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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: Negotiation

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The Xia family was considered a wealthy family in China. However, compared to the Jun family, which had accumulated wealth for generations and had close ties with the military and political world, they were worlds apart.

Jun Shiling, on the other hand, was the most outstanding person in power in the Jun family in recent years. Young and promising, he was known for being decisive in his actions. Because his parents had passed away in a car accident when he was young, he had been living with his grandfather, who was the previous head of the Jun family.

Four years ago, the Old Master had stepped down and handed over the huge Jun family to Jun Shiling. Jun Shiling had lived up to expectations and successfully brought the Jun family to its most prominent period. Although the Jun family had always kept a low profile, no one dared to offend the Jun family, especially families with power and wealth.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for a young lady like Xia Wanyuan to be associated with a large family like the Jun family. It all started four years ago when the Old Master handed over his authority to Jun Shiling in a large banquet where he had invited all wealthy families.

Xia Wanyuan had heard of the power and influence of the Jun family. She, who had always been arrogant, had noticed Jun Shiling’s talent and status. Thus, she had the idea of using Jun Shiling to become the young madam of the Jun family. Thus, she spent a large sum of money to bribe the hotel staff to ask about where Jun Shiling stayed.

She then successfully drugged him and found her way to his room, where they spent the night together. How could a man like Jun Shiling allow himself to be set up by someone else? In a fit of anger, he caused Xia family’s business to collapse once.

Perhaps it was Xia Wanyuan’s luck. After that night, Xia Wanyuan actually got pregnant with Jun Shiling’s child. She secretly carried the child until it was three months old, then mustered up the courage to look for the Old Master.

By that time, the Old Master was nearing the end of his lifespan. To the elderly, wealth was no longer important. Being able to see the continuation of his bloodline was his greatest hope. He immediately sent people to investigate what had happened. Although he was extremely disgusted by the fact that his grandson had been set up, Xia Wanyuan was indeed pregnant with Jun Shiling’s child.

At that time, Priest Zhang, whom Old Master Jun highly respected, visited the Jun family as a guest. After seeing Xia Wanyuan’s appearance, he immediately told the Old Master that Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling were fated to be together.

When the Old Master heard this, even though he didn’t like Xia Wanyuan’s method of doing things, he forced Jun Shiling to marry her to give a proper status to the child of the Jun family.

Xia Wanyuan had wanted to use this child to become the madam of the Jun family, but she didn’t expect Jun Shiling to have no intention of disclosing her identity even after she had given birth. Other than a few people, no one else knew who the madam of the Jun family was.

Xia Wanyuan had also been informed by Jun Shiling that if she dared to publicize her relationship with the Jun family, she would bear the consequences herself.

Initially, Xia Wanyuan wanted to test Jun Shiling’s bottom line. However, after witnessing Jun Shiling’s ruthless methods, even someone as ostentatious as her didn’t dare to publicize her relationship with the Jun family. No matter how arrogant she was, she was still afraid of death.

“Young Master.” Nanny Li and the rest greeted him carefully. They were very afraid of Jun Shiling, just like the others around him.

After a glance towards Jun Shiling, Xia Wanyuan retracted her eyes once more. She then helped herself to a piece of pork rib calmly and patted Xiao Bao’s head.

“Daddy.” Xiao Bao looked at Jun Shiling fearfully. His big eyes darted around as he leaned closer to Xia Wanyuan.

Sensing Xiao Bao’s emotions, Xia Wanyuan looked at Nanny Li. “Nanny Li, bring Young Master a set of cutlery.”

Even though her instincts screamed for her not to get involved with a man like Jun Shiling, Xiao Bao was still a child. Even if Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling hated each other to the core, she could not show it in front of the child. A parent’s quarrel would cause irreversible harm to a child.

Hearing Xia Wanyuan’s words, Nanny Li hesitantly glanced at Jun Shiling, but his face was still expressionless. His pair of ancient, deep eyes stared straight at Xia Wanyuan as if wanting to pierce through her soul.

Seeing that the young master did not reply and that Xia Wanyuan had resumed eating, Nanny Li hesitated for a moment before going to the kitchen to bring out another set of cutlery.

Xiao Bao looked at Xia Wanyuan, then at Jun Shiling, who was standing at the door, exuding a cold aura. His big eyes darted around, then he slipped out of his chair and ran over to Jun Shiling.

He stretched out his little hand and shook Jun Shiling’s warm one. “Daddy, let’s eat together.”

The pair of grape-like eyes that grew on his handsome and chubby face was shining as he looked at Jun Shiling pleadingly.

Jun Shiling never liked getting close to people, and it was no surprise that he was very strict with this child, perhaps even more so. Normally, Xiao Bao would not dare to get close to him, but if his mother wanted to eat with his father, he had to drag his father over.

Last night, this was how he acted when he wanted his mother to sing and coax him to sleep, and his mother agreed right away! Would this method work on his father?

