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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 1435 - 1435 Leaving
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1435 Leaving

At this moment, in the Lin family, Lin Qingyuan was on the phone with Chu Yi.

“Didn’t you say that that vaccine can give us a huge profit?” Lin Qingyuan’s voice was filled with anger. “Is this the result you gave me?”

Chu Yi’s expression was not good either. “We were all played by Yu Qian.”

Lin Qingyuan sneered. “Then who will pay for my losses?”

“Master Lin, don’t forget that I’ve also invested half of my money. Who should I find to compensate me for my losses?”

Their conversation ended unhappily. Lin Qingyuan leaned back in his chair, his eyes slightly cold.

“Master, the medicine we prepared has been returned. The other party replied that it’s not effective.” The butler walked in.

“Got it.” Lin Qingyuan waved his hand. “Go and investigate Yu Qian’s movements.”


That night, several people did not sleep.

Jun Shiling brought Lin Jing to the island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. However, just as he was about to go abroad, a ship drove over from afar.

A group of people got off the ship. The leader handed a box to Jun Shiling. “CEO Jun, this is for you from our boss.”

Jun Shiling took it and took a look. His expression instantly changed.

He took his phone and called Xia Wanyuan. As expected, her phone was switched off.

He looked straight at the person in front of him. “Where’s your boss?”

“He’s already gone back.”

Jun Shiling tightened his grip on the box and strode back. “Go to Continent F immediately.”


At this moment, Beijing was also in chaos. Xiao Bao’s condition deepened again, and Shen Xiu even issued a critical illness notice.

Jun Shiling was not around, so Old Master personally brought people to the hospital.

“Where’s Wanyuan?” Old Master looked at the butler. “Jun Shiling isn’t here. Why isn’t she here?”

The butler shook his head. “When we woke up, we realized that they had both disappeared.”

“Sigh.” Because of Xiao Bao’s condition, Old Master’s expression was a little gloomy.

Everyone who could make the decision left. At this moment, the manor fell into emptiness. A group of people was quietly approaching the manor.

The manor’s alarm system was quickly triggered and let out a sharp cry. Countless black shadows jumped in from outside the wall. The secret guards of the manor also appeared one after another. Both sides fell into an intense fight.

Lin Jing called the manor a few times, but no one answered.

It was only when their plane had already landed at the airport in Continent F that the call in the manor was connected.

“Something happened.”

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