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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 16
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Chapter 16 Death Penalty Exemption Golden Medallion Part 1

Shen Yanxiao was staring blankly for just how did this topic made a big round and yet reached back to her own self?

What is this Vermillion Bird? What is this Snow Spiritual Fox? She herself was completely unaware of what they were.

Within her brain, regarding everything that had happened inside the dungeon was just a piece of darkness. She simply did not know what had just happened inside the dungeon. However, Shen Yanxiao nevertheless perceived that the moment when the news was declared out that the Snow Spiritual Fox was dead, those gazes that were falling onto her body were exactly like sharp knives completely running through herself.

If it was not because of Shen Feng’s obstruction, it was very likely those people would have long already pounced onto her and made a mincemeat out of her!

She was innocent…..

Just at the time when Shen Yanxiao was depressed that she herself had became the target of multitudes of arrows, Xiu’s voice emerged within her mind.

‘Just an one small little rank 8 magical beast had unexpectedly managed to made the silly humanity to such bitterness. Seriously, what a trash.’

Shen Yanxiao remained silent. Although, she had not met this mysterious rank 8 magical beast, she understood that in this world with the power, richness and valiantness of the Vermillion Bird clan, Shen Feng was the only one as of now that possessed a rank 8 magical beast. As for the others, being able to handle a rank 6 or 7 magical beast was already considered to be the best quality and for an ordinary person, they would at once thanked the heavens and earth if they had a rank 3 or 4 magical beast.

The Vermillion Bird clan’s unique high level rank 8 magical beast had nevertheless became ‘a small little rank 8 magical beast’ after passing through Xiu’s mouth…..

If Shen Feng was to know that he was to be evaluated like that about the sacrifice of hundred of the Vermillion Bird clan’s elites for that Snow Spiritual Fox, will he or will he not pass out due to being angered.

Suddenly, Shen Yanxiao had one unpleasant thought.

Is it possible that, this senior arrogant idler had done something to the Snow Spiritual Fox…..

“With a slip of a hand, it was crushed to death.” Xiu seemed to be able to guess the question that Shen Yanxiao had wanted to ask and so Xiu indifferently said.

Crushed… to… death……..

Shen Yanxiao at this moment was at a loss in conveying her state of mind for it was as if someone had told her that when that person was walking, that person had accidentally used one’s toe to crush a heavy tank into a flour paste……

She really wanted to say to that arrogant idler, Xiu…… Please crush me to death!

It was a pity that Xiu’s voice could only be heard by herself. Otherwise, she would possibly just hold onto respectable ultra-deity and smashed onto everyone’s face then laughing at them while they prostrate themselves in worship.

As of now…

Shen Yanxiao could only silently bear those ruthless stare from their eyes.

The heart ached like one that would probably not be in love again.

Shen Feng inhaled a breath. The reason why he had all of the main clan members to anxiously come over was precisely that he wanted to inform them about this matter. As for the punishment…

Looking at that face that completely did not resemble of his little son, Shen feng could only secretly sighed.

If only Shen Yu was still present….

“Shen Yanxiao! You have committed a great blunder by nearly destroying the Vermillion Bird clan’s foundation. It is simply repulsive!” Shen Yue angrily glared at Shen Yanxiao for he knew that this matter had implicated up to the Vermillion Bird and it was no longer a small matter. As of now, he only wanted the two children of his to get out this cleanly.

After knowing that he missed a great opportunity  due to this idiot, for Shen Yifeng who previously had the intention to cover for Shen Yanxiao — helping her? Fat chance, even if he doesn’t say anything and give a final push, the thing that happened was already “that bad”

“This is simply making trouble. The clan head has taken pity that this child is orphaned but unexpectedly do not believe that this child has bitten the hand that feeds her and would charge into such a calamity. This kind of a trash that brings disaster everywhere could no longer be retained here anymore! Still, clan head, please do punish!” At Shen Duan’s pits of stomach was a suffocation of a mouthful of blood. In seeing that his own son could have very quickly obtained the Vermillion Bird and ascended to clan head position but was unexpectedly destroyed by this idiotic trash. He truly wished that he could choke her to death while she was still alive. As of now, he was feeling even more hate and had Shen Feng quickly punish this trash.

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