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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 13 - Take This Violet Cloud Sword and Play
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Chapter 13: Take This Violet Cloud Sword and Play

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The reason why she was willing to lower her pride and come with Su Ya was to give Lin Qingzhu a chance. One must know that many people wanted to acknowledge her as their master, but she ignored them. And Lin Qingzhu actually dared to reject her?

Ming Yue was furious. But seeing that she was a junior, she didn’t bother arguing with her. In her heart, she was even more surprised. What kind of bewitching potion did Ye Qiu give her that could make her give up this rare opportunity?

Ming Yue’s expression was a little ugly. When Su Ya saw this, she panicked immediately. “Qingqing, what are you doing! I begged Master for a long time before she agreed to come with me. You’ve always been smart. How can you not understand this? If you don’t come back with us today, you’ll regret it one day.”

Lin Qingzhu looked at Su Ya calmly. In their hearts, her master had always been the Heaven Mending Sect’s laughingstock. Little did they know that this laughing stock was the master who treated her the best in this world. Which master could do what Ye Qiu did? Could they give her spirit pills and impart her cultivation? Could Ming Yue?

Although she knew this in her heart, Lin Qingzhu did not intend to explain. She only said coldly, “I will not regret it. Thank you for your kind intentions, Perfected One. Unfortunately, I am destined not to be your disciple.”

“Sigh, you…” Su Ya stomped her feet in frustration. However, she knew that once Lin Qingzhu decided on something, there was no way she could change it.

Just as she was about to persuade Ming Yue, the other party interrupted her. Waving her hand, she said, “Since you’re unwilling, I won’t force you.” She looked at the wooden houses in front of her and asked, “Where is your master?”

“Master isn’t awake yet!” Lin Qingzhu was in a dilemma.

At this moment… a large door gently opened. Ye Qiu held a sword and slowly walked out.

That sword was the Violet Cloud Sword.

“Master…” Upon seeing Ye Qiu, Lin Qingzhu immediately went up to greet him. Ye Qiu only lightly nodded his head.

Out of the corner of his eye, he was surprised to see Ming Yue standing in the distance. “Eh, why has this woman come to my Violet Cloud Peak?” Ye Qiu didn’t understand. He was still in a daze when Ming Yue walked over.

A meaningful smile appeared on her face as she said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, it’s been a few days since we last met. I really miss you…”

The corners of Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched. As the master of Violet Cloud Peak, he had worked with Ming Yue for many years, so he was very clear about this woman’s methods. She might look innocent on the surface. In reality, this woman had a black heart. When she schemed, even Qi Wuhui had to respect her.

“I was wondering why there was a magpie chirping by the window all morning. It turned out that there was a distinguished guest. Qingzhu, serve tea…” Ye Qiu calmly replied. His aura didn’t lose out. It remained the same.

“Yes, Master.” Lin Qingzhu responded and immediately went to prepare tea.

Ye Qiu was a bit confused about Ming Yue’s arrival. This woman did not seem to have any interactions with him, right?

After working together for ten years, they had only spoken a few times in total. Usually, when they met, they would simply nod their heads. It was just a courtesy between the masters. Why did she suddenly come to Violet Cloud Peak?

Ye Qiu felt a wave of evil in his heart as he glanced at her broad chest.

In other words, although this woman was a little black-hearted, she was still beautiful. She was elegant, mature, and had a voluptuous figure. She was not as inexperienced as Lin Qingzhu. Anyone would be attracted to her. She was the dream lover of many people within the Heaven Mending Sect.

Inside the training hall, after Ye Qiu sat down, he asked: “Senior sister, why are you free to come to my Violet Cloud Peak today?”

Ming Yue surveyed the surroundings of Violet Cloud Peak and shook her head secretly. The conditions were too crude. After all, he was the master of a peak. He did not even have a training hall to support him. However, after thinking about it, it made sense. With Violet Cloud Peak’s previous generations of peak masters’ weird persona, it was already not bad to have these small wooden huts.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye! The main reason I came this time is to bring my little disciple to visit and say hi. This disciple of mine is good friends with your disciple. I can let them catch up on old times.”

“Oh, I see…” Ye Qiu suddenly understood.

Very quickly, Lin Qingzhu brought the tea over and Su Ya felt extremely uncomfortable. Her good friend was at Violet Cloud Peak, but she actually did labor work. Couldn’t these jobs be done by the labor disciples?

“Master, Perfected One, have some tea…” Lin Qingzhu respectfully said after serving the tea. She didn’t show the slightest bit of disrespect. Ming Yue nodded as she watched.

At this moment, Ye Qiu suddenly picked up the Violet Cloud Sword and handed it to her, saying, “I originally wanted to teach you swordsmanship today, but it seems like today isn’t the right time. Since your good friend is here to play with you, your master will allow you to take a day off to catch up with your good friend. Take this sword and play with it. From today onwards, this sword is yours.

“This sword is called Violet Cloud. It is the sword wielded by Violet Cloud Peak’s previous masters. I hope you won’t bury the sword’s former fame.” Ye Qiu calmly said these words, and the crowd instantly fell silent.

“Violet Cloud Sword!” Ming Yue’s expression changed. She looked at Ye Qiu and then at Lin Qingzhu. She was shocked. She naturally knew about the Violet Cloud Sword. This was a treasured sword passed down from generation to generation on Violet Cloud Peak!

In the Violet Cloud Peak, it was considered a rare treasure. It was a top-grade treasure and only the peak master could wield a sword. Ye Qiu actually passed it on to his disciple just like that?

“Gasp… Is this guy crazy?” Ming Yue was stunned. Is this fellow doing this on purpose for me to see, or is he really willing to impart it to his disciple?

Su Ya was stunned as well. Didn’t they say that Violet Cloud Peak was impoverished? Whoever went to Violet Cloud Peak would be unlucky for the rest of their lives. Why did it seem different now?

Her heart was filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred. She did not even have an ordinary prized artifact, but Lin Qingzhu already had a top-grade prized artifact.

“M-Master, this…” Lin Qingzhu was also a bit stupefied at this time. She took the Violet Cloud Sword with trembling hands. She knew that her master never joked like this. Usually, if he said that he would give it to her, he would really give it to her. Compared to those elixirs and the ten years of cultivation, a mere Violet Cloud Sword was nothing.

“Thank you, Master, for bestowing this sword! I will definitely not bury this sword’s prestige. In the future, I will definitely use this sword to rebuild my Violet Cloud Peak’s prestige.” After thinking it through, Lin Qingzhu smoothly took the sword and performed a sword dance in her hand. Her movements were smooth and natural, and she was calm and composed.

Unknowingly, she had unknowingly exposed the spiritual energy in her body. At this moment, Ming Yue was completely shocked.

“Black Finger realm! This… How is this possible! She has only been in the sect for five days. How could her cultivation have broken through to the Black Finger realm?” Ming Yue was flabbergasted. It was only at this moment that she began to officially look at Lin Qingzhu.

As soon as she took a look, she discovered that there was a divine bone inside her body. She was even more shocked.

“Born with Mystical Ie Bones, this…” Ming Yue was completely dumbfounded. Her mouth was agape as she stood up from her seat. She was very confused. They had clearly checked that Lin Qingzhu did not have any divine bones in her body.

Why would a divine bone suddenly appear in her? Could it be that Ye Qiu had activated her hidden divine bones? Or could it be that Ye Qiu had borrowed some miraculous elixir to help her forge it?

Ming Yue’s heart was more inclined towards the former because Violet Cloud Peak had always been very poor. It was impossible for them to have this kind of immortal pill.

No, this guy was pretending to be weak.

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