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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11: Hot Search

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The three-year-old Xiao Bao could not understand marriage, but he was instantly cheered up after Xia Wanyuan said she would always be by his side.

It was not until he got into the car that Jun Shiling realized that he had acted a little abnormally today. Pressing his fingers against his temple, he assumed he must have been too from the frequent meetings recently.

The phone ringtone broke the silence in the car suddenly, and he picked up the phone. “Young Master, there are some negative comments about Miss Xia online. Do you need the company’s public relations team to help deal with them?”

“Lin Jing, don’t try to be smart.” Displeasure flashed across Jun Shiling’s eyes, and he hung up the phone.

Hearing the beeping sound of the phone being hung up, Lin Jing was confused. Could he have guessed wrongly?

The car had already left the suburbs. As a person who was in charge of such a huge corporation, Jun Shiling had to look through stacks of documents even when he was in the car.

They passed by a traffic light and the car stopped. Jun Shiling rubbed his eyebrows, put down the documents, and looked out of the car window.

The car window was facing a bus stop. It seemed like it had been a long time since the poster at the bus stop was changed. It looked a little dilapidated.

But the dilapidated surroundings could not hide the beauty of the person in the poster.

It was an advertisement for skincare products. Her long, raven hair fell over her smooth shoulders like a silken waterfall. She had willowy eyebrows, bright eyes, and a perfect smile, showing off her overly-flamboyant beauty.

It was the advertisement poster that Xia Wanyuan had taken when she first debuted. In the past two years, Xia Wanyuan’s reputation had gradually deteriorated. Since then, very few advertisers had approached her to shoot advertisements anymore. The photos there were hung up two years ago.

The red light turned green and the car continued to move forward. Jun Shiling retracted his gaze from the poster.

In the villa, Chen Yun’s angry voice came from the phone on the sofa.

“Hey! Can you hear me? Hey! Xia Wanyuan, I’m telling you! You’re not allowed to cause any more trouble for me, do you hear me? Stay at home until you join the drama production team!”

The phone was still connected to the call. Xia Wanyuan was speechless at this talkative and long-winded manager. He kept calling her after hanging up once. It was making her even more annoyed by him.

Hence, Xia Wanyuan threw her phone aside as he continued to yammer away and applied a facial mask on her face. She had just learned how to take care of her skin the modern way and would make the most of it.

Ten minutes later, the call was finally over.

Xia Wanyuan tapped the facial mask on her face lightly. According to the internet, she could remove the mask when it was half dry. Xia Wanyuan went to the bathroom with a zombie-like face to wash the liquid off her face.

Touching her supple, baby-like skin, Xia Wanyuan could not help but sigh. It was truly not bad to be reborn as a younger version of herself.

Xia Wanyuan sat on the sofa and picked up the phone. She rarely used it ever since she came here because she was not familiar with it.

However, Chen Yun had called her twice to tell her about the hot searches about her on Weibo. She had been hated on again. However, what she was curious about was what this ‘Weibo’ was.

The original owner of the body was often scolded online, so other than when she needed to post on Weibo, she would not look at it. Hence, the Weibo application icon was placed especially at a place difficult to access. Xia Wanyuan took a long time to find it.

The moment she clicked on it, she was blinded by a series of red dots. There were countless private messages and comments, and any one of them was scolding her.

On Weibo’s trending page number three, there was the caption “Xia Wanyuan has been reduced to eating street food because of bankruptcy”.

Xia Wanyuan was a little speechless. That was clearly something delicious.

Clicking into the trending topic, she saw that a few marketing accounts had posted several photos of her happily eating braised chicken. She took a casual glance and saw that the comments were mostly sarcastic.

Big Bad Wolf: Serves her right. Let’s see if she can still flaunt her wealth. This is karma.

Nothing Matters: What did the braised chicken do wrong to deserve being eaten by her? She’s humiliating the braised chicken.

Cutie Xiao Ruan: Am I the only one who thinks that she looks quite cute while eating it?

South Mountain: The one upstairs, you are the only one who thinks so.

The people who commented below all agreed that Xiao Ruan should go for an eye check-up.

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