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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 2758
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Shen Yanxiao was busy when he was Lord. He was still busy when he became Lord.

Looking at her buried in the arrangement of the resurrected, Qi Xia helplessly helped her, strode to her and took the pen in her hand.

"Death, do you want to die more thoroughly?" Shen Yanxiao looks at Qi Xia.

At the first time when he became the main God, Shen Yanxiao quickly brought the illusionist friends to the city of the sky, directly letting them truly inherit the divinity in their bodies and become the real superior God.

"Miss Lord God, I'm sorry to remind you that your wedding with Lord doushen will be tomorrow. If you don't prepare for it, Lord doushen will be disappointed." Qi Xia sighed. Shen Yan and Xiao Cheng have been the main gods for some time, but she has been busy expanding the number of protoss all day.

God knows, her wedding with dixiu was booked a year ago, but the next to last day, she didn't even mean to prepare.

“……” Shen Yan and Xiao are stunned.

"Tomorrow?" She asked stupidly.

Qixia nodded.

"Damn it, I forgot!" Shen Yanxiao immediately got up and threw the task of a table directly to Qi Xia. "You can do it first, don't trust it!"

Finish saying, the wind general disappeared in the hall.

Looking at the mess Shen Yanxiao left behind, Qi Xia rubs the eyebrow angle painfully.

"Is it self inflicted?" With a wry smile, he took up his pen and continued his work before Shen Yanxiao.

In the sea of flowers, Shen Yanxiao found the familiar figure. He stood there quietly as if waiting for her arrival.

"Sorry! I'm sorry! Sorry! " Shen Yanxiao falls into Xiu's arms and apologizes incessantly.

Xiu reaches out and circles her in her arms. Her gentle eyes are drowning.

"You are not wrong."

"I I almost forgot the time. " Shen Yanxiao is biting her lips. She always feels like a workaholic in her life.

"Don't you remember now?" Hugh bowed his head and kissed her lips.

Shen Yan and Xiao Yue feel guilty.

"I'll make it up to you." Shen Yanxiao's very firm opening.

Xiu just smiled, without any displeasure. He rubbed her little head like a rare treasure.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed his eyes, suddenly broke away from Xiu's arms, took Xiu's hand and walked towards the palace in the deep sea of flowers.

"Well?" Xiu looks at Shen Yanxiao's side face.

"I'll make it up now." Said Shen Yan and Xiao hem.

Xiu smiled helplessly.

But until Shen Yanxiao pushed him down on the bed in his room, doushen's expression was completely surprised.


"It's obvious, isn't it?" Shen Yanxiao kneels and sits on the waist of the repairman. A pair of small hands begin to take off the clothes dishonestly.


"Tomorrow is the wedding anyway. It's just a day earlier. Don't be afraid. I I have no experience, but There should be no problem. " Shen Yanxiao has a small red face, but her eyes are extremely firm. She pocketed some elder's clothes and began to attack her own clothes.

But the hand that just touched the collar didn't move yet, but she was hugged by xiumeng. After a while, she was transferred to the bed, lying on her back.

"Well." Shen Yanxiao looked at the repair on her body, and her little face was more thorough.

"I wanted to wait until tomorrow, now I'm afraid I can't wait. " Xiujin's eyes became deep. He lowered his head and kissed Shen Yanxiao's neck.


For more than a year, you accompanied me to the present, accompanied this book to the end. I sincerely thank every reader for their support and love. This is the first book of yebei, and there are many shortcomings and problems. Thank you for your tolerance and perseverance. I have the courage to finish it.

Nearly three million words, I can't even think of it myself, but it's because of you that I have to write down bit by bit.

This book, once made me laugh, once made me write while wiping tears, also had feelings that moved me. This book is dedicated to all of you, it is not perfect, it is not the best, but it is the only thing I can give you.

I hope you can like it. It's been more than a year. Watching everyone's comments in the message area every day makes me very warm. When a story is over, a new story will appear again. My relatives who are willing to continue to accompany me will not leave here as long as you are here.

I want to say only two words: Thank you.

Although Jue Qi is finished, there will be some surprises to make the book leave us not so soon.

For more than a year, the characters in the book are like companions around me. Even if I have written a new book, I hope that in the future, I can let my friends in the new book show their faces. These two stories can be said to be independent or related.

Thank you again, and I hope you can like my new article "the immortal doctor: the black lady". Well, the author is named as Fei Chai. The names of new books are not much different from the old ones. Cover your face!

The rogue has got her happiness. Can the Wude veterinarian continue the good fortune of her companion?

I am waiting for you in the new book, and I wave my handkerchief. Remember to come to yo ~

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