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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 1487 - 1487 Unexpected
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1487 Unexpected

Yang Mo did not know that Xia Xibei was, at this very moment, less than 500 meters from her.

Xia Xibei attached her spiritual power to this spider. However, she could not be far from where it was.

She could only maintain a maximum distance of 2000 meters.

So, when Yang Mo left earlier, she followed her out.

She stopped outside the lab building, and through the eyes of this spider, she could clearly see what the lab looked like.

Yang Mo put the spider on the table and left it alone.

After all, it was her own contracted spirit animal, so if it wasn’t an accident like the previous one, there was no need to worry about it.

Moreover, usually, she would let this spider walk around and have enough activity.

This time was no exception, even if it had bitten her.

However, this kind of thing would not happen a second time.

So, she was busy with her experiments. She did not know that the spider was circling back and forth in the lab and soon took in everything going on in there.

Xia Xibei learned that there was an enclosed space that even the spider could not enter.

This made her curious.

What was Yang Mo doing in there?

However, what she saw now was enough.

Soon, she drew back the spiritual power attached to the spider.

When Yang Mo felt something at the moment the spirit power left, she looked back, but only saw her spider back again.

She frowned in confusion and walked over to look at it, but didn’t think much of it.

She wouldn’t have thought that Xia Xibei had returned to the place, her spiritual power had increased greatly, and she was able to attach her spiritual power to the spider.

Back then, Xia Xibei was also able to contract with spiritual beasts, but not so powerful.

So, she wouldn’t even think about it that way.

She continued to work on the experiment she had at hand.

She had an assistant, but there were some experiments that she could not let others know about.

So, now she was the only one in the room.

After making sure the spider was okay, she returned to her work.

She did not know that Xia Xibei had already seen the place’s contents.

Even less did she know that Xia Xibei had cracked what she was now studying as well.

Xia Xibei pulled her spiritual power away with a thoughtful expression.

From what she had just seen, it seemed that Yang Mo was planning something big.

Yang Mo’s current research was an anti-cancer drug.

Even the Nobel Prize was barely sufficient if this drug worked.

Moreover, Yang Mo used the same method from the last world.

This was ironic to Xia Xibei, because all these skills were learned from her.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but sneer.

Since Yang Mo had learned them from her, she would take them all back!

Xia Xibei returned to her place, told Qiao Yanjue what had happened, and asked him to help her get a lab.

“A lab?” Qiao Yanjue was surprised. “What are you going to do?”

I’m going to make her work for nothing!” Xia Xibei laughed, the chill in her eyes deep.

Qiao Yanjue suddenly understood, “Okay, I will help you prepare.”

“Okay. When I finish my exams, I can start.”

Next, Xia Xibei continued filming on the set.

On the third day, they had to shoot action shots.

Xia Xibei had to face a speeding motorcycle and roll over it, but while filming this shot, an accident happened!

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