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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 1437 - 1437 Yu Qian's Exception
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1437 Yu Qian’s Exception

Yu Qian’s side profile was hidden in the dim light, making one feel a little lonely.

However, Xia Wanyuan could not feel any sympathy for Yu Qian. She glanced at her surroundings. “Where’s my room?”

Yu Qian really smiled this time. He turned to look at Xia Wanyuan. “You really treat my place as a resort.”

Xia Wanyuan looked straight into Yu Qian’s eyes. She knew very well that against someone like Yu Qian, only by standing in the same position as him could she win his respect. Once she was at a disadvantage, she would really become prey in his hands.

As expected, although Xia Wanyuan’s attitude was extremely arrogant in everyone’s eyes, Yu Qian actually got someone to arrange a room for her in the base. He even sent in many things from outside for Xia Wanyuan to use.

Xia Wanyuan sat on the sofa and drank tea quietly, but she was constantly planning in her heart.

Although she had been blindfolded on the way here, Xia Wanyuan had calculated that it had taken nearly twelve hours to fly here from the Pacific Ocean.

According to the sound of the sea hitting the stern, it could be heard that they had traveled south by boat for nearly three hours, then passed through a relatively long and cold tunnel before finally arriving.

Hence, after Xia Wanyuan’s constant calculations in her heart, she could roughly confirm that she was in the south of Continent F, about two hundred kilometers away from the West Coast.

Although Yu Qian’s various actions were very strange, Xia Wanyuan could feel that Yu Qian had no intention of hurting her.

It was probably because every time she saw Yu Qian, she would always think of something Wei Zimu had once said to her.

That was the last time Xia Wanyuan and Wei Zimu had seen each other.

At that time, after Wei Zimu exchanged greetings with her, the two of them stood by the lake and looked at the pigeons that flew up not far away.

Wei Zimu looked at it for a long time before suddenly turning to look at Xia Wanyuan. “What kind of person do you think Yu Qian is?”

At that time, Xia Wanyuan replied, “Dangerous.”

Wei Zimu smiled at Xia Wanyuan. “You’re right, but you never have to worry that he’ll hurt you.”

Xia Wanyuan asked in confusion, “Why?”

At that time, Wei Zimu only smiled faintly and told Xia Wanyuan firmly, “He will hurt everyone except you.”

At that time, Xia Wanyuan still did not know what Wei Zimu meant, but now, Xia Wanyuan seemed to vaguely understand.

After understanding, Xia Wanyuan’s heart ached endlessly.

Actually, Wei Zimu was Yu Qian’s obsession, and Xia Wanyuan was Wei Zimu’s obsession. Wei Zimu used his life as the price to beg for a permanent life-saving talisman for Xia Wanyuan.

Wei Zimu knew Yu Qian the best.

Thinking of this, Xia Wanyuan sighed. She stood up and walked towards the window.

There were a few beautiful orchids by the window that were slowly emitting a fragrance.

Xia Wanyuan walked over and sniffed it. She took a kettle from the side and watered the orchids.

Yu Qian was standing at the door at some point in time. After Xia Wanyuan finished watering, she looked up and saw Yu Qian. “What’s the matter?”

At this moment, the light was dim. Xia Wanyuan’s facial features were blurry under the light, and there was a faint orchid fragrance at the tip of her nose. In a daze, Yu Qian seemed to see Wei Zimu.

His eyes narrowed. “Aren’t you eating?”

Xia Wanyuan touched her stomach. She did not feel it just now, but now, she did feel a little hungry. “Do you have prawns? I want to eat seafood.”

As if feeling that this conversation was quite interesting, Yu Qian’s eyes flickered. He looked at Xia Wanyuan quietly for a while, then nodded. “I’ll get someone to catch them now.”

With that, Yu Qian turned to leave, and Xia Wanyuan followed him.

As Xia Wanyuan walked, she looked at the environment of the base.

This place was like a replicated underground city. There was an artificial sun, mountains, rivers, and city streets. If not for the border not far away, one would feel that this was a real city.

After walking for about ten minutes, Yu Qian brought Xia Wanyuan to the dining room. There were not many dishes on the table, and they were very light. Xia Wanyuan knew at a glance that these dishes were Wei Zimu’s favorites.

The two of them sat at the dining table for ten minutes before a subordinate brought fresh seafood into the base. Yu Qian gestured for Xia Wanyuan to take her chopsticks. “Eat first. They’ve already gone to cook seafood. They’ll serve it up later.”

“You’re not eating?”

[Yu Qian shook his head. “I never eat these.”

Yu Qian was already used to nutrient solutions. As long as he wanted to, he could not eat any food for a year. He did not like the taste of food, but he liked to watch others eat.

Xia Wanyuan took her chopsticks and quietly began to eat.

Yu Qian sat at the side and looked calmly at Xia Wanyuan, as if he was looking at her, or at someone else through her.

Soon, the subordinate served the cooked seafood. Xia Wanyuan was about to reach for it when Yu Qian took the lead and placed his hand on the edge of the plate. “I’ll help you.”

