.

He was in the depths of the darkness.

He was inside the First Star.

He even existed in the center of the burning flames.

It was as if he had split into numerous doppelgangers that appeared in various places in the chaos. As his awareness became clearer and clearer, he could even control the power of those origins now.

“Haha!!” He laughed heartily, pointing at the beating heart in his chest. “This... is the new origin of life!”

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