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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: Sunrise

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Xia Wanyuan lived a disciplinary life, so she woke up around seven every morning. The clothes she had bought at Tianfu Road the previous time had all been delivered to her place.

It was not cold in the spring season. Since she was going to meet her elders. Xia Wanyuan wore an apricot short skirt and a light blue knee-length windbreaker. The waist design of the windbreaker made her waist look as slim as a willow branch.

The white pear-shaped earrings and the apricot flower embroidery on her dress complemented each other. As she walked, she gave off a gentle and gentle feeling, as well as the vitality of spring.

There was a gigantic French window facing the east of the apartment. There were large pots of various flowers and plants placed at the spacious corner in front of it, where a huge plush carpet was placed in the middle.

Xia Wanyuan sat by the window while Xiao Bao was still asleep. She put on her headphones and searched for her favorite music on her phone.

In the Xia Dynasty, she used to listen to live music played by musical instruments and songs sung by musicians. Thus, two days ago, she had searched for some soothing piano music and ancient zither tunes to listen to when she had time.

But that day, she clicked on the songs that were on the music charts. She wanted to know what kind of songs were popular.

“If it wasn’t for you who had broken into my heart…” Soothing music accompanied by a gentle female voice sounded.

A slight breeze outside the window brought in the morning dew, and the glowing sun slowly rose from the horizon. The number of cars on the roads of the city slowly increased. People began to appear everywhere in the quiet city.

The steam from the breakfast stand rose in spirals, mixing with the fog and being carried by the people rushing to work.

“Truly prosperous times.” Xia Wanyuan sighed in her heart. She did not like living in the distant suburbs. Apart from being far away, it was also because she felt that there was a lack of a human atmosphere.

“Young Master, it’s already half-past eight now. Why don’t you go up earlier? Little Master and Miss Xia might be up already.”

The chauffeur carefully looked at Jun Shiling, who was looking out of the window with a gloomy expression. The young master, who always timed every second accurately, had miraculously missed the originally scheduled time by half an hour that day.

After a while, the chauffeur thought that Jun Shiling would not speak anymore and was about to mind his own business.

“Which floor are they on?”

“The 16th floor, Young Master.”

By the time he finished speaking, Jun Shiling had already gotten out of the car.

Nanny Li was preparing breakfast on the first floor. Xia Wanyuan had suddenly become very easygoing recently, and she ate whatever she cooked. Moreover, she often praised her cooking skills.

After receiving the praise, Nanny Li spared no effort to work even harder, and every meal was sumptuous and delicious.

The doorbell suddenly rang. Nanny Li looked outside and Jun Shiling’s cold face appeared on the screen.

Nanny Li hurriedly opened the door.

“Young Master.”

“Is Jun Yin awake?”

“Little Master is still sleeping.”

When Nanny Li saw that Jun Shiling did not react, she added, “Miss Xia has already woken up and is watching the sunrise by the window on the second floor.”


Jun Shiling was expressionless. He changed his shoes and walked towards the second floor.

The noise reduction function of the earpiece was excellent. Xia Wanyuan listened to the song and hummed along, not hearing any movements downstairs.

Jun Shiling walked to the second floor and saw a woman in an apricot skirt and headphones sitting on the carpet. Her exquisite side profile was illuminated by the morning sun behind her.

After staring at her for a while, Jun Shiling went back downstairs.

Nanny Li saw that Jun Shiling had come back down very quickly, and thought that Xia Wanyuan might have angered Jun Shiling again. She glanced up worriedly.

Speaking of which, it was strange. In the past, Nanny Li hated Xia Wanyuan very much and wished that Jun Shiling would divorce her as soon as possible. But these few days, Nanny Li felt that Xia Wanyuan might not be the person the rumors said she was.

Jun Shiling sat down on the sofa and picked up the finance magazine that was half turned over on the table.

Not long after, footsteps could be heard from the second floor.

“Good morning, Mommy!”

After brushing his teeth and washing his face, the first thing Xiao Bao did was to look for Xia Wanyuan.

“Good morning, let’s go and have breakfast.”

Taking off her headphones, Xia Wanyuan took Xiao Bao’s hand as they went downstairs. She did not expect to see Jun Shiling sitting on the sofa.

Xia Wanyuan raised an eyebrow. Ignoring everything else, Jun Shiling was truly good-looking.

Jun Shiling heard the commotion and looked up at Xia Wanyuan.


Perhaps because his mother was by his side, Xiao Bao felt that Jun Shiling was less scary. When he saw Jun Shiling, his big eyes curved into crescents.

“Young Master, Miss Xia, the food is ready.”

“I’ve already eaten. You guys eat. We will leave at nine.” After Jun Shiling finished speaking, he continued to read the magazine. His sculpted profile was expressionless.

Xia Wanyuan pursed her lips and led Xiao Bao to the dining table to eat. The room was silent for a moment. There was only the sound of chewing.

It was exactly nine o’clock after breakfast.

“Let’s go.”

Jun Shiling, who was as still as a statue on the sofa, finally stood up and walked out. Xia Wanyuan held Xiao Bao’s hand and followed behind. They had just gotten into the car when several people rushed over from afar. “Where’s Young Master Jun?”

“They’ve already left.”

“…” The building belonged to the Jun family. As Jun Shiling had always kept a low profile and rarely appeared in public, it wasn’t easy for these small managers to hear that their big boss was here. They wanted to get close to him, but what they saw was only the exhaust fumes of the car.

Around ten o’clock, the car finally stopped in a quiet alley.

Xia Wanyuan looked outside curiously. The place where the former head of the Jun family lived was different from what she had imagined.

But the intricately carved eaves and the painted art that could be seen everywhere, were somewhat similar to the former Great Xia Imperial Palace, giving Xia Wanyuan a sense of familiarity.

“Don’t make Grandpa angry. If I find out that you have ill intentions, you’ll bear the consequences yourself.”

Although Xia Wanyuan had changed a lot in the past two days, Jun Shiling still warned her out of concern for her past behavior.

Xia Wanyuan gave a perfunctory “Mm”, then led Xiao Bao out of the car. The alley was surrounded by large sycamore trees, and sunlight danced across their bodies. Jun Shiling watched quietly from behind the two of them, his gaze dark and gloomy. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

After a few steps, Xia Wanyuan turned around. A ray of sunlight shone on her face, revealing her long eyelashes. “Lead the way.”

“Hmph.” Jun Shiling snorted lightly and quickened his pace to Xia Wanyuan’s side.

Before long, they arrived at a courtyard with two stone lions at the entrance.

A middle-aged man was waiting at the door. When he saw the three figures, shock flashed across his eyes. However, he quickly went forward with a calm expression.

“Uncle Liu.”

“Young Master, Old Master is practicing calligraphy in the courtyard.” Uncle Liu bowed slightly towards Jun Shiling.


Just as Jun Shiling was about to step in, Xiao Bao quickly slipped through the gap between the door.

“Great-grandfather, I’m here!” A soft cry startled the pigeons in the courtyard.

Before Xia Wanyuan’s arrival, the person who treated Xiao Bao the best was the old master of the Jun family. Hence, Xiao Bao was close to him.

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