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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 718 - 718 Demon Seed Curse
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718 Demon Seed Curse

“Yaya!” When Jiang Ming saw that the person who entered was not Jiang Ling’er, but Jiang Yaya, disappointment flashed across his eyes. He originally thought that it was his aunt who came back this time. He did not expect it to be Yaya.

The great sorrow after the great joy made the atmosphere very oppressive. Yaya could also feel that they were very disappointed, but there was nothing she could do. After all, in their hearts, she was just a little girl who had yet to grow up.

“Yaya, why are you back? I remember that I didn’t send anyone to the Heaven Mending Holy Land to send you news.” Jiang Ming asked curiously as he looked at Yaya, who was looking at the closed door with concern.

Yaya turned around and looked at him. Her eyes were red from crying. She had roughly guessed that her father, who doted on her the most, was already in danger. “Why? Why didn’t you tell me? If I hadn’t heard this news from someone else, would you have planned to hide it from me for the rest of your lives?”

Yaya lost control of her emotions and accused her brother, the current Crown Prince of Fire Nation.

“Yaya, you’ve misunderstood me. It’s just that this change came in a hurry. I was afraid that it would affect your cultivation on the mountain, so I didn’t plan to tell you so quickly. I wanted to tell you after all this storm passed.” The Second Prince, Jiang Yue, explained for Jiang Ming, but Yaya did not buy it at all.

Looking at the people arguing in front of them, Ye Qiu and Bai Junlin looked at each other in silence.

“Hmm?” As he waited silently, Bai Junlin’s nose twitched, as if he had smelled something strange. He hurriedly asked, “Big Brother, do you feel a very evil aura?”

“Evil aura?” Ye Qiu was stunned when he heard this. He hurriedly calmed down and carefully felt it. As expected, after immersing himself, he quickly captured this aura. The source was the closed door.

After sensing this aura, Ye Qiu’s expression instantly changed. “Demon seed curse! Good lord… He’s so ruthless.”

Ye Qiu understood the true reason why the Fire Sovereign was tortured to the point where he was better off dead. It turned out that he had been cursed by a demon seed and a demon root had been planted in his body. It kept craving his essence energy, causing him to slowly die in pain.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu’s heart turned cold. Who was this person to be so vicious?

Ye Qiu slowly opened his Heavenly Eye and silently examined everyone around him. He didn’t find anything unusual. However, he felt that there were a few faintly discernible auras in the hall. They must be some experts in the palace healing the Fire Sovereign.

Just as Ye Qiu was still puzzled, the closed door slowly opened. A white-haired old man walked out. He looked haggard as he shook his head and sighed. “Sigh…”

Seeing this scene, everyone present panicked. Jiang Ming hurriedly walked up and asked, “Mr. Qi, how are my father’s injuries? Have they improved?”

When Mr. Qi heard this, he looked at everyone with a haggard expression and shook his head. “I… did my best. The injuries that the Fire Sovereign suffered are extremely strange. Even with my cultivation, I’m helpless. You… should find another expert.”

Mr. Qi’s real name was Qi Daolin. He was a recluse in the Valley of the Medicine Masters in the north of the Fire Domain. His cultivation level was not high, only at the Perfected Immortal realm, but his medical skills were extremely brilliant, and he was known for his miraculous recovery.

All these years, famous clans within a hundred miles respected him extremely. He could be considered a respected sage. However, after several days of bitter treatment, it was still fruitless and he could only give up helplessly.

The injuries that the Fire Sovereign had suffered had already exceeded his expectations. Even if Qi Daolin wanted to save him, he was helpless.

When everyone heard Mr. Qi’s words, their mood instantly fell to rock bottom.

“Even Mr. Qi can’t cure Father’s illness?” At this moment, Jiang Ming was in a daze. His eyes were dim and grief and indignation surged into his heart. He found it difficult to accept this reality. “Even Mr. Qi can’t treat Father’s illness. Who in the world can treat him? Could it be that my Fire Nation is destined to decline here?”

Everyone’s mood was low and they fell into a dead silence. Right now, the wind and clouds outside the palace were changing, and undercurrents were surging. The inside of the palace was also overturned, and there were huge changes.

If the Fire Sovereign died, the following scene would definitely cause a mutiny and an imbalance in power. If the Crown Prince was unable to control the situation, then, the factions under the Fire Nation would take advantage of the chaos to start seizing power.

Mr. Qi couldn’t bear to see everyone in low spirits. How could he not understand the situation that the Fire Nation was currently in? Shaking his head, Mr. Qi said, “If there’s anyone in this world who can save your father, then there might only be that person left.”

“Who is it!” Hearing this, Yaya seemed to have woken up from a dream, as if she had seen hope.

Mr. Qi’s eyes were empty as he said, “In this world, only that person from the Heaven Mending Pavilion, Senior Meng.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Yaya’s heart trembled. Everyone present trembled and fell into a daze. “Senior Meng?”

Yes, they all knew Meng Tianzheng. Almost everyone in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands knew Meng Tianzheng’s reputation. However, a respected senior expert like Meng Tianzheng had long secluded himself from the mortal world for many years.

How could he specially go down the mountain for a small Fire Nation? This was almost unrealistic. The Fire Nation did not have that much reputation.

Seeing their disappointed expressions, Mr. Qi comforted them, “You don’t have to worry. I once heard that Senior Meng has a beloved disciple who has extraordinary ability to save all living beings from trouble. Perhaps, if you can invite him, your father can still be saved.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone’s hopes were instantly ignited.

“What! Senior Meng’s beloved disciple? Who is it?”

At this moment, everyone was stunned. Why hadn’t they heard that Meng Tianzheng had a disciple? They weren’t the only ones who were stunned. Even Yaya was stunned. She was a disciple of the Heaven Mending Pavilion. Even she had never heard of this.

Compared to their confusion, Ye Qiu was stunned. When Bai Junlin heard this, he revealed a proud expression. “Hehe, I knew it. If I follow Big Brother, it’ll be useful no matter where I go.” Bai Junlin chuckled. He had roughly guessed who the person Mr. Qi was talking about was. Who else could it be? Wasn’t it the Heaven Mending Deity beside him?

As expected, seeing that everyone was so confused, Mr. Qi continued, “I once heard that a few years ago, there was an intense battle in the Crimson Dragon Mountain Range. In that huge battle, hundreds of geniuses from the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands surrounded the demon, Qi Wuhui. However, all of them were buried under the demon’s sword and died young.

“Later on, a person passed by and couldn’t bear to see the sorrow of the world. He used the miraculous method of reviving the dead to save thousands of lonely souls and all living beings.”

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