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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 510 - 510 Achieving the Dao Through Incense, Interception at the Guan Estuary (3)
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510 Achieving the Dao Through Incense, Interception at the Guan Estuary (3)

However, the superiority in his tone was not something outsiders could have.

“Who—who the hell are you?”

Qian Yunong narrowed his eyes and stared at Han Muye, his eyes cold.

“The Guan Estuary is under the rule of Dongshan County. What can the poor Dongshan County do to stop our Daoist Sect?

“Once we cripple the power of Dongshan County, the Fuchen Dao Sect will occupy this region in the future.”

“This is an open conspiracy. You can’t break it.”

Qian Yunong gritted his teeth and shouted.

Zhang Yaohui placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

If Qian Yunong spoke again, he would choose to behead him.

Fortunately, Qian Yunong did not want to die.

He chose to shut up.

“Forward,” Zhang Yaohui glanced at Qian Yunong and shouted.

Xiao Chu and Jia Yang returned to the big ship in front and sailed straight ahead.

Han Muye sat in the front of the deck and looked into the distance.

Mu Wan sat beside him.

In the back, Shao Datian comforted Cuicui in a low voice and coaxed her to rest in the cabin.

At this moment, images appeared in Han Muye’s mind.

The spiritual light in his divine treasures surged.

The golden Great Spirit seemed to be about to seep out of his body.

The mortal world tempered the heart.

Along the way, he and Mu Wan tried their best to be bystanders and watch Shao Datian and Cuicui protect their happiness.

Everyone in the caravan fleet was steadfast in duty.

Qian Yunong’s madness and Zhang Yaohui’s caution.

There was also the scheme of the great cultivators behind them.

Conspiracy, an open conspiracy.

The overall situation.

Everything was chaotic and messy.

It was truly difficult to free oneself from this entanglement.

If he wasn’t a bystander, how could he see through all of this?

If he did not have the ability to be a bystander, so what if he could see through everything?

Turning around, Han Muye looked at Mu Wan, who looked a little nervous.

At this moment, he was actually envious of Mu Wan.

If this woman had something she wanted, she could boldly put down everything to search for it.

Her cultivation level was not high enough to see through the situation along the way, but she had no regrets and was true to herself.

She was kind-hearted and would secretly experiment with various medicinal pills for Cuicui’s bloodline, but she never said a word.

This is cultivation…

If one really loses one’s true nature, what’s the point of such a path?

At this moment, the cultivators above the clouds did not take all the living beings in front of the Guan Estuary seriously.

If a battle really broke out at the Guan Estuary, countless living beings would probably die.


A melodious jade chime sounded.

The clouds in the sky turned red, like a wedding hall paved with silk.

The Phoenix-Tailed Carps on the river churned, turning the entire river golden-red.

On the riverbank, mortals knelt on the ground and chanted.

The fragrance of incense filled the air.

“Achieving the Dao through incense?”

Han Muye frowned.

There was no such thing as the Dao of Incense in the Heavenly Mystic World.

In other words, in the Heavenly Mystic World, everyone’s hope was reverted to Confucianism. The Dao of Incense did not have a place.

Similarly, the Fuchen Dao Sect gathered the power of faith and divided the fate of heaven and earth as their own Dao. Was the Fuchen Dao Sect really going to betray the Heavenly Mystic?

“The young master of the Cloud Sweeping Sect and Fairy Feng Jiu of Yuci Lake are holding a Dao Companion Ceremony at the Guan Estuary. Fellow Daoists, please be our witnesses.

“In the future, the Cloud Sweeping Sect will protect the Liuyu River and ensure that the water flows smoothly. There will definitely be no more floods.”

The voice in the void carried a hint of bewitchment as it resonated for hundreds of miles.

“From now on, things will be smooth sailing—”

Smooth sailing.

Didn’t the people along the river just want to have a good life?

As soon as he finished speaking, the commoners on both sides of the river kowtowed.

For a moment, the will power of the people in the void turned into incense smoke and condensed into a cloud dragon.

The cloud dragon roared, stirring up a storm.

Above the river, water surged.

However, even if the water went up the embankment and the power of the Cloud Dragon was restrained, the water would not pour into the fertile fields at all.

“A miracle…”

“The Immortals of the Cloud Sweeping Sect have appeared…”

“With an immortal taking action, our lives will be difficult in the future.”

On the river bank, under the waves, the trembling commoners shouted in panic.

In such a situation, what else could they do other than call out?

On the ship, Zhang Yaohui held the hilt of his sword and gritted his teeth, not understanding.

In front of them, Xiao Chu and Jia Yang also had gloomy expressions.

They dared to show their divinity in front of the masses and compete for the Confucian Daoist People’s Will. Was the Cloud Sweeping Sect really going to rebel against the Central Continent?

“The Ice Mountain Sword Sect has come to congratulate the Cloud Sweeping Sect.”

A voice came from the sky. Then a flying ship broke through the clouds and headed towards the mouth of the river.

“The power of the cultivation world.” Zhang Yaohui narrowed his eyes, killing intent flashing on his body.

Qian Yunong chuckled on the deck.

Flying ships flew through the void.

Most of the cultivation sects in Dongnan sent people to congratulate him.

Han Muye sat at the bow and slowly spread his divine sense.

Not far behind, Shao Datian, who was holding a long stick in his hand, stood in front of the cabin and looked ahead nervously.

In the sky, the figure of a flying Cloud Dragon appeared.

Above the cloud dragon’s head, a young man in a wedding robe stood in the air.

Below, the Phoenix-Tailed Carps in the water surged and lifted a figure.

She was also wearing wedding clothes and had a slender figure. Her long hair was tied into a bun and she was wearing a phoenix crown.

The fish demon, Feng Jiu, the Young Sect Master of the Cloud Sweeping Sect.

This was the combination of a human and a demon.

Mu Wan turned to look at Han Muye.

Cuicui and Shao Datian, who were behind him, had such a difficult time together. Would this pair have a good ending?

“What a perfect match.

“This fairy is in charge of the demon race. The Cloud Sweeping Sect protects Liuyu River. We can help each other. Such a marriage is a match made in heaven.”

From the void of space, a loud discussion could be heard.

This voice could be heard by the commoners below.

A match made in heaven.

In the eyes of the commoners, they did not care about the outcome of the marriage between these celestial venerables. As long as they could protect the peace on both sides of the river, it was a good thing.

It was fine to kowtow a few more times.

The will power gathered by the river bank became stronger.

“Big Brother Yunong, do you still remember me?” In midair, a young man standing on the cloud dragon’s head lowered his head and looked at Qian Yunong on the ship.

Here it comes!

Zhang Yaohui moved and unsheathed the Mystic Sun Sword, standing three feet behind Qian Yunong.

Within three feet, he could kill Qian Yunong with one strike.

“Hehe, my little attendant from back then is now the young sect master of a large sect.”

Qian Yunong looked up with a desolate expression.

“I’m old and destitute, and I’ve wasted my time, but I’m still being flailed.

“This Confucianism cultivation is really useless…”

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