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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 722 - 722 Fish Hidden Under Deep Water
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722 Fish Hidden Under Deep Water

After entering the hall, Ye Qiu could clearly feel a cold aura surging over. The entire hall seemed especially cold. This was the effect of the demonic energy, so much so that people in the hall felt a chill run down their spines.

“Interesting! Looks like the demon seed is coming aggressively this time. Such intense demonic energy, his level must be of a high level. Looks like this land that has been silent for many years is going to become lively this time.” Ye Qiu smiled faintly and felt the cold demonic energy in the hall. He fell into a conjecture.

“Big Brother, this is the Fire Sovereign.” Bai Junlin walked to the front and pointed at a middle-aged man lying peacefully on a flat bed in the depths of the hall.

This person was the current Emperor of the Heavenly Fire Empire, Jiang Buwang. This was a master of great talent and strategy. He ascended at a young age and worked hard to rule. He expanded his territory and raised the Fire Nation to a height that did not belong to it. This empire would rise because of him and begin to decline because of his death.

Ye Qiu had already seen Crown Prince Jiang Ming just now. He only had one sentence for his evaluation: He was cautious but lacked boldness. He might not be bad as a monarch for the safety period.

Ye Qiu slowly walked in front of Jiang Buwang. He looked at his closed eyes and pale face, as if he was enduring an extremely painful torture. He was very haggard. He could feel how much torture he had endured during this period of time.

Ye Qiu walked up to him and was about to reach out to grab his pulse to check his body. Suddenly, Jiang Buwang’s eyes opened, and a shocking demonic aura was instantly released.


This sudden change shocked Bai Junlin. “Big Brother, be careful!”

However, before he could attack, Ye Qiu already noticed it. He only waved his right hand gently and instantly dispersed this demonic energy. A ball of red flames filled the air, burning this demonic energy completely.

“Red Lotus Karmic Flame!” Seeing this scene, Bai Junlin was shocked and did not continue speaking. He knew very well how terrifying his brother was, so his worries were unnecessary. If even his brother could not suppress this demonic energy, then it was even more impossible for him. Thinking of this, Bai Junlin finally felt relieved.

“What a strong demonic energy! Someone seems to have planted some curse in his body and it has already taken root in his body.” Bai Junlin frowned and slowly analyzed.

Ye Qiu had already seen through it. He calmly injected a gentle force into the Fire Sovereign’s body to ease his pain. Then, he said, “Strange, who is so vicious to plant a curse in his body? Does he want him to become a demonic puppet?”

Ye Qiu was very confused. Judging from the current situation, the Fire Sovereign was in a high position and had a million miles of territory. The value of the people’s support was indeed very high. If someone with ulterior motives could control him, they could indeed create more benefits.

However, Ye Qiu didn’t understand who had such methods to unknowingly plant a curse. No one in the entire Fire Nation’s royal family discovered it.

Through his observation just now, Ye Qiu already understood some of the profundities of this curse. This curse was not planted when the Fire Sovereign was injured. It was born not long ago. Therefore, it should have been planted by someone after the Fire Sovereign was brought back to the palace.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu immediately revealed a smile. “Haha, interesting! Can we find a fish hidden in deep water so fast? Then let me see where this fish came from.”

Ye Qiu smiled knowingly. From the beginning, he had already imagined that this demon seed attack wasn’t a coincidence. Someone had done it on purpose. There might be many powerful factions involved, but if they didn’t show themselves, Ye Qiu wouldn’t be able to find them.

However, it was different now. With the current conditions, Ye Qiu could roughly confirm a big fish first.

“Big Brother, you’re going to…?” Seeing Ye Qiu’s faint smile, Bai Junlin pondered and revealed a knowing smile.

“Follow the clues! We can always find some clues. If you want others to not know, you have to do nothing. At least from the looks of it, we already have a breakthrough, and this breakthrough is the Fire Sovereign in front of us.” Ye Qiu smiled and said, “Alright! We’ll discuss this later. Let’s help His Majesty remove the curse in his body first.”

Ye Qiu slowly walked in front of the Fire Sovereign. Bai Junlin didn’t disturb him and silently stood behind him to protect him. After carefully observing the changes in the curse, he already knew what was going on.

All in all, this curse was extremely difficult to deal with. It had already taken root in the various acupoints and meridians of the Fire Sovereign’s limbs and bones. Even his Ring of Life had been corroded.

More than half of his essence energy had been sucked away, and he looked incomparably old, like an old man on the verge of death. This way, even if Ye Qiu removed the curse in his body, he wouldn’t have many years to live.

“Hmm… This seems to be more like a sacrificial technique. I’ve been lucky enough to see it before. It’s indeed difficult to deal with.” Ye Qiu muttered as he pondered.

It was clearly impossible to successfully treat it with secular methods unless he could use something more strange.

Tianmeng had also used this sacrificial method back then, but it was even crazier than this. Back then, Tianmeng wanted to sacrifice the entire world to do a shocking calamity to let herself become an immortal.

Unfortunately, she encountered the sages of the older generation of the Heaven Mending Sect who fought to the death and did not retreat. They used the price of blood to stop her shocking massacre.

“Big Brother, how should we treat him?” Bai Junlin looked at the silent Ye Qiu and asked curiously.

Ye Qiu didn’t answer. He only turned around and looked at the countless eyes hidden in the dark. After a while, he raised his hand. A ball of fog instantly drowned the entire hall, and everyone’s vision became blurry.

Ye Qiu slowly said, “Protect me. Leave the rest to me.”

Bai Junlin nodded and stood behind Ye Qiu with a dignified expression, staring at the dark corners of the hall.

Ye Qiu took out a strange drop of water from his storage jade. The moment he saw the water drop, Bai Junlin’s expression trembled, and he was especially shocked.

“Life Liquid!” Bai Junlin was incomparably shocked. He did not expect the big brother he respected the most to be so generous. He was even willing to take out such a treasure for the father of his disciple.

At this moment, he became even more determined to follow Ye Qiu. His future was limitless if he followed such a big brother. Just the importance of this drop of Life Liquid alone was not something that could be repaid with a simple favor.

However, how could Bai Junlin know that this Life Liquid was not ranked well among Ye Qiu’s many treasures? If Ye Qiu was willing, he had a better way to instantly cure the Fire Sovereign. Moreover, he could instantly increase his strength and revive him.

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