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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 1436 - 1436 Abducted
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1436 Abducted

It was late at night in Continent F. Jun Shiling was striding out of the airport and constantly calling outside.

As if sensing something, Jun Shiling turned to look at Lin Jing. “What’s the matter?”

Lin Jing, who had never hesitated, had an obvious anxious expression. “CEO Jun, something happened in Beijing.”

Jun Shiling’s eyes paused. “Tell me.”

“Third Miss, she was snatched away.” Just as Lin Jing finished speaking, the surrounding temperature instantly dropped to the freezing point.

“Where’s the security system set up in the manor?” Before Jun Shiling left, he got someone to upgrade the security standards in the manor to the highest. Logically speaking, it could withstand the highest level of invasion.

Speaking of this, Lin Jing’s expression was a little touched. “Yu Qian should have sent half of his core forces.”

No one would have thought that Yu Qian would break his arms in this way. In the end, they had let down their guard.

Jun Shiling was exceptionally calm at this moment. He looked at Lin Jing. “Go and find Xia Wanyuan first.”


Lin Jing immediately followed Jun Shiling. He looked at Jun Shiling’s back worriedly.

Even when they got into the car, there was still no change in Jun Shiling’s expression. After a while, Jun Shiling looked at Lin Jing. “Do you have a cigarette?”

Lin Jing nodded and took out a cigarette and lighter from the storage room in the car. Jun Shiling took the cigarette and lit it, taking a deep puff.

[fHe spat out a circle and looked at the gradually retreating lights outside the window. “I should have thought of it.”

Xia Wanyuan was so smart and should have thought of his plan long ago. She had been unusually calm recently. Jun Shiling thought that she was worried about Xiao Bao. Now that he thought about it, Xia Wanyuan should have long made plans to leave.

When Jun Shiling went to Yu Qian’s base, the vaccine Yu Qian had sent had already been sent back to China.

In the operating theater, Xiao Bao’s heart was almost beating in a straight line. At the last moment, he was injected with a vaccine. His weak heart began to beat stronger. Almost instantly, all his vital data began to change for the better.

Shen Xiu sighed heavily. “Fortunately, CEO Jun sent the medicine back in time. If we were a step later, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

At this moment, everyone looked very relaxed. Only Bo Xiao’s expression was still cold.

Since the virus incident this time was inseparable from Yu Qian, Yu Qian must have obtained what he wanted now that the vaccine was sent over.

Then what was the price?

Bo Xiao took out his phone and called Jun Shiling. The other party continued to show that he was on the phone.

“CEO Jun, we’re here.” At this moment, Lin Jing and Jun Shiling had already arrived at the city that they had found closest to Yu Qian.

“Go in.”


At this moment, in the base, Yu Qian was sitting opposite Xia Wanyuan. Looking at Xia Wanyuan’s calm expression, Yu Qian’s eyes were filled with interest.

“You’re even calmer than I thought. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you?”

Xia Wanyuan glanced at Yu Qian. “You spent so much effort to bring me over. Are you trying to kill me?”

Yu Qian smiled and handed the glass of water beside him to Xia Wanyuan. “Guess where Jun Shiling is now?”

Hearing Jun Shiling’s name, Xia Wanyuan tightened her grip on the table.

“Alright.” Yu Qian stood up. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go eat.”

“Is it worth it?” Xia Wanyuan suddenly asked.

Although Yu Qian had not told her directly, from her observations in the past two days, Xia Wanyuan could tell that Yu Qian had lost more than half of his forces. His core forces had even been severely injured.

Yu Qian turned around slightly, his side profile blurry in the light. “If I’m willing, it’s worth it.”

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