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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 2 - Are You Willing to Take Me As Your Master?
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Chapter 2: Are You Willing to Take Me As Your Master?

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All the peak masters had already taken their seats. The eyes of the youths below were filled with anticipation as they looked at the various peak masters. As a citizen of the Great Desolate, cultivating was everyone’s lifelong dream. They looked forward to the day when they could truly enter the immortal sect.

“Perfected One, please help us…” In the quiet hall, a young man walked out from the crowd. He knelt on the ground and cried bitterly.

With him taking the lead, the others also walked out one after another, praying for Meng Tianzheng to give them justice. After all, they had just experienced a family-destroying disaster. Everyone’s heart was in pain.

As the young man cried in grief, he lost control of his emotions and unconsciously revealed a trace of charm. It was hidden between his eyebrows. If one wasn’t careful, one wouldn’t be able to see it.

When the masters saw this, their eyes lit up. It was as if they had discovered a piece of unpolished jade. They covet him.

“Sigh, my poor children, please get up first.” The good old man Meng Tianzheng released a sigh. He still couldn’t find any clues regarding the vicious beast riot at the foot of the mountain, even after searching for an entire day. The reason he called for the masters of the various peaks was to discuss the whereabouts of these orphans.

“I already know about your matters! Don’t worry, this matter happened at the foot of my Heaven Mending Sect’s mountain. We will definitely investigate to the end.” As he said that, he turned back to take a look at the various peak masters behind him and continued, “But don’t be anxious. It will still take some time to investigate this matter. You can stay on the mountain to cultivate. If there’s any news in the future, I will definitely inform you.”

In the crowd, Lin Qingzhu’s face was covered in tears and her heart was like dead ashes after hearing Meng Tianzheng’s beautiful words. As soon as she recalled the scene of her parents’ deaths, she felt indignant. She wanted to become stronger. She wanted revenge. However, she knew very well that not many people would really help her.

If she wanted revenge, she could only rely on herself. Right now, there was only one path in front of her. She would become one’s disciple and learn from him. When she was strong enough, she would take revenge.

“Junior Brothers, what do you think?” When he spoke up to this point, Meng Tianzheng looked towards the various peak masters behind him.

Anyone with a discerning eye would know that the next stage would be the selection of disciples by the various peak masters. Those with good talent would be picked ahead of time or even fought over. As for those with poor aptitude, the probability of them being chosen was practically zero, and they could only be reduced to labor disciples and start from the bottom.

Before they came, Liu Qingfeng had already introduced them. They knew very well and were looking forward to whether these peak masters would pick them.

“Haha, Senior Brother Sect Master, I won’t hold back since you’ve spoken.” Qi Wuhui was the first to walk out, and he immediately took a fancy to the youth who was the first to walk out.

After seeing Qi Wuhui heading straight for that youth, Yang Wudi, the master of the Sword Evaluation Peak, could no longer sit still. He dragged his fat body and walked out. Before Qi Wuhui could speak, he said, “Senior Brother Sect Master, I think this child is fated with me. Why not let him become my disciple?”

Everyone rolled their eyes when they heard that. He had already used this trick countless times, so who would still buy it?

“Junior Brother Yang, I wanted him first!” Qi Wuhui spoke with dissatisfaction.

“Does it belong to you if you wanted it first? What kind of logic is that?”


“What? Why don’t we go out and spar alone?”

“So be it. Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Qi Wuhui also had a fiery temper. In the entire sect, he wasn’t afraid of anyone other than the Sect Master and that Perfected Xuantian who had already died.

The two of them almost fought over a youngster. As for the other peak masters, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to beat them, so they could only choose the second best.

Although their aptitude was poor, they managed to choose something that they could barely use. Unknowingly, those who were not chosen stood helplessly in the hall.

Among them was Lin Qingzhu. She didn’t know what was so bad about her, why no one picked her. Unwilling to give up, she clenched her fists tightly. Reality slapped her hard across the face. Her fantasy of becoming stronger was shattered in the end. Now that no one had chosen her, she only had one path left. She would start from being a labor disciple. However, if no one chose her, it also meant that her aptitude was very poor. How could it be easy to start as a labor disciple?

Just as she was feeling despair, a white figure suddenly appeared before her. Like a ray of dawn in the darkness of despair, Lin Qingzhu was pleasantly surprised. When she raised her head, she saw that it was the young peak master who had been sitting in the corner.

“Are you willing to take me as your master?” Ye Qiu said calmly.

“I am willing. Disciple Lin Qingzhu greets Master…” At this moment, how could Lin Qingzhu dare to hesitate in the slightest? She immediately knelt down to pay her respects.

In this embarrassing situation, it was Ye Qiu who gave her the last bit of dignity. It also gave her one last hope. As long as she could become his disciple, she would have a chance to take revenge.

Even though the other party looked young and she had no idea how powerful he was, he was still a peak master at the very least. If she didn’t acknowledge the other party as her master now, when would she?

“Well, come with me.” Ye Qiu said lightly and left the main hall.

Lin Qingzhu hurriedly followed him. Before she left, she heard a sarcastic remark.

That was Qi Wuhui’s voice.

“Haha, a trashy master took in a trashy disciple. What a strong alliance. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. It’s a pity that the thousand-year legacy of Violet Cloud Peak will be lost to these two mediocre people.”

Hearing these words, Lin Qingzhu was very confused. Ye Qiu walked in front of her and could feel her inner thoughts.

After walking for a while, he suddenly stopped.

“Master?” Lin Qingzhu was stunned for a moment and shouted subconsciously.

Ye Qiu looked back at her and said, “You heard what they said just now. What do you think?”

Lin Qingzhu hesitated for a moment. At that moment, she was very confused and angry. Why did Qi Wuhui slander them? Even though she had just acknowledged him as her master, she had already accepted him in her heart. Regardless of how powerful that person might be, he was still her master, the master who had given her the last bit of dignity when she was in an extremely difficult situation. Others could say whatever they wanted, but she would not agree when they talked about her master.

“Master, I don’t know any great principles, but I know one thing. A teacher for a day, a father for life. When no one wanted to take me in as a disciple, it was Master who gave me hope. I will use my entire life to protect Master’s reputation. I will not embarrass Master, even if I am consigned to eternal damnation.

“Master, don’t worry! I will work hard. One day, I will prove to them that Master is not mediocre and I am not trash…” Lin Qingzhu clenched her fists and said coldly.

Ye Qiu felt very gratified after hearing this. That’s right, he didn’t take in this disciple for nothing. She would really do it if there was anything. Just now in the hall, he had been secretly observing and did not fight with those people for disciples. It was because he knew that he definitely wouldn’t be able to seize it, so he might as well choose among those who didn’t have a choice.

Usually, at this time, those who were not chosen would feel extremely disappointed, and he happened to choose her.

In her heart, any normal person would be very grateful. She was just short of giving herself to him.

“Very good! Let’s go…” Ye Qiu didn’t explain much. He casually summoned the Violet Cloud Sword and grabbed Lin Qingzhu’s hand before flying towards the Violet Cloud Peak.

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