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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 5 - : Qi Wuhui's Shock
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Chapter 5: Qi Wuhui’s Shock

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Over the past few days, Lin Qingzhu had gradually gotten used to the tranquility of Violet Cloud Peak. There was no one to talk to in this godforsaken place. The only thing she could do was cultivate. It was also because of this that her cultivation level had skyrocketed over the past few days. In less than three days, she had already broken through to the third level of Qi Mastery. It was almost as if she had leveled up every day.

This morning, at the beginning of dawn, the sun had yet to rise.

Lin Qingzhu’s white figure appeared on the cliff and began the three tasks that Ye Qiu had given her.

Enlightenment, Qi Mastery, Heart Questioning.

This cold and elegant woman seemed even more immortal after washing away her worldliness and truly stepping into cultivation. That devastatingly beautiful face exuded an ice-cold aura from her body. She was so cold that no one could get close to her, especially after the destruction of her family. Her gaze was lifeless and emotionless. She was like a fairy from the Nine Heavens who could only be seen from afar.

Arriving at the cliff, Lin Qingzhu turned her head to look in the direction of the back mountain and muttered, “I don’t know when Master will come out. I haven’t seen him for several days, and I suddenly miss him. Hmm, forget it! I haven’t done my homework today. I should finish it earlier.”

Lin Qingzhu looked at the back mountain, but there was still no movement. She sat cross-legged on a rock, looked down at the peak of the mountains, and entered a meditative state.

She slowly opened her eyes at noon. “Level four of Qi Mastery! I’ve almost broken through a realm every day in four days. At this rate, in less than three months, I’ll definitely break through to the Black Finger realm.” Lin Qingzhu was extremely confident, even though she knew very well that it would be more difficult for her cultivation to increase the further she progressed.

However, right now, her talent and aptitude already surpassed the genius disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect. Of course, she knew it very well that everything she had was given to her by Ye Qiu.

At this moment, a cloud flew over from the horizon and a sage-like figure appeared on the cliff.

Lin Qingzhu’s heart trembled when she saw the old man, and she hurriedly bowed and said, “Disciple Lin Qingzhu greets the Sect Master.”

The one who came was none other than Meng Tianzheng, as well as Qi Wuhui who came with him.

Meng Tianzheng looked like he was being weighed down with age. He waved his hand, saying, “There is no need for formalities.”

On the other hand, Qi Wuhui questioned, “Where is your master? Why is he not here to greet the Sect Master?”

Lin Qingzhu looked at him deeply. She had not forgotten the scene in the Jade Pure Hall a few days ago. She calmly replied, “Reporting to Martial Uncle Qi, my master has gone into seclusion.”

“Seclusion? Haha…” Upon hearing that Ye Qiu was in seclusion, Qi Wuhui immediately burst out laughing. This was the biggest joke he heard today. “Does he need to go into seclusion? With his potential, even if he goes into seclusion for ten years, he probably won’t be able to break through a small realm.”

It really wasn’t Qi Wuhui humiliating Ye Qiu. In the entire Heaven Mending Sect, who didn’t know that there was a trash master on Violet Cloud Peak? He only managed to reach level two of Black Finger realm even after cultivating for ten years. Ten years. Even a pig should have reached level nine by now, right?

Lin Qingzhu’s heart sank when she saw Qi Wuhui insulting her master. The divine bones in her body moved silently. Silently, she emitted a cold chill. That was her unintentional movement, she did not control it intentionally.

Meng Tianzheng was still preparing to berate Qi Wuhui, telling him not to go too far, when he suddenly felt this wave of cold energy. He turned around and looked at Lin Qingzhu in surprise.

“Natural Mystical Ice Bones!”

“What?” Qi Wuhui was shocked. He looked at Meng Tianzheng with a stupefied expression, and then looked at Lin Qingzhu.

There was a mark on her forehead. It was the mark of an innate divine bone.

“That’s impossible. When we were in the Great Hall, we all checked that she didn’t have any divine bones.” Qi Wuhui immediately denied as he didn’t believe that this was true. After all, he had clearly seen that among all the disciples present, the only one with a divine bone had already been accepted by him.

