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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 7
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Shen Qiu had won over five days of cultivation time for Shen Yanxiao. For these five days, apart from eating and sleeping, the remaining time was all used for Xiu’s ‘instruction’ phase.

Within the secure room, Shen Yanxiao wore an unlined whole body garment. Her body was already dripping wet and beads of sparkling and translucent sweats filled her small rosy face as she sat cross legged on the bed.

“Within the period of 5 days, your dou qi has reached the standard of rank 4 while your magic has reached rank 3. With regards to only the human race, it can be considered to be barely good enough.” Xiu’s voice still sounded as ice-cold as it was before.

One had to know that Shen Jiayi had begun cultivating in magic since young, and up till now, Shen Jiayi had only reached the standard of rank 5 while Shen Jiawei’s cultivation on dou qi was merely at rank 4. Just like that, those had already got Shen Feng rather pleased.

Shen Yanxiao had merely used five days time and had directly upgraded herself from the stage of a trash to her current standard. If this kind of astonishing speed was to be spreaded out, it would probably scare a group of people to death.

Just five days, not only could she practice in cultivating both martial arts and magic, but also had nevertheless attained rank 3 and rank 4 respectively. This was somewhat a heaven-defying existence!

For an ordinary person, there was no need to mention about five days. Even when there was five years, if they would want to attain any one of the Shen Yanxiao’s standard, it would be very likely that they would be crowned with the title genius. What’s more was the heaven defying cultivation method in cultivating both magic and martial arts.

However, from Xiu’s mouth, this astonishing speed was nevertheless only barely a good enough condition.

Shen Yanxiao did not particularly understand the rankings of dou qi and magic in this world. Therefore, with the regards to ‘barely enough’ from Xiu’s tone, it was inevitable that she would consider her cultivation speed to be so-so and did not have too much of an astonishment.

‘Okay, let’s call it a day, as tomorrow, I still have an episode of a ‘strong war’ that I need to fight.” After exhaling a breath of air, Shen Yanxiao spread herself out on the bed as this was the result of her cultivating to the limit ,where her physical strength and spiritual force was seriously overdrafted. There was no need to talk about others as of now, even moving her fingers would feel strenuous.

Tomorrow, she would be going to meet Shen Feng, the clan head of the Vermillion Bird clan and it was very likely Shen Feng would not easily let her off on the matter of trespassing the forbidden area.

After all, she was simply one without anyone’s reliance and depending on the mercy of the Vermillion Bird clan would it be barely enough for this idiotic trash to survive, but Shen Feng absolutely had no reason to be lenient in dealing with her.

For the time being, Shen Yanxiao simply did not plan on revealing the matter about her complete change. After all, with the current situation and capability of hers, it was absolutely not a wise choice of hers to excessively expose out her bargaining chips. Even if Shen Feng was to notice her as a result of this but it was very likely not good for those people of her generation to know as they would not be satisfied at all in seeing an emergence of a competitor.

Among the third generation of the Vermillion Bird clan, which one of them did not want to contest for Shen Feng’s favour in order to increase their own bargaining chips of inheriting the Vermillion Bird clan. It was also exactly because Shen Yanxiao was previously an idiotic trash, therefore there was some people within the third generations who did not have the inclination to deal with her. Apart from Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei who harmed her for fun, Shen Yanxiao’s situation was regarded as not dangerous at all.

However, once she had revealed her own circumstances and also allowed them to know about her possession of a heaven-defying capability in cultivating both magic and martial arts, it would be very likely that those people could not hold back and mess around with her. What’s more was that Shen Yanxiao had lost both her parents, and did not have a formidable patron within the Vermillion Bird clan. Once, she herself had became the target in the contest for the clan head position, it was very likely that the uncles that are supporting their sons and daughter in the contest over the position of clan head would also make a move in eradicating her, this young seedling that had just recently germinated.

Although Shen Yanxiao did not have too much understanding regarding the rankings of magic and dou qi, she was nevertheless experienced in depth knowledge regarding the darkness of human nature.

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