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Lord of All Realms
Chapter 1821: Walking Out Of The Chaos!
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In the depths of the space disruption zone.

Suddenly pulled by some power, fragments that had broken from the dark land gathered towards the dark land like meteors.

The dark land, which had fallen apart because of the battles that had taken place within it, was rebuilt from pieces like toy blocks.

Its missing fragments came back together to restore the land to its original state.

Yin Xingtian, Master Blood Spirit, Yu Suying, and other human experts, along with the black tortoise, the Rampage Behemoth, and the evil gods who had lost their bloodlines and become countless times smaller, were gathered at the center of the dark land, the area that connected to the chaos.

They had waited silently for Nie Tian to return. Seeing the unusual changes in the dark land, they were greatly astonished. “What’s the matter?”

Master Blood Spirit looked around. With his soul perception, he found that streaks of light were flying out from the perimeters of the dark land, and then the whole land seemed to be reconnected.

Yin Xingtian, who was also disturbed by the changes, exclaimed softly, “It’s said that only a paragon can restore the dark land to its original state after it’s broken.

“But there aren’t any paragons in the three worlds now.

“This is very strange.”

There seemed to be streaks of crimson light rising from the depths of the earth.

A power suddenly poured into a drop of deep purple devil blood on the ground.

The devil blood quickly swelled and morphed. It took the form of a newborn baby, and then started growing at a very fast speed.

Brilliant spots of soul awareness, which were invisible to the naked eye, seemed to fly from the depths of the earth and somewhere in the space disruption zone before they gathered together and swarmed into the drop of devil blood.

Soon, the devil blood morphed into a burly man.


The burly man, who had appeared out of nowhere, seemed muddle-headed as he asked, “Where am I? Didn’t I… die?”

Looking at Yin Xingtian, Master Blood Spirit, and the others in the distance, who were also confused, he felt his chest with his hands, and gradually remembered what had happened. Suddenly, he shouted, “Wait! Didn’t I die in that gorgeous passage?”

Then, both Master Blood Spirit and Yin Xingtian exclaimed, “Grand Monarch Hell Demon!”

“Grand Monarch Hell Demon of the Doomed Star Sea!”

“I should be dead now,” Grand Monarch Hell Demon murmured, looking at himself. “How, how did I come back to life? Strange, strange indeed!”

Suddenly, the evil god of bloodlust cried out in ecstasy, “Master!”

In a flash, a figure appeared in front of everyone.

It was Nie Tian!

In everyone’s eyes, the current Nie Tian’s aura was extremely strange. Looking at him, they had a feeling that he wasn’t a human anymore.

“Your devil blood was on this ground,” Nie Tian said and smiled brightly at Grand Monarch Hell Demon, “so I was able to help you come back to life.”

Yin Xingtian and the others shouted loudly, “Nie Tian!”

Nie Tian smiled and made a grabbing motion towards the air.

Many magical principles seemed to evolve into true meanings in his palm. Then, he seemed to grab wisps of cyan light from somewhere in the space disruption zone and rubbed them together.


Blood-colored light poured into the cyan light in his hand.

Under everyone’s gaze, the fleshly bodies of the evil gods of hatred, fear, and rage were remade and their soul imprints were rekindled before they came back to life like Grand Monarch Hell Demon.

What a miracle!

Yin Xingtian was startled. “How is that possible?! When they died, I clearly saw their souls vanish. How could they be revived after that?”

Seeing Nie Tian bring the evil gods back to life, Grand Monarch Hell Demon felt that everything he had known was completely overturned. “Young Master, wh-what happened to you?”

He had died too early, so he knew nothing about the series of great changes and heaven-shaking, earth-shattering battles in the dark land.

“All deaths that happen in the dark land can be fixed,” Nie Tian explained with a smile before he said to the evil gods, who were still in a trance, “How are you feeling?”

Staring at Nie Tian, the evil gods, who had just been revived, were at a loss.

After a while, the evil god of rage replied, “Wh-why is the origin that I can sense filled with your aura?”

Almost at the same time, the Rampage Behemoth and the black tortoise roared as they sensed changes in themselves.

New bloodlines had quietly condensed in their hearts after Nie Tian’s return. It was just that they had failed to sense them until now.

However, their new bloodline auras had some crimson Bloodline Crystal Chains in them, which was different from before.

Those crimson Bloodline Crystal Chains were mixed together with their original dark Bloodline Crystal Chains.

As the Rampage Behemoth and the black tortoise tried to sense the origin of darkness, they discovered that what they sensed was the aura and will of Nie Tian in front of them.

This discovery was completely beyond their comprehension. Even with their wisdom and knowledge, they couldn’t understand what was going on.

Nie Tian didn’t give them an explanation. Instead, he asked, “What’s going on out there in the three worlds?”

“It seems that the human race wants to attack the remaining outsider races in the Void World and kill all their experts to establish their supremacy,” Yin Xingtian responded.

Nie Tian narrowed his eyes, nodded slightly, and spoke. “I see. Let’s go.”

Suddenly, a sharp blade manifested in his hand.

Master Blood Spirit was excited. “That’s the blade you used to kill Blood Father of the Spirit World!”

His eyes, which were glued to the Spacetime Blade, were full of fanaticism.

Not many people knew the Spacetime Blade’s story or secrets, but after Nie Tian had killed the Blood Father of the Spirit World with it, it was recognized as the number one divine tool in the three worlds.

“Follow me,” Nie Tian said and slashed the blade.

The blade broke through the spatial barrier of the dark land and established an incredibly stable spatial passage.

“You’ll come out later,” he said to Dong Li in the depths of the darkness in the chaos, and led the people present into the passage.

In the Bonedrude’s territory in the Void World.

Starships made of bones exploded and fell like flaming balls. Numerous dead Devils, Bonedrudes, and Netherspirits floated in the cold lonely starry river.

A fierce battle was going on...

Most of the human experts were gathered here, wielding their weapons to slaughter the outsiders.

Zhao Shanling, who was both a human and Grand Monarch Lurking Devil’s soul reincarnation, was besieged by powerful experts from different sects in the vast, open starry river.

Their main forces were God domain experts, such as Fan Tianze, You Qimiao, Mo Heng, and Han Qing.

Many of them were trying to persuade Zhao Shanling to give up resistance.

“Mr. Zhao, you are already a human being. Why do you care about your old identity and these Devils’ lives?”

“Mr. Zhao, we hope you can stand down.”

“Mr. Zhao, you’ve given us a lot of guidance in the dark land. We don’t want to hurt you. Please leave. You’re proficient in spatial power. If you want to go, no one can stop you. Why do you have to do this?”

Zhao Shanling remained unmoved. He said nothing, but continued to do his utmost to shield his dying clansmen with his Devil Qi.

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