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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 514 - 514 An Investiture at the Guan Estuary, The Golden Seal Suppresses the Eight Counties
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514 An Investiture at the Guan Estuary, The Golden Seal Suppresses the Eight Counties

Fused with the power of the world, the power of the Great Dao was undying and indestructible!

Such a cultivation technique might have a shallow foundation, but it could really live forever!

An unimaginable method but it entered the path of immortality directly.

Who didn’t want immortality?


Endless lightning descended.

Throughout the Central Continent, the People’s Will intertwined with the spiritual qi and turned into heavenly dragons.

Dragon roars continued as illusory figures appeared one after another.

In the eight counties in Dongnan, countless incense smoke condensed into a body.

The Confucian cultivators who had once contributed to the people of the Central Continent and only had remnant souls appeared one by one.

They attained the Dao through incense offerings and were ordered by the dynasty to suppress an area.

The Heavenly Dao bestowed the power to defend and turned it into authority. It was the same as the official position of Confucianism.

The Confucian Dao suppressed the mortal world, and incense suppressed the mountains and rivers.

The Immortal Deity of Incense fused with the Heavenly Dao, becoming the spirit of the mountains and rivers.

At this moment, the entire Central Continent was in turmoil!

The power of incense that had quietly gathered in the eight counties in Dongnan instantly spread in all directions.

It wasn’t enough.

There were immortal deities guarding everywhere. How could this little incense aura do it?

In the future, countless immortal deities would definitely appear in Dongnan and gather together the incense aura.

The accumulation of the Daoist sects over countless years was divided by a decree.

Heaven and earth were in a daze.

With a single statement, the world shook!

With a single statement, immortal deities appeared!

With a single statement, the Great Dao appeared.

With a single statement, another Dao of immortality appeared in the world!

In the Imperial City a million miles away, golden light rose.

Looking at the Heavenly Mystic Realm from the outer realm, one could see a purple void with golden spiritual light constantly emerging.

The Heavenly Dao sought perfection. The more Dao one cultivated, the stronger one would be. The power of the Heavenly Dao here would become stronger!

The golden spiritual light on Han Muye’s body converged.

His clothes fluttered in the wind, making him look like a mortal.

If not for the golden seal in his hand, no one would have thought that the person who had caused the changes in the world earlier was right in front of them.

If not for the fact that he controlled the divine beast bloodline of the Desolate Wilderness, which contained many inheritances of incense offerings, Han Muye would not have dared to trigger the change in incense offerings in the eight counties by himself.

If the incense offerings from the eight counties were gathered, no one in the Central Continent would be able to resist them except for Wen Mosheng.

However, who would have thought that such a mighty force would be appointed by Han Muye?

“Such a person is really an immortal in the world…” Xiao Chu looked at Han Muye, who was standing at the bow of the ship, and muttered softly.

Beside him, Jia Yang nodded silently.

With the power of the Heavenly Dao on his body, how could he not be an immortal?

Shao Datian, who was standing in front of the cabin, gulped. Behind him, Cuicui, who was in the cabin, quietly pushed open the window lattice.

Such methods were not something the two of them could understand.

The only thing they felt was that it was amazing.

The corners of Lu Yang’s mouth twitched slightly as he glanced at Han Muye.

No wonder my father didn’t come. He said that everything will be handled by this granduncle.

Even that unreliable half-sage old man won’t be able to do something like this, right? he thought.

Granduncle is really impressive.

Although my old man is a little rotten, he steps up at critical moments.

At least this sworn brotherhood works.

The Daoist sect experts hanging in the air were all ashen-faced.

The power Han Muye displayed was not something they could speculate at all.

They had never thought that they would one day face such a powerful Confucian cultivator.

Didn’t people say that the Fuchen Dao Sect has a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator overseeing it and that there are experts from outside the realm who are strategizing?

Can an expert, a great cultivator, defeat this person in front of us?

For a moment, other than the churning waves, there was no other sound.

“As you command.”

Qi Ziyu, who was wearing golden armor and a golden crown with a sword hanging from his waist, bowed to Han Muye.

Divine force flashed on his body, and spiritual light interweaved in his eyes.

A golden rune moved continuously between his brows.

Looking at Feng Jiu beside him, Qi Ziyu stretched out his hand.

Feng Jiu carefully stretched out her hand and her face was full of surprise.

It was warm to the touch. His body had truly been reconstructed!


Tears welled up in the woman’s eyes again.

Qi Ziyu smiled and reached out to wipe away her tears.

“The chief of the mountain is presiding over the marriage ceremony. We’re husband and wife from now on. You’re not allowed to cry anymore,” Qi Ziyu said in a low voice.

Feng Jiu nodded vigorously.

Qi Ziyu turned around and looked at the Daoist sect cultivators who were still in a daze.

His expression slowly turned cold.

“You harmed loyal people and slaughtered the commoners out of selfish motives. Your intentions are punishable.

“I’m in charge of the Guan Estuary. I won’t let you ruin this place.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the waves in the entire river were restrained and turned into a long dragon.

The splashes of the water that were originally pressing down on the people turned into dragon scales.

Controlling the power of heaven and earth, and 3,000 miles of mountains and rivers with a statement!

This was the orthodox deity of the mountains and rivers!

The dragon formed by the river roared and rushed into the sky.

With the power of heaven and earth and the momentum of the 3,000-mile river, a heaven-defying strike!

This was the wrath of the gods.

Before the water dragon arrived, the power of heaven and earth had already sealed the void.

In the void, under the pressure of millions of pounds, no one could move at all.

Even a Heaven Realm cultivator could not break free from the power of heaven and earth for a moment and could only watch as the water dragon came crashing.


The spiritual light gathered by the Daoist sect experts was shattered by the dragon.

Dozens of Golden Core Realm and half-step Heaven Realm experts were enveloped by the long stream of water vapor and were immediately swept into the Flowing Jade River.

The Golden Cores who were swept into the river turned into a reef.

Golden divine patterns sealed the reef.

He suppressed dozens of Golden Core cultivators with one strike!

This was the strength of a true lord, a method to achieve the Dao through incense offerings!

By borrowing the power of the Great Dao to defend the 3,000-mile river zone, Qi Ziyu could fight a fifth level Nascent Soul Realm cultivator as long as he didn’t leave the Guan Estuary!

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