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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 1490 - 1490 Hater
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1490 Hater

When he looked up at Xia Xibei, his eyes were horrified.

What kind of demon was this? Why was he in such pain?!

“Well, can you answer my question now?”

Opposed to his horror, Xia Xibei smiled very affectionately, as if the two were the friendliest of friends.

The cold sweat on the man’s back came out again.

This was the devil! A demon!

“Hello, can you answer now?”

Xia Xibei waved her hand playfully.

The man could not help but shrink, “I… I…”

After a while, when Xia Xibei began to feel impatient, he finally spoke up.

However, his answer surprised several people.

He said that he was Xia Xibei’s hater!

A hater?

Have haters now evolved to attacking celebrities?

When he finished answering Xia Xibei’s question, his face changed, and he curled up again.

The director and producer were shocked.


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