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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 15
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Chapter 15 Going Back to the Peak Again Part 3

“Just what do you understand! Not long before, I have received an information that a new sage was already birthed at the God’s domain. A hundred years ago, the sage from the God’s domain was precisely in charge of the matter in waking the mythological animal. As of now, the new sage has already descended. As far as I know, the Azure Dragon clan is already setting out preparations in inviting the sage to undertake this already deemed impossible task of waking the mythological beast.” Shen Feng coldly said.

“What!” There was an uproar from everyone for wouldn’t that mean that among one of them would have the opportunity to receive the Vermillion’s Bird’s vows in loyalty and devotion!!

The Vermillion Bird clan that had been quiet for quite a long time already had upsurged the heaven startling billows.

Shen Yifeng was inwardly pleasantly surprised because at that time, when he had reached 16 years old, he originally ought to have sought for a strong magical beast to sign a contract but his father nevertheless had not made any movement up to this day where he was already a 3 star Sword Scholar but still did not have a magical beast. Throughout one’s life, everyone could only sign one contract with one magical beast. In other words, in viewing this broadly, within the Vermillion Bird clan, it would only be he himself, Shen Jiayi or Shen Jiawei that had the opportunity to obtain the Vermillion Bird?

Although Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s innate talent were not bad, when they were compared to the man himself who was labeled as a genius, the disparity between them was nevertheless far. They simply could not be considered as his opponent!

This was simply sending the Vermillion Bird directly to his bosom and how could he not feel happy about it?

Shen Yue’s complexion as of now was even more unsightly because he would have naturally thought of the question that Shen Yifeng was thinking of. However, the two children of his were truly negligible when compared to Shen Yifeng and so it was truly somewhat difficult if they were to contest for the Vermillion Bird.

“If it is so, should we make an action to some extent? Please do not allow the other four clans to try to be the first and that will be good enough.” Since Shen Duan was self aware that the victory was in the grasp of his own son, he would naturally somewhat unable to sit still.

Shen Feng sneered as he said, “For this kind of matter, is there still a need to say about it? I have long ago sent someone who was in contact with the sage in the God’s domain. Although the sage has agreed to come to the Long Xuan Empire to help us, he has one condition before helping us which is that the gift has to be a rank 8 Snow Spiritual Fox. Only then will he leave. As for the magical beast that was imprisoned within the dungeon, it was precisely the Snow Spiritual Fox that I ordered people to catch.”

“Clan head is thorough with everything!”

On Shen Feng’s face, there was even the little bit of smiling expression.

“Do you all know just how disastrous the damage is to our Vermillion Bird clan when capturing the Snow Spiritual Fox? However, just what has all of you idiots have done!”

Shen Feng’s sudden arrival of furiousness had incessantly made everyone puzzled over for they could possibly guess just how much of a damage it was to catch the Snow Spiritual Fox. The Snow Spirtual Fox was a rank 8 higher ranking magical beast. Although, its degree of savageness was not that pressing compared to other magical beast, no magical beast would truly be able to be its match in terms of its shrewdness. In wanting to catch it was exactly not a simple matter at all.

Shen Feng’s gaze was falling onto Shen Yanxiao’s body. Looking at this emphatically not intimate granddaughter of his, he was unable to make out to either be happy or to be angry.

“On that day of the trespass into the dungeon, the Snow Spiritual Fox has meet a tragic death. Without the Snow Spiritual Fox, just how are we, the Vermillion Bird clan invite him to make a journey to here!”

The Snow Spiritual Fox is dead!!

Within the main room was echoes of sounds of drawing air out.

Shen Yue’s complexion became deathly pale while Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei nearly slipped and fell to the ground.

Just how would have they anticipated that the momentary curiosity of theirs had destroyed the Vermillion Bird clan’s chance to return to the peak.

Everyone became dejected because the Snow Spiritual Fox was very valuable and for the Vermillion Bird clan to be able to obtain one, they had already payed out too much heart’s-blood. If they were to catch another one, it was very likely that this would wound the foundation.

At this very moment, everyone’s gaze was concentrated onto Shen Yanxiao’s body for no one would have thought that after this idiot had entered into the dungeon, there would be such a huge and unexpected matter to occur.

A rank 8 magical beast just died like that with an unfathomable mystery in the dungeon. Yet, within this dungeon, apart from the Snow Spiritual Fox that had died tragically, there was only this good for nothing seventh young lady!

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