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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: fight, sit up and take notice

Lin Chujiu doesnt care whatever these guardsmen think about her as long as they will obediently let her treat them. While Xiao Tianyaos guardsmen were still in their own thoughts, Lin Chujiu reach out her hand to give one of the guardsmen an injection to his shoulder.

Ah, its pain the guard tried to struggle, but Lin Chujiu responded more quickly and put her other hand on his shoulder while saying: Trust me, I will not harm you.

The guard doesnt know why, but Lin Chujius voice sounds convincing. And because his body got poison and unable to move much anyway, he stops struggling and let Lin Chujiu give him an injection.

Just relax, your muscle is too stiff. It will break the needle. Lin Chujiu tried to explain.

Things have already gone this far, so continuing to resist is futile. The guard obediently relaxes his body and let Lin Chujiu continue to treat him. Lin Chujiu gave him a smile in his approval.

With Lin Chujius sudden smile, the guard got dazzled and blinked. He tried to look at Lin Chujiu again but her beautiful face looks so serious.

I must be only dreaming.

Lin Chujiu wholeheartedly focus her mind on her work and didnt bother to think what other people might be thinking about her. After injecting an antidote, she began to clean up his wounds and put a dressing.

In her previous life, Lin Chujiu got assigned to the emergency room for a year, so she is very skilled in giving a wound dressing. Although its a bit troublesome, but she only spent a minute on it and its done.

After she deals with these mens injuries, the medical system will give her the reward for her achievements.

Just ten points. As long as she accumulated ten points, Lin Chujiu can exchange them for a packed of lethal self-protection powder drug. This is her main goal right now, so she has full of energy.

And because she needed that pack of powder, she will use any mean to solve this crisis in Prince Xiaos Mansion

If this incident didnt happen in this short period of time, there is no way for her to escape Xiao Tianyaos hand.

So in order for her to stay longer in Prince Xiaos Mansion, she needed to make a good impression on her. If Prince Xiao saw that she is useful, he wont push her to her own death even if he hated her.

With the success of her first treatment, the wounded guardsmen behind her didnt even wait for her persuasion and just directly let her give them a treatment. When the first guard that received the treatment felt a bit comfortable, he went to his other companions and bring them to the safe area. Then help her persuade them to received a treatment.

With their cooperation, the treatment process goes very smooth. But because there are several guardsmen that have more grave injuries, Lin Chujiu spent nearly two more minutes for each of them before she finished the wound dressing and achieve the ten points she needed to get the reward.

When Lin Chujiu heard the medical systems reminder that she finished the sub-goal and accumulated the ten points her eyes flashed a touch of light. Unfortunately, they brought in front of Lin Chujiu the wounded guard that have stomach laceration.

Guniang (Young Lady), please check Cao Lins condition if he is not going to die Lin Chujiu check out the guards condition. His stomach was cut open and his intestines are exposed.

Dont worry. When Lin Chujiu approached Cao Lin, she also checks his pupils and heartbeats, then said: You dont have to worry so much. Its not life threatening.

Guniang (Young Lady), is what youre saying is true? But, Cao Lins intestines are exposed. The concern guard looks a bit anxious and wiped the sweat on his face.

He wont die, I just need to put it back. Lin Chujiu rest him assured and he gradually felt ease.

Even though Lin Chujius way of treatment and wound dressing is very strange for them, but in this kind of situation as long as it is effective they will accept any help.

Although Lin Chuji want to rush and use her accumulated points to exchange for a pack of powder, but she didnt dare to leave Cao Lin. She wants to inject him an antidote for the poison first but she found out that she had used everything she had brought out.

Can you cover for me? I need to go back to that room. Lin Chujiu pointed out the new room where there were still assassins.

Guniang (Young Lady), where exactly did you put the medicine? I will go instead. The guard that was worried about Cao Lins condition hesitated to let Lin Chujiu went back, so he volunteer to go himself.

Aside from the medicine, I also need to take other things which you might not know. Lin Chujiu want to exchange the ten points she accumulated for a pack of powder to solve their crisis immediately

Xiao Tianyao felt dissatisfied with their marriage and then he also hated her. So, this time she really wanted him to see her useful. By then, he will give her a chance to live peacefully, right?

Ok, I will cover for you. But Guniang (Young Lady), you need to be careful. The concern guard had no other choice but gritted his teeth and nod his head. He doesnt know if Lin Chujiu is really a kind woman, but Lin Chujiu indeed save a lot of his brothers. So he had no other choice but to make a gamble and trust her.

Trust? If Lin Chujiu wont return and Cao Lin died. He will bury Lin Chujiu alive with him. Prince Xiao will not say anything anyway.

I will come back soon. You dont need to do anything with him, his condition is not life-threatening. Lin Chujiu said then got up to go to the new room.

Inside the new room, the four assassins are still fighting Xiao Tianyao and they were already getting impatient. When the assassin saw that Lin Chujiu is coming back, he wants to take her as a hostage and see if he can use her to threaten Xiao Tianyao

Of course, something like that wont be an effective threat to Xiao Tianyao. After all, he doesnt have any relationship with Lin Chujiu, so her death wont be a big deal.

The assassin looked up and look at the other three assassins. They immediately understand whats on his mind and the three of them attack Xiao Tianyao together and at the same time create an opportunity for him.

When Lin Chujiu came inside she saw the assassin run toward her and want to grab her.

Bastard. Lin Chujiu repeatedly tried to retreat and avoided his attack, but soon she got hit.

Lin Chujiu doesnt know martial arts, but she secretly learned a few self-defense techniques. Although her current body is not strong, but its still flexibility enough. So she was able to avoid the assassins attack for two to three times.

While the assassins took advantage this opportunity. Xiao Tianyao only swept his eyes and look at Lin Chujius stiff body. Her body looks as stiff as a flower vase, but he didnt show any signs that he has a plan to save her.

Outside the new room, the concerned guard saw that the assassins are still wrapping around his other brothers and his heart felt weak. He wants to help them to fight the assassins. But, he is also waiting for Lin Chujiu to get the things she needed to save Cao Lin.

Lin Chujiu avoided the assassins attack to her left and right side. But because the number of his strikes are many, Lin Chujiu can only clumsily avoided them. Lin Chujiu took a few deep breaths. She knows very well that nobody will save her so she can only rely on herself.

Even if she saved a lot Xiao Tianyaos guardsmen, she doesnt expect them or Xiao Tionayao to save her. Whether it is in Lin Familys Mansion or in Prince Xiaos Mansion, she can only rely on herself if she wanted to stay alive.

However, she is no match for the assassin. The gap between them is now only three strokes away. If she got caught, she will surely die!

In order to survive, Lin Chujiu had to fight with

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