Xia Wanyuan glanced at him. “I used to like prawns very much too.”

“Huh?” Yu Qian could tell that Xia Wanyuan had something to say.

“Jun Shiling peeled everything I ate for me.” When Xia Wanyuan spoke of Jun Shiling, her eyes were clearly filled with longing and softness.

Yu Qian looked at Xia Wanyuan quietly. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you?”

“Then kill me.” Xia Wanyuan calmly continued eating, ignoring Yu Qian’s cold gaze.

After a while, Yu Qian retracted his hand from the plate and leaned back in his chair to watch Xia Wanyuan eat. “After dinner, prepare to teach me.”

“What class?” Xia Wanyuan looked at Yu Qian in surprise.

“Anything. You can teach me whatever you want.” Yu Qian tapped his fingers gently on the table, making little sounds.


Although he said that he wanted Xia Wanyuan to teach, in fact, after dinner, Yu Qian even got someone to bring Xia Wanyuan back to her room for a two-hour lunch break before getting someone to bring her to the hall.

Whether it was Xia Wanyuan or the others in the base, they could not understand Yu Qian’s thoughts.

There were other women in the base, but they were basically puppets. They had never seen Yu Qian treat someone so gently, as if he had restrained all his temper.

Because of Yu Qian’s preferential treatment of Xia Wanyuan, the others unknowingly became more polite and respectful to her.

Xia Wanyuan casually chose a painting to explain to Yu Qian. Yu Qian leaned back in his chair and listened with interest.

Just as Xia Wanyuan was halfway through her sentence, a subordinate suddenly walked over.

Yu Qian opened his eyes. “Tell me.”

The subordinate lowered his head respectfully. “Jun Shiling sent someone to send a letter.”

Hearing her subordinate’s words, Xia Wanyuan stopped what she was doing. She looked at the letter in her subordinate’s hand and her determination cracked.

She thought that Jun Shiling must be looking for her crazily.

Yu Qian glanced at Xia Wanyuan, then reached out to take the letter from his subordinate.

Sensing Xia Wanyuan’s gaze, Yu Qian raised an eyebrow. “Do you want to know what’s inside?”

“What are your conditions?”

Yu Qian shook his head. “There are no conditions. I might as well tell you that Jun Shiling is willing to use the markets of Continent F and Continent M in exchange for 100 billion in cash just to let you go back.”

At this point, interest appeared in Yu Qian’s eyes. “Tsk tsk, looks like you’re really his treasure. He’s willing to pay such a huge price to exchange for you to go back.”

Xia Wanyuan’s hand that was holding the book trembled slightly, but she did not show it on her face.

Yu Qian looked at Xia Wanyuan for a while. Seeing that she did not seem to have any reaction, he smiled and shook his head. “Why don’t you guess if I’ll agree?”

Xia Wanyuan’s face was cold. “You won’t.”

The corners of Yu Qian’s lips curled up slightly. “How smart. How can I bear to let such a smart person like you go?”

With that, Yu Qian stood up, placed the letter on the table, and stood up to leave. “Let’s go. It’s rare to see Jun Shiling sad. I have to see him now.”

Watching Yu Qian’s back disappear at the door, Xia Wanyuan took the letter from the table.

This letter was handwritten by Jun Shiling. From the hurried and heavy handwriting, one could tell the sorrow in Jun Shiling’s heart when he wrote this letter.

Looking at the familiar words, Xia Wanyuan’s eyes turned red. She reached out and gently stroked the words on the letter.

Ever since she arrived, Xia Wanyuan had always looked very calm. However, at this moment, the familiar words made the longing in Xia Wanyuan’s heart spread.

She missed Jun Shiling and the children in the manor.

Xia Wanyuan blinked her eyelashes, and her tears gently dripped onto the letter.

However, the moment her tears landed on the letter, Xia Wanyuan suddenly realized that faint words had appeared on the letter.

“Wait for me.”

Along with these words floated a map of Continent M. There were dense black dots distributed on it. Every black dot represented the stronghold Jun Shiling controlled.

Xia Wanyuan could see that the nearest stronghold was only one city away.

The subordinate guarding the door saw that Xia Wanyuan was crying and looked over curiously. Xia Wanyuan still maintained her posture of reading the letter, then held the letter. Only when the handwriting on the paper was completely dry did Xia Wanyuan put the letter away and put it back.

At this moment, in a city on the ground, Jun Shiling was sitting at his desk, looking at the map in his hand with a cold expression.

“Has the letter been sent?”

“Yu Qian is already on his way.”

“Have you found out where he came from?”

“No.” Lin Jing shook his head. “He’s very cautious. He suddenly appeared from a city in the south of Continent F. We didn’t find any traces of him.”

Just as the two of them were talking, there was a knock on the door and a subordinate walked in. “CEO Jun, Yu Qian is here.”

Jun Shiling stood up and brought Lin Jing out. Soon, they arrived at the international sea that he had agreed with Yu Qian.

Yu Qian stood on the deck and smiled at Jun Shiling. “Good afternoon, CEO Jun. Long time no see.”

“What condition do you want?”

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