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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: Did You Two Break Up?

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As she looked at the self-righteous Yang Xuan, who was behaving brazenly, Xia Xibei didn’t get angry.

After all, she had known his character far too well, and she came prepared.

However, her reaction seemed guilty in the eyes of Yang Xuan, which only fueled his audacity.

“Fantastic! You really cheated on me! Say it! Who is that man?! I was wondering why you look different today, it turned out that you’re hooking up with another man!”

He looked Xia Xibei up and down with a measuring glance, and his rage intensified.

No man would love being cheated on, let alone Yang Xuan, who was having other schemes up his sleeve.

“If I’d known you were this promiscuous, I would have slept with you already. Why bother acting all demure and innocent in front of me… Ahh!”

Before he could finish his vulgar and foul remarks, he was cut off by a sweep of Xia Xibei’s leg.

He clutched his belly and staggered a few steps back. There was a surge of turbulence in his stomach, and he was gasping for breath.

It wasn’t over after she had launched the kick. Xia Xibei moved forward again and grasped him, and then she hurled him over her shoulder!

With a bang, dirt and dust were sent flying from the ground.


Yang Xuan screamed with greater horror this time. He felt the sky and the earth spinning before his eyes even before his back hit the ground, which almost broke his bones.

Xia Xibei’s foot landed on his chest as she stared down at him from above. “My apologies, but I’m way too busy to waste my time on you. As for our so-called relationship, we both know what’s really going on. If you refuse to pay me back, that’s alright.”

She flashed him a bright smile. “Let us wait and see what’s gonna happen.”

Right as she finished speaking, the bell began ringing.

Xia Xibei snapped her fingers. “Aiya, the class is starting! I have to go.”

Then she took off, just like that.

Lying on the ground after many failed attempts of getting up, Yang Xuan was full of terror and bafflement. Was that really Xia Xibei? How could she be totally different from before!

In fact, Yang Xuan wasn’t really concerned about her threat.

He was infuriated by Xia Xibei’s attitude toward him!

It seemed that she really had won someone else’s favor, otherwise she wouldn’t treat him so ruthlessly.

Da*n it, he wouldn’t simply drop the matter!

Xia Xibei couldn’t care less about Yang Xuan’s thoughts, so she returned to the class very soon.

There were a few more minutes before the class began, and the teacher was yet to arrive.

A girl scurried to her side when she saw her returning.

“Xibei, why did Yang Xuan look for you? Was he planning to make your relationship public?”

The girl had a tinge of hatred in her eyes when she spoke those words, but she was smiling, looking all lovely and innocent.

She was good-looking, but compared to Xia Xibei, she looked way too bland and boring.

As they stood next to each other, the difference was as if between a young lady and her servant.

Jin Yazhen knew the fact well; that was why she had so much resentment.

“What relationship?” The other girls immediately gathered around them upon hearing the conversation. These nosy girls.

“You and Yang Xuan are in a relationship?”

“I knew it! You guys looked really weird. Sure enough, there’s something fishy going on!”

Some were bitter and jealous. “It’s hard to say at the moment! How would Yang Xuan even fall for Xia Xibei?”

Yang Xuan was indeed obnoxious, but he was fairly good-looking and popular in school, winning the favor of many girls.

If Xia Xibei hadn’t revealed her attractive side today, those people would have made even more insulting remarks!

Putting all that aside, hardly anyone could rival Xia Xibei in looks—not even the face of the school from the neighboring class, Xia Qinghan.


“I didn’t know that though, when were we ever in a relationship?” Xia Xibei flashed a sarcastic smile at Jin Yazhen.

“But earlier on, you said that you and him got together!” Jin Yazhen’s voice was loud, which captured the attention of more people. “Did you two break up?”


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