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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 511 - 511 Lu Yang Greets Granduncle
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511 Lu Yang Greets Granduncle

Qian Yunong’s body shook, and the chains on his body shattered.

Zhang Yaohui’s expression changed, and he slashed down without hesitation.


Qian Yunong’s body emitted a golden spiritual light to block the sword.

Talismans flashed around him.

Zhang Yaohui’s face darkened as he shouted in a low voice, “How is this possible? Where did this protective talisman come from?”

Not only was Qian Yunong’s Confucian cultivation sealed, but all his belongings were also sealed. Where did the talismans come from?

Qian Yunong did not turn around and only looked at Han Muye. “You said that the Dao Sect would attack openly at the Guan Estuary. You were right about that.

“However, along the way, I encountered 12 batches of fishing boats. Every time, they would give me a few protective talismans.

“You didn’t expect this, did you?”

Han Muye turned around and looked at Qian Yunong.

“Think about it. Escaping is a serious crime.

“Are you really going to self-destruct in the Heavenly Mystic?”

Heavenly Mystic, the Central Continent, this was the world of Confucianism.

Those who betrayed Confucianism never had a good ending.

“Outside of the law and principles, it’s just a favor. I’ll preside over the wedding ceremony for my former brother. It’s not too much to drink a glass of wine, right?” Qian Yunong chuckled. He straightened his clothes and slowly walked forward.

As long as he left this ship, he would be out of Dynasty’s control.

In front of countless people, the Daoist Sect successfully rescued a criminal official.

Such a thing was a slap in the face for the rule of the dynasty.

If Qian Yunong escaped today, the Daoist Sect would be able to infiltrate the eight counties in Dongnan.

On the ship, Zhang Yaohui flew up and slashed down with the Mystic Sun Sword in his hand.

However, the sword still couldn’t break the rune light on Qian Yunong’s body.

Spiritual light flashed. Zhang Yaohui was forced back dozens of feet by the light of the talisman and crashed into the cabin.

The pillars of the cabin behind him instantly shattered.

Qian Yunong turned around and looked at Zhang Yaohui.

“Lieutenant Zhang, you should have sent a distress signal.”

“Lu Yang, the commander of the three counties of the Mystic Sun Guards, is now in Dongshan County. Why aren’t you asking for help?”

The commander of the three counties, Lu Yang!

Zhang Yaohui’s face instantly turned pale.

“Y-you’re plotting against Lord Lu Yang!”

His words made Qian Yunong laugh out loud.

With his hands behind his back, Qian Yunong walked forward step by step.

“I’d offer my head in exchange for Lu Yang’s loss of his Dao path and the collapse of Dongshan County. It’s worth it.”

Qian Yunong stopped at the end of the deck.

“Lu Yang, if you don’t come, I’m really going to preside over the wedding ceremony!”

Qian Yunong shouted at the water in front of him.


In the distance, on the surface of the river, a blood-colored pillar of light shot into the sky.

A young man in his thirties wearing black armor with a black sword hanging from his waist stepped on the waves.

The surging blood-colored murderous aura shattered the clouds that filled the sky.

The roaring cloud dragon whimpered in front of the baleful aura pillar, not daring to raise its head.

The young man standing on the cloud dragon’s head gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

Below, the surging Phoenix-Tailed Carp seemed to be incomparably afraid. It kept sinking, bringing the woman in wedding clothes back to the surface of the water.

Lu Yang, commander of the Mystic Sun Guards in three counties.

Butcher Lu.

Lu Yuzhou’s eldest grandson.

The one who abandoned Confucianism and joined the martial arts.

Qian Yunong stood at the bow of the ship, clenching his fists tightly.

Luyang’s nickname, Butcher, came from killing.

He dared to kill.

He could kill.

No less than 10 scholar officials had lost their lives under his sword.

He was not lacking.

Figures appeared in the void.

“I’m Shi Yuanzi, the sect master of the Cloud Sweeping Sect. Today is a joyous occasion for my sect. Commander Lu, it’s best not to see blood.”

Spiritual light surged from his body as the purple-robed Daoist spoke in a low voice.

“My Fuchen Dao Sect has never interfered with the affairs of the dynasty. However, I hope that you will stop here today.” The person who spoke was thin and held a jade horsetail whisk in his hand. His eyes flickered.

Heaven Realm cultivator.

Today, every one of them was a Heaven Realm cultivator.

Which one of those standing in the void wasn’t a cultivator of the Daoist Faction?

Among the eight counties in Dongnan, Daoism was the most respected.

Qian Yunong heaved a sigh of relief as he felt the pressure from the figure in the air.

At the very least, he was not abandoned.

He also knew that Butcher Lu was not crazy.

If Lu Yang dared to kill him today, he would be falling out with the Daoist sects of the eight counties in Dongshan.

With so many Daoist masters present today, even if they did not kill Lu Yang, they could force him to release the suppression of his cultivation and even severely injure him.

Lu Yang walked on the waves. His aura was like a sword cultivator from the Eastern Sea, gathering with every step.

When he arrived in front of the ship, the power on his body had already been condensed to the extreme. He was like a suppressed volcano, waiting for a fire.

Standing on the waves, Lu Yang’s gaze swept across Qian Yunong.

Qian Yunong’s face was pale, and the corners of his mouth twitched, but he did not say a word.

In the sky, the spiritual light had already connected.

Once Lu Yang dared to draw his sword, there would be a thunderous strike in the sky.

On the surface of the water, the waves had already surged hundreds of feet above the riverbank.

Once the waves were unrestrained, the water would immediately flood a thousand miles.

Within a radius of a thousand miles, the area would turn into a swamp country.

Countless commoners and living beings would turn into fish food.

Of course, Lu Yang had to bear the blame.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Lu Yang.

If he did not use his sword, the reputation that he, Butcher Lu, had built after fighting for half his life would be ruined

Without drawing his sword, he watched helplessly as the criminal, Qian Yunong, left in front of him and was taken away under the rule of Dongshan County.

This was an unbearable crime for Lu Yang and the Lu family.

Once the sword was drawn, it would be beyond redemption.

Even 10 Lu Yangs might not be able to withstand the resentment of the people and the power of 10 great cultivators.

Zhang Yaohui, who was standing behind Qian Yunong, was ashen-faced. He held his long sword and knelt on one knee.

“Lord Lu, I’m incompetent.”

Qian Yunong grinned and whispered, “Butcher Lu, hehe, Butcher Lu…”

Lu Yang placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

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