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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 720 - 720 Move Aside, I'm Going to Brag
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720 Move Aside, I’m Going to Brag

Although he thought so, Ye Qiu was still very calm. How could he say what was on his mind? He had to pay attention to his image. This was a good virtue of showing off.

As soon as Yaya said this, the entire Grand Peace Hall fell silent.

“Yaya, are you joking with us? Is this expert from the Heaven Mending Pavilion really in our palace?” Jiang Ming’s expression changed. They actually didn’t know that such a legendary figure was in his Fire Nation’s palace.

Not only him, but even Mr. Qi’s heart trembled. He had long wanted to see this legendary expert.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Yaya felt a little embarrassed and smiled awkwardly. She turned around and looked at her master for help. “Master… look…” She stammered, not knowing what to say. She felt a little awkward.

Seeing her like this, Ye Qiu shook his head and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This little girl could be so shy. At this time, she should loudly tell them how awesome their master was. Sigh, her performance has disappointed him.

“Ahem,” Just as Ye Qiu was about to expose his identity, Bai Junlin couldn’t sit still anymore. His expression seemed to be saying: Move aside, I’m going to brag.

It was said that opportunities were reserved for prepared people. Coincidentally, he was already prepared and seized the opportunity. He walked out proudly and looked down at everyone in front of everyone’s terrified gazes.

“Descendant of Bai Ze!”

At this moment, everyone realized that Bai Junlin had been silently standing behind and were… shocked. No one expected the descendant of the Immortal Ancient’s great ferocious beast in this small palace.

“Big Brother, when did he come?”

“Heavens, isn’t this descendant of the Bai Ze who has been in the limelight recently?”

Everyone was shocked, and the faces of Jiang Yue and the others turned pale. However, Bai Junlin did not take their performance to heart at all. Because he deeply understood that his reputation was nothing compared to his brother.

The true beauty was yet to come.

“Hehe… I finally got the chance to show off today.” Bai Junlin seemed especially excited as he thought to himself. He said in an extremely arrogant tone, “You little dregs, my brother has been here for so long, but no one welcomes him. There’s not even a cup of tea. Is this how the Fire Nation treats guests? How dare you!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the might of a Heavenly Venerate instantly erupted. The entire palace trembled. A shocking might instantly crushed down, and everyone’s expressions instantly changed.

Swish, swish…

The moment Bai Junlin’s aura was exposed, dozens of figures surged out of the hall and quickly shuttled through the palace. “Who dares to break the rules in the palace!” In the next second, a white-haired old man appeared in front of the Grand Peace Hall.

“Third Granduncle!” Seeing the old man arrive, Jiang Ming and the others hurriedly went forward to greet him.

This person was none other than one of the few Heavenly Venerate experts in the Fire Nation, the Third Granduncle that Jiang Ming and the others respected, Jiang Tao. Jiang Tao was highly respected in the Fire Nation. Other than the Fire Sovereign, he could be said to be the person with the highest status and power. All these years, he had been supporting the Fire Sovereign to govern the country. It could be said that he had worked hard.

All the juniors present respected him.

The moment Jiang Tao appeared, Ye Qiu frowned and fell into deep thought. “Hmm, looks like he’s one of the Heavenly Venerate experts hidden in the hall just now.”

After Jiang Tao appeared, Bai Junlin looked at him disdainfully. “Heavenly Venerate expert? Hmm… you’re quite capable of talking to me.”

Jiang Tao’s expression turned a little ugly. No matter what, he was still an old Heavenly Venerate who had been in a high position for a long time. He was actually looked down on by Bai Junlin. No one could withstand such humiliation.

However, Jiang Tao endured it considering the situation that the Fire Nation was facing. He knew very well that the descendant of the Bai Ze in front of him was very strong and had a huge background. If he angered him, he might really overturn the entire palace.

Thinking of this, Jiang Tao suppressed the anger in his heart and asked with doubt, “Young Master Bai suddenly visited the Fire Nation today. I apologize for not welcoming you early.” Jiang Tao first apologized and asked curiously, “May I know why Young Master Bai is visiting today? If any of the juniors in my clan are insensible and anger Young Master Bai, I will apologize to you here.”

Jiang Tao couldn’t guess Bai Ze’s intentions for a moment and was puzzled. From what he knew, their Heavenly Fire Clan seemed to have nothing to do with the Bai Ze Clan, right? How could he have nothing to do and come to the Fire Nation’s palace?

Jiang Tao was a cautious person and did not want to offend Bai Junlin. After all, this guy was famous for being violent. Angering him would only make the situation in the Fire Nation even more cruel.

Seeing that Jiang Tao was so polite, Bai Junlin chuckled. He felt extremely comfortable and found this old man much more pleasing to the eye.

If it was in the past, he wouldn’t even want to look at the other party. However, no matter what, he still had to give him face today. After all, this was Ye Qiu’s precious disciple’s family. If he caused trouble, wouldn’t he be disrespecting Ye Qiu?

He didn’t dare.

“Hehe, no. None of you provoked me. Today, I’m just accompanying Big Brother to the Fire Nation’s palace to take a look at the Fire Sovereign’s injuries.”

Jiang Tao’s expression instantly changed.

“Big Brother?”

“What! This guy actually has a big brother?”

The expressions of everyone present changed. Everyone knew that Bai Junlin was famous for being arrogant and looking down on the world. It was already an extremely high honor to be regarded as his opponent. However, no one expected that there would be someone who could subdue him and take him in as his underling.

What kind of ruthless person was this? Even such an Immortal Ancient’s ferocious descendant was willing to become his loyal follower?

For a moment, everyone was shocked. Jiang Tao even looked over in disbelief. “May I ask who your brother is?” With a trembling tone, Jiang Tao really wanted to know what kind of ruthless person could subdue this proud Bai Ze.

Seeing that everyone was looking over, Bai Junlin raised his head and puffed out his chest. He turned around proudly and pointed at Ye Qiu. He said proudly, “This is my big brother, the Heaven Mending Deity, Ye Qiu!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the scene seemed to have exploded.

Jiang Ming exclaimed, “What! He’s Ye Qiu! This… How is this possible? He’s really in my Fire Nation’s palace.”

The entire venue erupted. No one dared to believe that this famous legendary figure who had created countless legends was really in their palace. The scene was silent. At this moment, Jiang Yue seemed to have thought of something and suddenly woke up. “Yaya, is this your master?”

Yes, he remembered that Yaya seemed to have called him Master just now.

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