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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 2757
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From Lord to Lord

The development of the matter has broken everyone's eyes.

The world that the LORD God stays here is very short. After he engraved the mark of the LORD God on Shen Yanxiao's soul, he left the world with Satan's sleeping soul and the dying Ouyang Huan Yu.

Everything is like a dream.

Satan and Ouyang left. The demons suffered heavy casualties and had no strength to fight again. They had to return to the demons.

The demons who fought continuously in the four countries also retreated. After a bloody war which lasted for several months, the land of light finally recovered its peace.

The four countries and the barren land have begun to readjust and rebuild their homes.

However, on the bright land, many figures disappeared.

After the war, the girl who led all the races against the demons disappeared completely, together with her magic team.

Some say she and her companions have died in the battle, some say she has been seriously injured, more people believe that she has not died, she and her legend still live in a corner of the world.

The barren land has been handed over to the heads of the five families. Durang, with seven wolves, reorganizes the army in the barren land, the leaders of all races, and their people, left the bright land.

Before leaving, they made peace and friendly agreements with each other.

The whole world, among all races, has been happy. In this battle, the contradictions among all races have been quietly solved. Except for the demons returning to the demon world, there are peaceful and peaceful scenes everywhere.

Although Shen Yanxiao and her friends have disappeared, their legends still exist in all parts of the bright land. Among the major cities in the desolate land, their statues stand up. People who survive from the war will send flowers and fruits to the statues all day long, as if they are remembering their heroes.

From spring to autumn, the bright continent gradually recovered its vitality.

When the war subsided, the seeds of hope once again fell on the earth.

When the first Protoss came out of the city of the sky and went to the bright land to spread the gospel, people were in a trance to realize that the disappeared Protoss came back.

However, in the sky city, a young girl who has just become the LORD God is sitting at the table, writing something on the paper quickly.

"It's time for the soldiers of Wuhu City to be resurrected. Let ah Yu prepare for it. Go to arrange their divinity in the future quickly, Qi Xia." Shen Yanxiao wrote their names on paper one by one according to the death list of the Alliance Army.

Some Toby God once said that when she became the God, she could "use power for personal gain" and revive all her sacrificial subordinates as a God.

For this privilege, Shen Yanxiao should not use it recklessly.

For more than a year, she has resurrected most of the soldiers who died in the previous battles.

And her two teachers, Yun Qi and Ye Qing, have already enjoyed the happiness in the sky city.

"By the way! Tell the wings of death to throw me the Lord of the night and swallow my apprentice's soul. Believe it or not, I will cut it down in minutes! " Shen Yanxiao shook the tip of his pen and said angrily.

"Also, let naghi speed up the time to find all the soul fragments of Xiyan!"

She never forgot one of the dead.

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