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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 513 - 513 Lu Yang Greets Granduncle (3)
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513 Lu Yang Greets Granduncle (3)

However, the other Daoist cultivators behind him were nervous.

No one was willing to fight the Dynasty to the death.

The situation today was out of control.

Han Muye reached out and took the golden seal.

Lu Yang’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and turned around to draw his sword to kill.

“Wait a minute.”

Han Muye’s voice rang out.

With a wave of his hand, Han Muye took a few steps forward, looked at the water, and said calmly, “Today, I want to be a witness first.”

As his voice fell, a long sword flew out from the river ahead.

The sword was three feet long and covered in mud and rust.

This was an ordinary sword.

It was the long sword worn by ordinary Confucianists.

The practice of scholars wearing swords had started at the White Deer Mountain.

A faint shadow appeared on the surface of the water.

“Qi Ziyu?”

Lu Yang was stunned.

“It’s Lord Qi!” someone on the riverbank exclaimed.

“How could this be? Lord Qi has ruled the Flowing Jade River for three years. Hasn’t he been promoted?”

“Lord Qi is a good official. The embankment along the river was built by Lord Qi, together with everyone.”

Lu Yang’s face darkened as he shouted in a low voice, “Qi Ziyu, when you abandoned your position and left Dongshan County, why were you only left with your remnant soul?

“Who harmed you?”

The violent aura on Lu Yang’s body seemed to be about to explode.

“You’ve worked hard for Dongshan County. If anyone dares to kill you, they’ll be making an enemy of Dongshan County, an enemy of the dynasty, an enemy of Heavenly Mystic. Even if my path to Dao is cut off, I’ll definitely avenge you!”

Qi Ziyu bowed to Lu Yang. His mouth moved slightly, but no sound came out.

He bowed to Han Muye again. Although he didn’t say anything, he could see the shape of his mouth.

However, outsiders did not notice it.


On the surface of the water, a woman in a red robe and a phoenix crown had a pale face and tears in her eyes.

“They said that as long as I agreed, they would let you go.”

The woman stepped forward with a bitter expression on her face. She wanted to reach out to grab the green-robed figure, but she missed.

Qi Ziyu looked at the woman with concern on his face, but there was no sound from his mouth.

On the river, two figures were crying.

A remnant soul and a red robe.

Lu Yang turned to look at Han Muye.

Han Muye’s gaze landed on the two figures.

Images flashed through his mind.

He had discovered this at the bottom of the river when he probed with the power of his divine soul earlier.

There was a remnant soul of unwillingness on the sword.

‘Qi Ziyu, a student of the White Deer Mountain Academy, was ordered to come to Dongshan County three years ago. The County Governor arranged for him to guard the Guan Estuary.’

‘Qi Ziyu built a dike and channeled water to benefit the people.’

‘By chance, Qi Ziyu saved the Phoenix-Tailed Fish Demon, Feng Jiu who was going upstream.’

‘In gratitude, Feng Jiu transformed herself to repay him.’

Han Muye’s eyes shone as he looked into the distant sky.

His eyes were filled with killing intent.

“The Cloud Sweeping Sect used Feng Jiu’s demon body as a threat to force her to leave. Then you used Feng Jiu as bait to trap Ziyu at the bottom of the river.

“Now you want to use Feng Jiu’s demonic power as a guide to condense incense to achieve the Dao.

“Is all of this what Daoist sects do?”

Han Muye held the golden seal in his hand and said coldly, “Such a Daoist sect doesn’t need to stay in the Heavenly Mystic World.”

As he spoke, a purple aura condensed on the golden seal.

The Qi of the People’s Will trembled continuously and turned into a roaring lion.


Lightning exploded in the sky.

The law followed his words!

He was at the Grandmaster Realm at the very least!

The young man standing on the cloud dragon trembled and was enveloped by lightning.

The Sect Master of the Cloud Sweeping Sect, Shi Yuanzi, moved and knocked away the lightning. Then he stood in the air and looked down at Han Muye.

“Hmph, the Dao of incense offerings has been completed. As long as I give the word, a swamp country will be established within a thousand miles of the Guan Estuary today.

“In my opinion, why don’t we stop here and continue the ceremony of becoming Dao companions? Daoism will still get along well with the dynasty in the future.

“We will also manage this Guan Estuary well. We will definitely ensure that things run smoothly and steadily.”

Along with Shi Yuanzi’s words, the cloud dragon beneath his feet roared and his body floated.

The waves below surged into the sky.

If Han Muye refused, the water at the Guan Estuary would certainly overflow the riverbank and drown and devour all the commoners and spiritual fields.

On the river, Qi Ziyu let out a long sigh. He looked at Feng Jiu and shook his head gently.

He bowed to Han Muye again, then cupped his hands at the surrounding commoners and bowed to the ground.

“Lord Qi…”

The commoners who were pressed by the waves whispered and kowtowed to Qi Ziyu.

Although they couldn’t hear what Qi Ziyu said, they all knew that Qi Ziyu wanted to protect the people and the dam.

The cultivation of Confucianism was the world.

“Do you remember those four sentences on White Deer Mountain?”

Han Muye looked at Qi Ziyu and said calmly.

Qi Ziyu nodded. He couldn’t make a sound, but people could see him reciting loudly.

Han Muye held the large seal and whispered.

“To establish a heart for the world, to establish a life for the people, to inherit the ultimate techniques of the past, to establish peace for all ages.”

The golden seal in his palm emitted an endless golden light that instantly enveloped a radius of 10,000 miles.

“Feng Jiu, let me ask you, are you willing to become Qi Ziyu’s Dao companion and manage this stretch of 3,000 miles of water in the future?”

Han Muye’s gaze landed on the girl in red.

The tear-stained woman nodded quickly.

Han Muye looked at Qi Ziyu.

“Qi Ziyu, are you willing to oversee the Guan Estuary from now on and keep watch on the waters with Feng Jiu to benefit the people?”

Qi Ziyu bowed.

Han Muye looked up at the Daoist experts in the sky with a smile.

“You guys haven’t even mastered the basics of incense offerings, yet you dare to play with incense offerings.”

With the golden seal in his hand, Han Muye raised his head and shouted.


“In the eight counties in Dongnan, incense will gather. Those who seek blessings for the people will enjoy honor and glory. They will be conferred a title when they die. They will guard a region and become incense deities…

“In the Heavenly Mystic Great Dao, the Confucian Dao reigns supreme, and the incense will not be extinguished.

“Qi Ziyu, who’s overseeing the Guan Estuary, has contributed to the people and is conferred the title of the River Deity of the Guan Estuary.

“He will be known as the True Lord.”

Heaven and earth shook, and the incense smoke that filled the sky instantly descended. The cloud dragon shattered and poured into Qi Ziyu’s body!

Golden armor covered his body and a golden crown covered his head.

Incense fused with the body, and the Great Dao would live as long as the world!

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