Lin Qingzhu’s qualifications could not even be considered low in that group of people. All the peak masters could not even be bothered to choose her. Only Ye Qiu, a general without an army, chose her. How could she have divine bones?

Qi Wuhui immediately couldn’t sit still anymore. He was just about to take action to investigate when Meng Tianzheng stopped him.

“It really is a divine bone! Moreover, it is extremely pure and has a chance of growing into an immortal bone. Haha… good! I never thought that my Heaven Mending Sect would have another genius. It truly is our sect’s great fortune.”

Unfortunately, why did she have to be a disciple of Violet Cloud Peak? Meng Tianzheng really couldn’t bear to see such a genius being raised by Ye Qiu, it was truly a waste.

As for Qi Wuhui, his current expression was even worse than eating feces. He really could not accept it. How could he, who had always been shrewd, make a mistake?

“Child, are you willing to follow me back to the Jade Pure Hall and become my disciple? Don’t worry, with your talent, if you become my disciple, I will give you the best resources and treatment. It is unimaginable how big your future accomplishments will be.”

Meng Tianzheng threw out an olive branch. Lin Qingzhu sneered in her heart when she heard this, but she did not dare to show it.

Back then, no one was willing to accept her. Only Ye Qiu was willing to accept her. Now, she had awakened her divine bones with the help of her master. They instantly changed their attitudes and shamelessly came to recruit her, trying to poach her from her master?

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Sect Master. I appreciate it. However, my master is alone at Violet Cloud Peak and cannot be without someone to take care of him. Therefore, I cannot agree.”

Lin Qingzhu immediately refused. Meng Tianzheng resentfully withdrew his hand. With his foresight, how could he not see through Lin Qingzhu’s hidden meaning? Ye Qiu wasn’t disabled. He had been on Violet Cloud Peak for ten years and nothing had happened to him. Why would he need Lin Qingzhu to take care of him?

“Alright, that’s fine! Since you two have a deep master-disciple relationship, this old man won’t force you. Oh, that’s right. Before your master went into seclusion, did he teach you any cultivation techniques? Cultivators usually go into seclusion for months or even half a year. You can’t hold up your cultivation and waste this divine bone.” Meng Tianzheng asked. If Ye Qiu didn’t teach her, he didn’t mind teaching her.

After all, she was still a disciple of the Heaven Mending Sect. He really couldn’t bear to see her crippled by Ye Qiu.

“Sect Master, Master has already taught me cultivation techniques.”

“Haha…” When he heard up to this point, Qi Wuhui sneered in disdain and said, “What immortal techniques can he teach? What a pity that this divine bone is going to be wasted by some mediocre person.”

Meng Tianzheng shot him a look, looking at Lin Qingzhu and saying, “Child, can you let me see your current cultivation situation?”

Lin Qingzhu did not resist and only nodded. She only reached out a hand, but when Meng Tianzheng felt her pulse, his expression suddenly changed.

Qi Wuhui was stunned for a moment and asked with doubt, “Senior Brother Sect Master, what’s wrong?”

“Level four of Qi Mastery!”

“How is this possible? In just four days, she jumped from a person without any cultivation to a cultivator of a level four Qi Mastery realm?”

Meng Tianzheng’s face was full of disbelief. Qi Wuhui’s face was even more so ashen. Previously, in the main hall, he had fought Yang Wudi until he was on the verge of death to snatch the disciple with the innate divine bone. It was only today that he felt a sense of vitality. This Lin Qingzhu that no one wanted had broken through to level four of Qi Mastery?

“Impossible, let me take a look…” Qi Wuhui didn’t believe that this was real at all. He immediately took a look and his face turned ashen.

“This… No, this isn’t real. I must be dreaming.” Qi Wuhui didn’t dare to believe it as he looked at Lin Qingzhu who was in front of him. His heart was filled with rage. He had been acting high and mighty every day for the past few days because he had managed to snatch the disciple with the natural divine bone. He had been extremely proud in front of the various peak masters.

But he really didn’t expect that after coming to Violet Cloud Peak today, he would actually be ruthlessly slapped in the face by Ye Qiu. The disciple of the one person who he had once looked down on was actually more powerful than his disciple.

This was the last thing he could accept.

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