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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 9
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Chapter 9: Milk Candy

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“Thank you.” Xia Wanyuan’s eyes curved into crescents. She did not have any prejudice or fear towards Jun Shiling, and she treated him just like how she would treat other people.

In this courtyard filled with flowers, Xia Wanyuan carried a mystical and indifferent temperament.

To think that Jun Shiling, who normally would not waste any time at all, was actually killing time in the courtyard.

There had never been so many forms of entertainment in the Great Xia Dynasty. As a result, Xia Wanyuan could spend the whole day reading quietly. She got someone to bring over the Shakespeare Collection that she found in the study that morning.

The advancement of mankind was not only the advancement of technology but also the development of literature and art. Since she had chosen to take over the acting career of the owner of the body, she had developed an interest in such works.

When he saw the book in Xia Wanyuan’s hand, Jun Shiling’s eyes turned darker. No one could tell what he was thinking.

When Lin Jing rushed over with the pile of documents, he saw Jun Shiling, who had always only traveled between the office and the meeting room, actually accompanying Xia Wanyuan in the courtyard.

The handsome Jun Shiling was deep and cold, while the magnificent Xia Wanyuan was relaxed. Under the sunlight, the two of them seemed especially harmonious.

It shocked the swift and decisive special assistant so much that he tripped when he got out of the car.

Adjusting his glasses, he tidied up the documents in his hands and resumed his meticulous image as a special assistant.

“Young Master, all the documents for today are here.”

Other than taking a glance at Lin Jing when he came over, Xia Wanyuan did not pay attention to what Lin Jing was doing at all.

“Mm, leave it here. Go back to the office first. You’ll be in charge of the meeting later.” Jun Shiling took the document and glanced at Xia Wanyuan, who was still engrossed in her book.

“Yes, Young Master.”

The young master had always hated Miss Xia. ‘What has happened in the past two days?’ He glanced at the elegant and outstanding Xia Wanyuan, who had an unmistakable aura.

Indeed, rumors couldn’t be trusted. Lin Jing sighed in his heart. Miss Xia was really different from the rumors.

There was going to be a good show to watch. Lin Jing glanced at Jun Shiling without batting an eyelid, then glanced at Xia Wanyuan. The corners of his lips curled up, and he smiled like a fox before quickly leaving the villa.

Unlike what Lin Jing had imagined, Xia Wanyuan was too lazy to speak while reading, and Jun Shiling would never take the initiative to start a conversation with someone.

So the two of them spent an afternoon in the courtyard with a strange type of calmness.

Until the car that brought Jun Yin back appeared at the entrance.

The little dumpling had obtained first place in the kindergarten’s Mathematics paper, and the prize was a few candies from the kindergarten’s teacher. Children would always give their favorite things to the person they like.

Once the little dumpling received his reward and got into the car, he immediately thought of going home to tell Xia Wanyuan about the good news, before sharing the candy with her.

As soon as the car came to a stop, the little dumpling opened the door immediately and ran out of the car. However, when he saw Jun Shiling sitting in the courtyard, his face was immediately scrunched up into a grimace.

Upon hearing the commotion, Xia Wanyuan looked up and saw the frowning Xiao Bao. It was clear that he was afraid of Jun Shiling.

She was tickled by how pitiful Xiao Bao looked. She waved at the little dumpling, “Xiao Bao, you’re back.”

Xiao Bao hesitated between approaching Jun Shiling, but he thought of his Mommy’s warm embrace. Then, he made up his mind and ran towards Xia Wanyuan.

Jun Shiling’s eyes flashed with displeasure when he saw how anxious the little dumpling was, and he was just about to say something.

By then, the little dumpling had already leaped into Xia Wanyuan’s embrace. His eyes were filled with a deep attachment to Xia Wanyuan. Xia Wanyuan gently embraced Xiao Bao, and both of their faces, which had a little resemblance, wore a warm smile.

For some reason, Jun Shiling couldn’t bring himself to blame him anymore.

“Mommy, look. I won first place in arithmetic in kindergarten today. The teacher rewarded me with this.” As Xiao Bao spoke, he took out a few milk candies from his school bag and handed them to Xia Wanyuan. The hopeful look in his big eyes practically screamed, ‘Praise me.’

Xia Wanyuan stroked Xiao Bao’s head. “That’s great!” She put a milk candy in her mouth and fed one to Xiao Bao. The sweet and fragrant taste instantly filled her mouth.

Feeling undeniably satisfied, Xiao Bao snuggled into Xia Wanyuan’s arms. There was still a candy left in his hand, and he looked carefully at Jun Shiling.

Perhaps because his mother’s presence gave him a sense of security, Xiao Bao slowly ventured up to Jun Shiling and said cutely, “Daddy, this is for you.”

Seeing his biological son who had always been afraid of being close to him speak to him so softly, Jun Shiling felt a rare sense of helplessness.

Upon seeing that Jun Shiling stayed silent, Xiao Bao, who had mustered his courage to go over, hung his head in disappointment and was about to retract his hand.

The milk candy in his hand was gone. Xiao Bao looked up in surprise and saw Jun Shiling holding the milk candy awkwardly. Somehow, the milk candy with the golden monkey printed on it did not match the cold and imposing Jun Shiling at all.

Xia Wanyuan burst out laughing. Although Jun Shiling looked cold and aloof, he actually wanted to treat Xiao Bao well. It was just that he did not know how to communicate with children.

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