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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 13
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Chapter 13: Younger Brother

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Xia Wanyuan did not ask Nanny Li to prepare lunch. Instead, she ordered takeout for herself based on what she had seen on the internet. In less than half an hour, all the food and desserts that Xia Wanyuan had ordered arrived.

“Amazing,” Xia Wanyuan exclaimed as she ate. Nanny Li looked speechlessly at Xia Wanyuan’s takeaway.

Was it because she, who had received a gold medal chef’s certificate, was not good at cooking anymore? Why had Miss Xia started to adopt a commoner style recently?

As a result, Nanny Li started to worry that she might lose her job soon.

After lunch, Xia Wanyuan was about to take a nap when her phone rang. A string of unknown numbers showed up, and Xia Wanyuan hesitated for a moment before picking it up. She was cautious as she had heard about many harassment calls online.

“Hello! Sister Xia, something happened to Xia Yu. I didn’t know who to call, so I could only call you.”

It was very noisy on the other end of the line. Xia Wanyuan had to ask the other party to repeat herself before she could react.

Only then did she remember that the original owner of this body had a half-brother.

Xia Wanyuan’s father’s greatest hobby in life was women. Xia Wanyuan was the daughter of his first wife. And her younger brother, Xia Yu, was a secret half-sibling who had been birthed by a mistress outside. He was carried back to the Xia family later, so he was never liked by Xia Wanyuan. It would be an understatement to say that they had a poor relationship.

However, when Xia Wanyuan was very young, her biological mother passed away due to illness. Father Xia quickly married his new wife and took her back home.

After Xia Wanyuan had entered the entertainment industry, she rarely went home. It had been many years since she contacted this half-brother of hers.

They had the same father but different mothers. If they were in the Xia Dynasty, they were considered concubines and their children. However, the current Xia Wanyuan did not have any enmity with her younger brother. Since he was her younger brother, she decided to go and see what was going on.

She arrived at the place that the young man had mentioned over the phone. In the luxurious private room, broken pieces of wine bottles were all over the floor.

Seeing Xia Wanyuan appear at the door, the young man who had just called ran over to her with his hand on his forehead.

“Sister Xia, please come and persuade Brother Yu. He’s injured but he refuses to go to the hospital.”

Xia Wanyuan walked around the broken wine bottles, and she saw the boy who was surrounded by a few young people.

He had a head full of pink hair. His fringe was so long that it covered his exquisite eyes when he lowered his head. He looked up when he heard the sound of the door opening. Thanks to his good looks, pink hair seemed to look good on him. When he saw who it was, his eyes flashed with hostility.

“What are you doing here? Are you here to mock me?” Xia Yu’s eyes were filled with scorn. Because he was too agitated, he pulled his injured arm slightly, causing him to hiss softly in pain.

Xia Wanyuan looked at Xia Yu, who looked to be about 17 or 18 years old. However, he did not have the vigor of a young person at all. His shirt, which was wide open to his waist, revealed a patch of white.

“Did you fight?” Xia Wanyuan’s red lips parted slightly as she looked at Xia Yu’s bleeding arm. It looked rather serious. “And you lost. How embarrassing,” she said with a smile in her eyes.

“None of your business!” Xia Yu already felt embarrassed enough of the fact that he had lost the fight. Now that Xia Wanyuan had made fun of him, he felt like he was losing face.

“Come on, let’s go to the hospital to take a look.” Xia Wanyuan didn’t want to bicker with him. He seemed to be in quite a serious condition and needed to be bandaged quickly. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if he lost too much blood.

“What right do you have to control me? I’m not going.” Xia Yu looked at Xia Wanyuan arrogantly.

“Xiao Li, Xiao Wang, lift him and take him to the hospital.” After Xia Wanyuan finished her sentence, the people that Lin Jing had sent to help Xia Wanyuan move came in. They did not care about Xia Yu’s struggles and carried him out.

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