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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 8
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She nevertheless knew the reasoning of “avoiding the spearhead” and also concealing her strength and bidding her time.

Pretending to be stupid was one thing but she would not want to see herself becoming Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s scapegoat when she was seeing Shen Feng tomorrow.

When she was pondering over tomorrow’s situation that she was about to confront, Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes and the corner of her mouth curved upwards with a sly smiling expression.

An idiot would also have the benefit of an idiot!


If it was said that the brother and sister made her realize just how low and petty her identity was as of now, then the present her had already once again broken a new record towards this ‘low and petty’ identity of hers.

The first thing in the morning, two servant girls who were of the age of seventeen to eighteen years old had roughly kicked open her door. It could be said that there wasn’t even one bit of respect towards the person who was still sleeping on her bed as they had forcibly lifted her up. She simply did not look like the seventh young lady but rather she was equivalent to the most lowest servant within the Vermillion Bird clan.

“You truly have considered yourself as Miss High and Mighty for you are so old already and yet still need people to serve you in putting on your cloth and washing yourself.”The servant that had looked slightly conspicuous and mean had crudely pull down Shen Yanxiao’s unlined garment. Then, the servant had put on a set of cloth that was still considered to be neat on her body without any tenderness and gentleness with the strength of her hand. Also, on the face of the servant was even more disdain for this trash seventh mistress.

“If it was not because of the lord’s demand to meet her today, who would have nothing better to do and would come to serve her. I truly do not know what was the lord thinking of, for him to raise this idiot in this mansion. It was truly a humiliation to our Vermillion Bird clan.” The other one of the servant girl was pulling Shen Yanxiao’s hair as she casually comb it.

Rather than saying that they were serving Shen Yanxiao in changing her clothes and washing her up, it would be better to say that they were tormenting her.

“Who has said it is not as this is simply just wasting the foodstuffs. This time, she had even unexpectedly charged into such a huge misfortune. It is very likely that the lord will not easily let this idiot off.”

“For this kind of a humiliation, it  is the best to settle them early. You are unaware at all that all of the people outside are secretly using this idiot as a joke and there are not few mocking within our mansion.”

The two servant girls dissatisfied muttered incessantly without the slightest bit of intention in avoiding the topic.

From the elders up to the younger generations of the Vermillion Bird clan, apart from the clan head, Shen Feng who was still estimated to have regarded the blood relations on Shen Yanxiao’s body, the others simply had considered the existence of Shen Yanxiao as a burden. Not only that, they were wishing that it was only better for this humiliation of the Vermillion Bird clan to die earlier so that they could leave out the stain made by this trash which made their Vermillion Bird clan to cease having its sacred position..

Those words that were hard to accept was continuously transmitted into Shen Yanxiao’s ears. On the facial expression of the fourteen years old bastard, there wasn’t a slightest bit of billows as she opened up that pair of eyes which were still regarded as glittering while looking at the two servant girls who was not distinguishing between their own positions and made it seem like she did not completely understood the humiliation they were talking about.

After a burst of tormenting her, Shen Yanxiao had finally completely dressed up and the two servant girls then immediately grabbed onto her in advancing into the main house.

Along the way, Shen Yanxiao allowed the two of them to pull her cloth without any slightest intention to resist but under that pair of seemingly confused eyes, it had nevertheless flashed a ray of slyness.

In arriving at the front door of the main house, the two servant girls immediately threw this headache to the chamberlain on duty without even turning their head back.

There was no one who had even noticed that at the split second when the two servant girls had turned round and departed, the two embroidered pouch that were the size of the palm has shifted from their waist to the cuff of a certain little bastard.

Shen Yanxiao had quietly placed her first stroke of ‘income’ ever since she came to this world into her bosom. Keeping it silent, she followed after the chamberlain with a tauted face into the main room.

Just as she stepped into the main room, the door room behind her back was gradually shutted in an instant. The two panicked sounds, “My purse!!” screeched in accompanying the heavy door closing sound was sealed off at the outside of the main room.

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