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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 2759
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Chapter 2759: season finale


When Shen Yanxiao was the lord, he was busy, and the Lord God was still very busy.

Looking at her burying her head in the arrangement of the resurrection, Qi Xia helplessly, and strode to her in front of her, took the pen in her hand.

"Death, do you want to die more thoroughly?" Shen Yanxiao raised his eyebrows and looked at Qi Xia.

The first time to become the Lord God, Shen Yanxiao quickly brought the illusion of the little friends to the city of the sky, directly let them truly inherit the gods in the body and become the real upper god.

"Miss God, I am embarrassed to remind you that you and the God of the Gods wedding, just tomorrow, if you are not ready, you are afraid to be disappointed." Qi Xia sighed, Shen Yan Xiao has been the main **** for some time, but she is busy growing the number of protoss all day long.

God knows that she and Emperor Xiu’s wedding had been booked as early as a year ago, but this was the second last day, and she didn’t even mean a little preparation.

"..." Shen Yan Xiao Yu lived.

"Tomorrow?" she asked in a dull moment.

Qi Xia nodded.

"Damn, I forgot!" Shen Yanxiao immediately got up and threw the task of a table directly to Qi Xia. "You must get it first, don't trust it!"

After that, the wind disappeared into the hall.

Looking at the mess that Shen Yanxiao had left, Qi Xia stunned the eyebrows.

"Is this self-sufficient?" With a wry smile, he took up the pen and continued to work before Shen Yanxiao.

In the sea of ​​flowers, Shen Yanxiao found the familiar figure, and he stood there quietly, seemingly waiting for her arrival.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" Shen Yanxiao fell into the arms of the retreat, and kept apologizing.

Fixing her hand and putting her in her arms, the gentle eyes are embarrassing.

"You are not wrong."

"I... I almost forgot the time." Shen Yanxiao bitterly bite the lip, she always feels like a workaholic in her life.

"Are you not remembering it now?" Shuai kissed her lips.

Shen Yanxiao became more and more guilty.

"I will compensate you." Shen Yanxiao is very firm and open.

The repair is just a smile, without any dissatisfaction, like treating a rare treasure, gently rubbing her little head.

Shen Yan Xiao Yan blinked his eyes, suddenly broke away from the embrace of repair, took the repaired hand and walked toward the palace deep in the flower sea.

"Well?" Revised the face of Shen Yanxiao.

"I will compensate now." Shen Yan Xiao said.

Repairing helpless smile.

However, until Shen Yanxiao pushed him down on the bed in his room, the expression of the **** of the gods was completely different.


"It's already obvious, isn't it?" Shen Yan Xiao Yu sat on the waist of the repair, and a pair of small hands began to untidy clothes.


"Anyway, tomorrow is the wedding. It’s a day earlier. Don’t be afraid, I... I have no experience, but... there should be no problem.” Shen Yan Xiaohong has a small face, but his eyes are unusually firm. After she sneaked out of the clothes of a certain uncle, she began to attack her clothes.

Only the hand that had just touched the collar had not acted, but she was hugged in her arms and turned around. She was transferred and lying on the bed.

"Hey." Shen Yanxiao looked at the repair on her body, the little blush was more thorough.

"I wanted to wait until tomorrow, now... I’m afraid I can’t wait." The golden scorpion became deep, and he lowered his head and dropped a small kiss at the neck of Shen Yanxiao.


For more than a year, everyone accompanied me to the present, accompanied by this book to the end, I sincerely thank each reader for their support and love. This is the first book of Night North, and there are still many shortcomings. And questions, thank you for your continued tolerance, never give up, let me have the courage to finish it.

Nearly three million words, I can't even think about it myself, but it is because of you that I let me write it down little by little.

This book, which made me laugh and laughed, also made me write while tears, and I have the feeling that touched me. This book is dedicated to all of you, it is not perfect, it is not The best, but it is the only thing I can offer to you.

I hope everyone can like it. For more than a year, watching everybody’s comments in the message area every day makes me very warmhearted. A story is over, new stories will appear, and willing to continue to accompany me. As long as you are there, Night North will not leave here.

Give everyone a sly, a thousand words, I want to say only two words: thank you.

Although the end of the seventh, but there will be some extra, let this book not leave everyone so fast.

For more than a year, the characters in the book are like companions who are with me. Even if I write a new book, I hope that in the future, the friends in the seven-year-old will be exposed in the new book. These two stories can be said to be independent or arguably related.

Once again, thank you all, and hope that everyone can like my new article, "The Peerless Doctor: Miss Black Miss", well, the author is such a name, the name of the new book is not much different from the old book, face!

The unscrupulous thief has already got the happiness that belongs to her. Can the veterinarian of Wude continue the good fortune of his companion?

I am waiting for everyone in the new book, waving a handkerchief, remember to come~

[My Sina Weibo: General of the North Night, from time to time to release the snake sputum spit...]

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