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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 15
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Chapter 15: The Loaner

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Xia Xibei’s sudden change of mood startled Jin Yazhen.

However, Xia Xibei spoke before she could even utter a word.

“If it weren’t for you, why would I have lent so much money to Yang Xuan? Your words were promising back then, but now you’re going back on your word, saying that you haven’t borrowed any money from me? What about the 20,000 yuan I lent you then, was it fake or something?”


Xia Xibei’s allegation made their on-looking classmates draw in sharp breaths. “Twenty thousand yuan?!”

Although many of them came from well-off families and were given quite a lot of pocket money, 20,000 yuan was still a big sum to them!

They did not expect Jin Yazhen to have lent so much money for Yang Xuan, and right now, she even denied having done that. That was so shameless of her!

“You know my family’s living conditions. My parents had left me on my own device, and all I have is a few hundred yuan every month, I have to go out there and work in order to feed myself. All I receive in return for a month of hard work is 1,500 yuan. I won’t even spend it on my meals, yet I bought meat for you guys… These 20,000 yuan was my hard-earned money, I was saving them for college!”


There were tears gleaming in Xia Xibei’s eyes.


The rest of the crowd were instantly infuriated by the injustice.

“Jin Yazhen, you shouldn’t have done that! It is absolutely indisputable to return the money you borrowed! You can’t be that unreasonable as a person!”

“I agree! Xia Xibei worked so hard to earn a living, do you think she was doing that to feed the two of you instead?”

Although they didn’t like Xia Xibei, they weren’t fond of Jin Yazhen either. It was Jin Yazhen’s fault that she was always flirting with boys.

Besides, the matter ignited sparks of justice within them.

They knew Xia Xibei’s life hadn’t been easy back then, but they didn’t know it was that difficult!

And in the midst of her difficulty, someone refused to return the money they owed her. How obnoxious!

Being chastened by everyone, Jin Yazhen got anxious. Hurriedly, she argued, “What nonsense are you talking about, Xibei! Yang Xuan was your boyfriend. Even if he borrowed money from you, it was only because you were willing to lend it!”

Jin Yazhen really was wronged. She had never agreed to be a guarantor to Yang Xuan.

At most, all she had ever done was make a few positive remarks about Yang Xuan in front of Xia Xibei; there was no way she would become his guarantor.

Even though she knew that Yang Xuan had borrowed quite a lot of money from Xia Xibei, she didn’t know that he had borrowed this much! Didn’t he tell her it was only a few thousand dollars?


“What boyfriend!” Xia Xibei’s voice turned very cold. “Jin Yazhen, I’m finally seeing right through you today!”

She kept a straight face. “Did anyone ever see us holding hands? Who here has seen me with Yang Xuan before?”

Everyone shook their heads at that.

They had never seen Xia Xibei with Yang Xuan, indeed.

“I’ve seen Yang Xuan and Jin Yazhen shopping together though; they seemed intimate,” someone said.

Jin Yazhen grew even more flustered.

“There’s nothing between Yang Xuan and I! At most, we share the relationship of a loaner and a debtor!” Xia Xibei’s voice was loud and clear, “That’s why I’m being suspicious. Jin Yazhen, what do you mean by insisting that Yang Xuan and I are a couple?”

“If the two of you were a couple, then Yang Xuan wouldn’t have to return you the money he borrowed!” Someone shouted.

“Right! That is it!”

The rest of them nodded in agreement.

They were all still self-aware at this stage. As far as they were concerned, the money spent when a couple had gone out together wasn’t supposed to be asked back.

“So that is it!” Xia Xibei cast a deep, gloomy look at Jin Yazhen. “That explains why you tried so hard to defame me, by calling Yang Xuan and I a couple. That’s what you were thinking all along, right?”

“More than that!” Tang Luo chipped in suddenly, “Jin Yazhen even said that you cheated just now. In that case, you would be the one at fault. And that makes them even less at fault for not paying your money back.”

His words put an appalled look on everyone’s face!

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