Jun Shiling looked at the little dumpling who was only as tall as his knees. His face looked exactly like his, and his child’s soft and tiny hand was in his palm. Almost unconsciously, Jun Shiling’s heart skipped a beat, and he held onto Xiao Bao’s hand.

He never knew how to interact with children, but Xiao Bao was his own child after all. He glanced at Xia Wanyuan, who was eating calmly and his eyes turned cold. If this woman wanted to use his child to achieve her goals, then he would definitely let her know the price she had to pay.

Xiao Bao saw his father glance at the dining table and thought that Jun Shiling had agreed. His round eyes flashed with joy. It really worked!

He happily pulled Jun Shiling to his seat. “Daddy, eat.”

Xiao Bao smiled innocently. It was amazing! He was having dinner together with his parents!

The entire time, Xia Wanyuan simply ate her food while occasionally putting food in Xiao Bao’s bowl. Silence fell upon the scene.

“Mommy, eat this.” Xiao Bao imitated Xia Wanyuan and served her a piece of pork rib. “Daddy, eat this too.” He then picked up another piece for Jun Shiling.

Jun Shiling was stunned when he saw the sweet pork ribs lying in the bowl. Xiao Bao stared at him, expectantly, waiting for his response.

An indescribable emotion arose in Jun Shiling’s heart, and he felt a rare gentleness as a father. “It’s delicious.”

After receiving Jun Shiling’s affirmative answer, Xiao Bao’s eyes lit up, and turned as bright as the lights in the room. Under the flickering light, a small figure sat between the elegant woman and the cold man. They were just like any other thousands of peaceful and warm families in this world.

After dinner, Xia Wanyuan asked Nanny Li to bring Xiao Bao to take a shower.

After Xiao Bao, who had a worried face, had gone into the bathroom, Xia Wanyuan turned to look at Jun Shiling. “Let’s talk in the study room.” With that said, she walked towards the study room on the second floor.

Jun Shiling narrowed his eyes. As he looked at the graceful figure which swayed like a lotus flower, a glint flashed across his eyes. Without a word, he followed Xia Wanyuan.

Being alone in a room with Jun Shiling, Xia Wanyuan felt that this person’s aura seemed to materialize as it whistled towards her. She reached out to open the window and a cool breeze blew past, finally bringing some clarity.

“When are we getting a divorce?” Xia Wanyuan sat on the chair and looked up at Jun Shiling.

The moment she saw Jun Shiling, Xia Wanyuan knew that the original owner of the body had stirred up a huge mess, to say the least. Such a man reminded her of the King of Jiangdong, her strongest enemy. He was equally aggressive and unfathomable.

A man like him would never allow others to plot against his marriage, so it was only a matter of time before they got divorced. They might as well settle it now so as not to cause more trouble in the future.

Jun Shiling, who had always been adept at predicting the possible outcomes of various proposals, had never expected Xia Wanyuan to say this.

After all, this woman had always wanted to climb to the position of the madam of the Jun family. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have… Thinking about what had happened four years ago, Jun Shiling frowned.

“Grandpa’s seventieth birthday is in three months. After that, we’ll get a divorce. You’d better behave yourself during this period of time. You can have the property here, a duplex apartment in the city, as well as a hundred million dollars as the alimony.”

After calculating in her mind how many things she could buy with a hundred million dollars, Xia Wanyuan felt much better and found Jun Shiling much more pleasing to the eye.

“No problem.” Xia Wanyuan’s eyes curved into crescents as she readily accepted.

How strange. Xia Wanyuan’s agreement had gone too smoothly. Even Jun Shiling was somewhat taken aback. He had never really looked at this disgusting person who had always appeared with heavy makeup on.

It was the first time he looked at Xia Wanyuan seriously.

This evening, Xia Wanyuan was dressed in a long, light green dress, and looked like she was made of ice and jade. The smile in her eyes didn’t fade but flickered under the light as if it could pierce into people’s hearts.

As for Xia Wanyuan, she graciously allowed him to size her up. She lifted her chin slightly. Although he was standing and she was sitting, it made him feel as if their auras were equal, and they were equally matched.

From the moment he entered and saw the calm and composed Xia Wanyuan, he had been somewhat surprised. Now that he saw her appearance and her indifferent attitude, he frowned slightly.

The current Xia Wanyuan seemed to have been washed clean of lead. Her entire person exuded spiritual essence from the inside out and calmness that could not be broken even with the weight of Mount Tai over her shoulders.

For the first time, he felt that he could not see through this person.

However, regardless of whether Xia Wanyuan was putting on an act or not, he would not let her harm the interest of the Jun Corporation.

“Don’t you dare try to harm Jun Yin. If you do, not only will you not be able to get the property, you won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

Realizing that his gaze had lingered on Xia Wanyuan for too long, Jun Shiling retracted his gaze and gave Xia Wanyuan a warning look before he opened the door and strode away.

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