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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 721 - 721 It's All Fleeting Clouds
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721 It’s All Fleeting Clouds

As soon as these words were spoken, Jiang Ming and the others looked over in fear. They could not believe that their sister was actually the beloved disciple of the legendary Heaven Mending Deity.

What was going on? Didn’t they say that her aptitude was average and that it was already very difficult for her to pass the entrance test of the Heaven Mending Pavilion? Why did she acknowledge Ye Qiu as her master?

Jiang Ming was completely stunned, and the elders who sent Yaya up the mountain were even more dumbfounded. Perhaps in their hearts, it was already very difficult for Yaya to barely enter the Heaven Mending Holy Land. They did not dare to think about what she could do inside.

However, no one expected her performance to exceed everyone’s expectations. Not only did she successfully acknowledge a talented master, but he was also the most orthodox one.

“Oh my god, amazing, amazing!”

“This is Senior Meng’s proudest disciple. He has the orthodox instructions. His future is limitless.”

For a moment, everyone present discussed. Seeing this scene, Yaya couldn’t help but feel a trace of pride. This was the first time she was proud of her sect. She was very happy and secretly delighted. She didn’t expect her master to have such a huge influence on the outside world. Just the title of Ye Qiu’s disciple was enough for her to obtain the admiration of many people.

Yaya replied proudly, “Second Brother, this is Yaya’s master.”

Everyone’s expressions changed after hearing Yaya’s answer. Jiang Ming seemed to have seen hope. He instantly half-knelt and gave the highest respect. He said, “Heavenly Fire Clan’s eldest son, Jiang Ming! Greetings, Senior.”

As soon as he bowed, the brothers beside him hurriedly reacted. According to traditional etiquette, they were all Ye Qiu’s juniors. This was because Ye Qiu was Yaya’s master. In name, one master was half a father. They were Yaya’s brothers, so they were equivalent to Ye Qiu’s nephews.

Of course, this was only a traditional saying. Some people obeyed, while others did not. It all depended on whether the other party was powerful, and Ye Qiu happened to match this point.

Seeing this, Ye Qiu couldn’t continue to stay low. Bai Junlin had already bragged, so he had nothing to brag about.

“Get up!” Ye Qiu smiled calmly and gently raised his hand. A peaceful power instantly lifted everyone up. He was not that particular. He had never taken these secular etiquettes seriously.

“You’re the Heaven Mending Deity, Ye Qiu, Divine Doctor Ye?” Just as Ye Qiu was about to say a few polite words to Jiang Ming and the others, Mr. Qi walked up excitedly. His eyes were incomparably excited, as if he was a studious person who had seen his idol. “Heavens, I didn’t expect you to have such outstanding medical skills at such a young age. I’ve finally seen a living person.”

Mr. Qi was so excited that he almost knelt down to acknowledge him as his master.

Ye Qiu hurriedly supported him and said humbly, “Old mister, there’s no need to be humble. Those rumors are just fleeting clouds. How could I dare to call myself a divine doctor? I still have to ask you for guidance in this aspect.”

Hearing Ye Qiu’s humble words, Mr. Qi became even more certain that Ye Qiu was an out-and-out expert. “Humble! Too humble! In the past, the divine doctor miraculously saved hundreds of living beings. It could be said to be earth-shattering and shocking history. To this day, your legend is still circulating in the world. I have no regrets in my life after seeing you today.” Mr. Qi said with incomparable respect. He had admired experts all his life, especially experts in his field. And Ye Qiu happened to be an outstanding person in this aspect.

Ye Qiu felt a little embarrassed when he saw how much he admired him. To be honest, did he know medicine? It didn’t seem like it. He was easily saved with just a little precious medicine.

“Haha… Old Mister, you flatter me. What right do I have to call myself an expert? It’s all fleeting clouds.”

Ye Qiu felt extremely good, but he remained calm on the surface. Ah… Why did he suddenly feel refreshed? It was as if he was about to ascend to the heavens. Ye Qiu suddenly felt that this familiar feeling had become unfamiliar.

Jiang Ming and the others were even more convinced that this person was the only person who could save their father.

Jiang Ming gestured to Yaya and immediately said, “Senior, my father is seriously injured and can’t get up. My Fire Nation is currently facing the calamity of destruction. I’m slow-witted and don’t know what to do. Senior, please guide us. I can’t thank you enough.”

As soon as he knelt, the others immediately knelt down too. Seeing this scene, Yaya, who was concerned about her father’s comfort, joined in the pleading and said, “Master, save my father.”

Ye Qiu shook his head when he saw her teary eyes pleading sincerely.

“Get up!” Ye Qiu had never refused his precious disciple’s request. To be honest, even if she didn’t beg him, Ye Qiu would still save him. Gently helping Yaya up, Ye Qiu said, “Silly girl, since I’m here, how can I stand by and do nothing?”

Ye Qiu gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and comforted her with a smile. Hearing this, Yaya’s heart warmed. She was touched. She had always known in her heart that her master had always doted on her. How could she sit back and do nothing? Ever since she entered the sect, her master had tried his best to get her whatever she wanted. It could be said to be meticulous.

Yaya had always remembered these things and did not dare to forget them. Perhaps in her heart, Ye Qiu had already become the most important person in her life. Other than her father, he was her most respected elder.

“Thank you, Master.” Hearing that her master was willing to help, Yaya was finally relieved. She obediently thanked him and stood beside her master in satisfaction.

“Alright! Get up, all of you. I can’t guarantee if I can save him. We’ll talk about it after I see the injured.”

Hearing this, Jiang Ming and the others hurriedly reacted and instantly stood up. “Senior, my father is in the Grand Peace Hall.” After saying that, he immediately instructed someone to open the door of the hall and invite Ye Qiu in.

Seeing this, Ye Qiu didn’t refuse and accepted it.

“Big Brother, I’ll go in with you.” Considering that they still had to investigate the demon seed, Bai Junlin suggested. Coincidentally, he also wanted to observe the Fire Emperor’s situation. If he could obtain some information, he could analyze it with Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu nodded and didn’t refuse. The two of them then entered the Grand Peace Hall. After they entered, the door closed again. This time, Ye Qiu didn’t let Yaya enter with him. Instead, he told her to wait outside.

After entering the Grand Peace Hall, Ye Qiu looked around and discovered a few mysterious auras hidden around him. It was obvious that they were the experts from the palace protecting the Fire Sovereign.

Ye Qiu ignored them because their existence didn’t affect his treatment.

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