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Lord of All Realms
Chapter 1820: I’m Back!
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A slight wisp of emotion that was a mixture of sadness and relief dissipated.

It didn’t belong to him.

It belonged to the original origin of life, the one that the Tree of Life had replaced.

It was a wisp of pure emotion, not awareness.

At this moment, Nie Tian suddenly stopped his wild laughter and became quiet.

He lowered his head and carefully sorted out his situation.

He knew that his heart had replaced the origin of life he had destroyed with the Spacetime Blade, and had become the origin of all flesh power.

How did this happen?

It was the backup plan that the original origin of life had devised and secretly planted into him when he had been created.

Originally, it had done that to get a route of retreat in case the Tree of Life stepped into the chaos, merged into it, and replaced it.

His heart had a lot in common with the colossal heart.

When the colossal heart had purged and refined him in the chaos, enabling him to have the foundation to become a paragon, it had also given him the possibility of replacing it and ruling the Sea of Life.

The grade of his life bloodline had only plummeted and the crimson bloodline aura had only disappeared because his bloodline had hidden itself in the veins of his heart.

Then, it had merged into his heart little by little and completed the transformation.

The new transformation was to make him become the new origin of life, after the other origins devoured and refined all the scattered blood-colored smoke without being alarmed.

The cluster of crimson aura inside the River of Souls suddenly stirred!

The cyan river twisted and shivered like a long cyan snake that was being stamped on.

Nie Tian’s will suddenly appeared in the crimson aura at the bottom of the river.

The crimson aura started spreading rapidly in an unstoppable manner.

It had merged into the river and engulfed the awareness of the origin of souls, so that Nie Tian could perceive everything of it.

A very soft whisper sounded from the bottom of the river. “Soul...”

Then, the brilliant cyan glow in the river started disappearing.

The water in the river started vanishing. The river seemed to be drying up.

On the contrary, Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness was quickly filled with cyan soul water, and became vast and boundless. His true soul was like a towering giant in soul form floating over his sea of soul awareness and crazily absorbing the overflowing soul water to cleanse his soul again.

Soon, he keenly sensed that his will had overridden that of the origin of souls!

The first origin that he had taken over and dominated was the River of Souls.

His soul was the most important thing.

With abundant soul power, his soul awareness could nibble away at all the other origins through the blood-colored power in them.

All of a sudden, his awareness formed inside the clusters of blood-colored power that the origins had eagerly snatched and merged with themselves!

All the origins started surging and trembling in the chaos.

They struggled frantically, trying to free their awareness from and remove the blood-colored power they had swallowed and refined.

They knew something was wrong.

Because of Nie Tian’s awareness that poured into them, the blood-colored power that they had frantically competed for seemed to suddenly become a horrifying bloody tumor that kept spreading in them, nibbling away at their awareness and dragging them toward a bloody abyss. It wanted to control them with his awareness.

The eyes of Ji Cang, who was in the origin of stars, were bulging as he screamed loudly, “Damn that Nie Tian!”

Many fragmentary starlight spots shone like stars. Among them, a spark of crystal light was the most brilliant.

The crystal light was the core of the origin of stars and the condensation of its awareness.

Now, the crystal light had turned totally crimson. The light that it emitted was also crimson.

Ji Cang could sense the fear of the origin of stars, as if it were shivering, wailing, and calling for help.

Since their souls were connected, he naturally realized that some awareness had suddenly erupted inside the blood-colored power, quickly grew strong, and started gnawing at the origin of stars from within.

An awareness emerged from within the crystal light. “Yes, it’s me.”

Nie Tian’s shadow seemed to quietly manifest in the crystal light.

A boundless bloody aura suddenly came flooding out from within the blood-colored light.

Ji Cang was greatly frightened because he suddenly found himself engulfed by the bloody aura, and he couldn’t mobilize the star power of the origin of stars anymore.

The bloody aura, which was like a virus, was mixed with the origin of stars’ awareness.

Even the origin of stars had been influenced and eroded; how could Ji Cang possibly resist it?

In the depth of the flames.

A cluster of orange Divine Flame seemed different and independent from the other flames.

The other crimson flames danced and started emitting a strong smell of blood before another awareness suddenly forced its way in.

The orange Divine Flame immediately felt a sense of familiarity.

A voice sounded in the depths of the Divine Flame’s soul. “You... will replace it...”

Immediately afterwards, a bloody aura flooded in as countless brilliant spots of memories, which had been imprinted with everything from the origin of fire, abruptly bumped into the Divine Flame and became its memories, merging into it in a wondrous manner.

Like the Tree of Life that had replaced the original origin of life, the Divine Flame had replaced the original origin of fire as well...

In the darkness.

Driven and bound by the dark energy in her body, Dong Li, who looked deeply sad, flew toward the darkness despite herself.

Her empty eyes stared blankly in the area that she was leaving.

That was where Nie Tian was floating.

She was just about to merge into the darkness when her body came to a sudden stop. “Eeeh?”

She wasn’t forced to fly into the darkness anymore.

The darkness began surging, giving rise to terrifying tides of destruction, violence, bloodlust, and madness, emotions that the darkness had spawned.

Nonetheless, she could clearly feel that the origin in the depths of the darkness was being completely suppressed by another power and will that she found very familiar.

The origin of darkness was fearful and uneasy, violently stirring up billowing waves.

The depths of the darkness flickered with crimson light from time to time.

The crimson light was spreading in the depths of the darkness and swallowing something.

The origin of darkness no longer struggled, as if it had resigned itself to fate.

Dong Li was dazed. “What’s happening?”

She focused and sent her soul awareness into her dark power spiritual core to communicate with the origin of darkness.

The origin of darkness was completely silent.

After a while, it finally responded. A voice slowly sounded inside her dark power spiritual core. “It’s me...”

“Nie Tian!” screamed Dong Li.


The Spacetime Blade flitted in the chaos like a dashing meteor.

There was an independent, gorgeous little space inside the blade.

This was where Pei Qiqi’s soul was imprisoned.

This little space was isolated from everything, independent of the chaos and the three worlds. Time remained still forever.

Pei Qiqi’s soul and even her thoughts and emotions were still.

Suddenly, numerous bloody lightning bolts showed up, like giant serpents and heavenly dragons.

The magical space instantly collapsed.

Pei Qiqi’s soul was freed.

Then, she immediately sensed Nie Tian’s presence and heard his voice. “Don’t be afraid, I’m back.”

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