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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 18
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Chapter 18: Gifting Words

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“Since I borrowed your paper, I gifted you three characters in return.” Xia Wanyuan’s eyelashes curled, and the sunlight cast a glow in her eyes.

“I can’t tell.” Jun Shiling stared intently at the three words on the paper. As he was also somewhat proficient in calligraphy, he could tell that the strokes on the paper had their own unique charm and vigor. It was a rarity.

Jun Shiling looked deeply into Xia Wanyuan’s eyes and finally nodded, revealing a look of certainty.

“It’s well written.”

“Thank you for your praise.” Xia Wanyuan’s smile widened.

“Old Master, what do you think?”

Unknowingly, Old Master Jun had woken up and was standing by the window, looking at the two of them.

“What opinions can I have?” Old Master sighed deeply. “Ah Ling’s parents passed away early and have been alone since young. I am already old, I don’t even know when I am going to…”

Hearing Old Master’s words, Uncle Liu immediately replied, “Old Master, don’t say that. You are still in great health.”

“Sigh, I just feel bad for this grandson of mine. He doesn’t have anyone by his side.”

“Miss Xia seems to be very different from what the rumors say. Didn’t the master say so back then? She is a blessing of the Young Master’s.”

The old man sighed as he looked at the couple under the sunlight.

“I hope so.”

After Xiao Bao woke up, Jun Shiling went back with his men. After they left, Old Master looked at the door for a while before turning back to the courtyard.

“Master, the wind is blowing. Let me bring everything back inside.” Uncle Liu started to collect the paper and brush on the table.

“Hold on.”

The old man seemed to have seen something strange as he stared intently at the words on the table.

Uncle Liu tilted his head to take a look. He was a layman, but he could tell that this piece of calligraphy was written with great vigor.

“What is this?” Uncle Liu was shocked. “Miss Xia wrote this just now.”

“Great! Words contain the essence of a person. It looks like I’ve underestimated Xia Wanyuan.”

The more Old Master considered the text, the more he felt that this piece of calligraphy was well written. He was amazed. After looking at it for a while, he finally raised his hand to signal for Uncle Liu.

“Xiao Liu, send these words to the manor.”

The old man looked at it reluctantly and finally made up his mind.

“Yes, Old Master.”

After sending Xia Wanyuan and Xiao Bao back to the apartment, Jun Shiling returned to the manor alone. The car drove in slowly and he looked at the flowers, plants, and pavilions outside.

It was a place that he had lived in for more than twenty years, but this was the first time Jun Shiling felt that his place was too spacious.

In his mind, he couldn’t help but think of the person he had seen outside the window. Under the morning sun and surrounded by flowers and plants, the side profile of hers was as if illuminated by light.

Four marble pillars supported the four corners of the big house and the bright crystal lights emitted a dazzling light.

After taking off his suit, Jun Shiling sat on the sofa and closed his eyes. He had never liked crowds since he was young, so there were very few people in the manor who would appear beside him unless it was necessary.

For some reason, Jun Shiling suddenly felt that the room was too quiet that day.

“Young Master.”

A voice suddenly came from the door.

“What is it?”

Jun Shiling opened his eyes and looked towards the door. The servant was holding a rectangular box.

“Young Master, Old Master got someone to send this box over. He said to pass it to you.”

“Bring it over.”

With permission, the servant brought the box in.

After dismissing the servants, Jun Shiling opened the box. The smooth paper was as soft as a baby’s skin under the light. Even as he opened the box, the smell of ink greeted him.

The ink had dried, and the ink-black words glistened under the light.

An imperceptible warmth filled Jun Shiling’s eyes.

In the hospital, Xia Yu had just finished his battle with the haters. Putting down his phone in a huff, he looked towards the door for the umpteenth time.

“Why isn’t she here yet?” Xia Yu pursed his lips. Nanny Li came to deliver lunch at noon and told him that Xia Wanyuan might visit later that evening.

Which meant she should have been here by now.

To think that he had been looking forward to it for so long. “Hmph.”

At this moment, the sound of high heels, mixed with the childish chattering of a child, could be heard from outside the door.

Xia Yu hurriedly stuffed his phone under his pillow and covered himself with the blanket. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

As the temperature was a little colder at night, Xia Wanyuan had returned to the apartment to change her outfit. Once again, Xiao Bao insisted on visiting his uncle, so Xia Wanyuan agreed to bring him along.


Xiao Bao opened the door and ran in, calling out to Xia Yu with his cute voice.

Xia Yu’s eyes twitched but he still pretended to be asleep.

“Uncle, it’s time to get up and eat!” Xiao Bao leaned on the bed and poked Xia Yu’s cheek with a chubby finger.

Deciding enough time had passed, Xia Yu opened his eyes slowly as though someone had woken him up. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the little dumpling.

“Uncle!” Xiao Bao grinned from ear to ear.

“Good boy!” Xia Yu patted Xiao Bao’s head and looked at Xia Wanyuan nonchalantly. “Why are you here again?”

“I’m bringing you food. Why are you more picky than Xiao Bao? He’s a good boy and eats his carrots too.”

Xia Wanyuan placed the dishes on the table.

“Uncle, you can’t be so picky! Carrots are delicious.”

With that, Xiao Bao reached out and handed the bowl of pork ribs and carrots to Xia Yu.


Although he disliked the taste of carrots, Xia Yu still finished the plate when he saw Xiao Bao’s sparkling eyes.

After dinner, Xia Yu played games with Xiao Bao for some time. Xia Yu was young and had many tricks up his sleeve, and Xiao Bao was thoroughly enthralled by him.

During that time, Xia Wanyuan found out more about Xia Yu’s condition from the doctor before she returned to the ward. Seeing the two grinning faces, the corners of Xia Wanyuan’s lips curled up. Although Xia Yu looked like a devil incarnate, he was actually still a child himself.

“The doctor said that you’ll be discharged tomorrow. Do you plan to go home?”

Xia Yu, who was playing with Xiao Bao, paused when he heard this and his eyes were filled with mockery.

“Home? Which home are you referring to? And who is my so-called family? Is it Chairman Xia who has never cared about me, or is it the woman who wants me to disappear as soon as possible so that she can make space for her other child?”

The ridicule from the outside world these past few days and the depression caged in his heart suddenly erupted from the word ‘home’.

After shouting at Xia Wanyuan, Xia Yu finally realized that he shouldn’t have said that to her. He pursed his lips and lowered his head to hide the redness in his eyes.

There was a long silence.

“Then come back with me. I’ll be joining the production team in a few days. You can stay at home and accompany Xiao Bao.”


Xia Yu raised his head abruptly, his eyes glistening.

“No need. I don’t like to trouble others.”

Ever since he was young, he knew that no one liked him. He was also used to not troubling anyone.

“Uncle, come back with us. That way, we can play together every day!”

As if to emphasize his point, Xiao Bao hugged Xia Yu’s arm and looked up at him expectantly.

“You’re not troubling anyone. The house is already prepared. I’ll have someone pick you up tomorrow.” After coming to a decision, Xia Wanyuan picked Xiao Bao up from the bed and pulled him away.

On the bed, Xia Yu’s eyes glimmered with redness as he watched Xia Wanyuan leave the room.

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