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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 3
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Based on her new memories , Shen Yanxiao knew that the father of the body that she had possessed was the Vermillion Bird clan’s incumbent head’ little son. It was just that as early as ‘Shen Yanxiao’ had recently reached her one month age, her parents were assassinated when they were outside. Of the family comprising of 3 of them, the only one that had survived at that time was her who was still at her infancy state.

Although everyone in the Vermillion Bird clan did not completely give respect with regards to her as the trash, her grandfather, Shen Feng, was also the incumbent head of the Vermillion Bird clan had nevertheless cared for his son’s sentiment and face. He had someone to look after Shen Yanxiao’s food and drinks and her everyday life but there were only limited to these. As far as a big clan was concerned, a trash in both literacy and martial arts may be actually said to have no whatsoever worth to make use of to the extent that the very existence of her was precisely a shame to the Vermillion Bird clan

Even for the annual clan banquet, she did not have any qualifications to participate in.

With regards to this time’s accusation of trespassing the dungeon, it was very likely that ‘Shen Yanxiao’ ,even if she did not die, she would still get a scalping.

If it was not for her father’s origin, it was very likely that Shen Feng would simply be unwilling to recognise her as his granddaughter. It can be said that as of now, Shen Yanxiao simply did not have any backing.

“This situation is nothing but assuring.” Shen Yanxiao was beaming as she sat on the chair then analyzing the current environment that she is dwelling at.

This was simply just terrible to the very end for a waste and yet did not have any patron.

‘However, it has been yet to be counted as to be disastrous.” An exceedingly magnetic voice all of a sudden emerged at the edge of Shen Yanxiao’s ears.

Shen Yanxiao at once rashly and hurriedly stood up and cautiously survey all around.

Although it may be said that this body did not have any whatsoever strength, on her previous life, Shen Yanxiao is nevertheless still a godly thief where her name had shaken the entire Earth. Whichever person’s odor would definitely be unable to escape from her perception. However, within this big of a room, she had nevertheless detect the slightest amount of anyone’s odor.

In that case, just where did this voice come from?

“Since that you dare to utter, why is it that you aren’t daring to show yourself?” Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes as she looked around.

“Show myself?” That voice had once again sounded while carrying a hint of cold intention.

“Little girl, there is no need to for you to look for me for I am not elsewhere but rather I am within your body.”

Within her body?

Shen Yanxiao stopped staring blankly.

“I originally have thought that you would be muddle headed for the rest of your lifetime but I did not expect that you would unexpectedly suddenly change and become intelligent. The things of the world do toy with humans. It looks like the Heavens do indeed want to give us a chance.” The voice that was cold like freezing point had once again emerged at the sides of Shen Yanxiao’s ears. However, this time, she could distinctly perceive that this voice really didn’t come from this world but rather….. from her brain!

“Just what kind of a human are you?” Shen Yanxiao was able to accept the matter regarding her rebirth but for this sudden arrival of this voice, it had truly nevertheless made her too hard to be convinced with it.

“Human? In this world, there is no such human who can address me as such for they are more willing to call me as, devil.”

Devil? Shen Yanxiao knitted her eyebrows.

“Girl, how about we discuss a business deal?”

‘What transaction?” Although Shen Yanxiao was unable to figure out the counterpart’s identity, she was already clear that this bastard who was calling oneself to be a devil truly should be residing within her body.

“You will assist me in reappearing into the human world and I will help you in untying the seal which will allow you to obtain the power that is rightfully yours.”

“Seal?” The more Shen Yanxiao listened, the more muddle headed she became.

“Roll up the sleeve of your right arm. “

In complying to the voice, Shen Yanxiao rolled up her sleeve. At the upper part of her right arm, there was a palm sized mark onto the skin where its skin colour is slightly darker compared to the others. Previously, she had examined the body that she had possessed but she had failed to take note of the subtle disparity.

“This is the seal?” Damn it! Just what secret did this little bastard body had.

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