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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: Moving

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The internet was abuzz with hateful comments. Xia Wanyuan only took a glance to scan the mass messages targeted at her. In any case, they were all insults and ridicule. It was fine to just take a look, but there was no need to take it to heart.

However, they kept scolding the owner of the body for being ugly and having bad acting skills.

After watching the videos posted by the anti-fans to mock her, Xia Wanyuan nodded slightly. She agreed with what the netizens had said.

The awkward conversation and stiff expression were indeed not very good acting skills.

When Chen Yun called just now, not only did he mention this matter, he had also sent the script over electronically.

Xia Wanyuan picked up a bright red strawberry from the table and placed it in her mouth. In the past, even in the royal palace, she rarely ate those fruits. It was sweet. Narrowing her eyes in focus, Xia Wanyuan flipped open the script that Chen Yun had given her, taking the time to read it quietly.

The music was deafening. In the luxurious nightclub, a few young men and women were gathered together, drinking and playing games.

“Hey, why haven’t we been able to contact Xia Wanyuan over the past two days?” A young girl with pink hair raised her wine glass. There was obvious mischief in her eyes.

“I can’t contact her either. I heard from my father that the Xia family’s stocks have fallen and their shares have been diluted. They’re pretty much doomed.”

“She deserves it. Look at how arrogant she is usually. How funny is it that she thinks we love hanging out with her.”

“Tell me about it. I even heard that the devil of the Xia family has been drinking in nightclubs every day. She must have suffered a blow from the bankruptcy.”

Xia Wanyuan had always been praised by friends since her family background was better than her friends. In the past, when those people saw Xia Wanyuan, they would always call her Sister Xia. Now that the Xia family was in trouble, they were the first ones to hit her when she was down.

There were very few pieces of black furniture in the huge bedroom of the Jun family’s manor, making the quietness and emptiness even more apparent. If not for the occasional ticking of the keyboard, one would have thought that the room was empty.

Jun Shiling looked at the detailed introduction of Xia Wanyuan on the computer. He didn’t find anything wrong with it, even now that he had gotten more information on what she had done every day.

It was as if she had suddenly changed into a different person overnight. He had specially had people check Xia Wanyuan’s phone and the villa’s surveillance that night. There was no outside contact with her at all.

How could she change so drastically overnight? Jun Shiling subconsciously tapped his fingers on the table. After a long time, he closed his laptop and walked to the bed to sleep.

The entire manor fell into silence. The huge space seemed to have no signs of life.

The next morning, the car Lin Jing had sent arrived at the villa.

“Miss Xia, the apartment is ready. You can move there today.”

After eating, Xia Wanyuan got into the car. Since everything that remained was all left behind by the original owner of the body, she had nothing to take with her. She could cook, but she was too lazy to do it herself. Thus, she brought Nanny Li to the apartment and left the other servants in the villa.

The new apartment was located in an extremely expensive building in the heart of the city. Although it was just an apartment, it was designed within an exquisite complex.

There was a water source in the house which watered all sorts of flowers and plants that grew there. There was also an indoor swimming pool near the French windows. The overall decor of the house was extremely simple and elegant, which was all to Xia Wanyuan’s liking.

Xia Wanyuan was satisfied. The development of technology was truly a magical thing. In the past, although she had enjoyed the highest level of treatment, compared to the convenience brought by modern technology today, there was still a huge difference.

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