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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: Extremely Scheming

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“Da*n it! That’s extremely scheming!”


“My goodness! They must be daydreaming to even think of getting away with it, weren’t they?”

The moment Tang Luo finished, everyone looked stunned.

They didn’t give it much thought before, but now in hindsight, there was so much complexity to the matter!

“So that’s her real intention!” Xia Xibei shot a furtive look at Tang Luo before shifting her gaze back to Jin Yazhen. “I was wondering what made you pull me aside and babble so much today, it turns out that’s what you were planning on!”

“I did not!” Jin Yazhen was on the verge of a meltdown. “I never…”

It was true that she didn’t like Xia Xibei, especially because Xia Xibei’s look today had given her a sense of crisis, driving her to reveal the two’s relationship.

She wasn’t planning on anything more than that!

Xia Xibei bit her lip, her face looking deeply hurt. “I regarded you as a good friend of mine, but that is how you treated me! You willingly became Yang Xuan’s guarantor, claiming that he was in an urgent need of money, I only lent it to him for your sake. But I never thought that you guys would defame me in such a way, and you even denied having borrowed my money!”

“Jin Yazhen, that’s not how a good friend should behave,” Tang Luo added.


The others nodded in unison.

If that was how a good friend should act, then they would rather live without friends!

“You worked so hard and ate simple meals, yet you bought them good food… Tsk tsk.”

Tang Luo’s words made the rest of them sympathize with Xia Xibei even more.

“Look at how Jin Yazhen and Yang Xuan dress themselves up and what they eat, they don’t seem to lack any money!”

“They eat much better than I do, okay? They have seafood and meat for every meal, I don’t even get to have those!” Someone said.

“They couldn’t be spending Xia Xibei’s money, could they?”

The heated discussion made Jin Yazhen’s face turn paper pale, looking flurried and nervous.

“I did not! I never borrowed any money from Xia Xibei! Yang Xuan is wholly responsible for that! Neither are the two of us a couple! It’s Xia Xibei and Yang Xuan that are together!”

However, not a single soul believed Jin Yazhen’s words.

“Xia Xibei never had any interaction with Yang Xuan, okay? Let alone being in a relationship with him!”

“Right! Do you think we are all fools here?”

“Jin Yazhen, it is only right and proper to return the money you owe,” Tang Luo concluded.

“Jin Yazhen, I’m begging, could you two please do me a favor and return me the 20,000 yuan?”

Xia Xibei was at the brink of tears.


Jin Yazhen was rendered speechless. The reproachful looks from the people were driving her insane.

At that moment, the bell rang and the teacher walked in. The crowd had no choice but to disperse.

However, before they were dismissed, they shot sarcastic and contemptuous glances at her.

Jin Yazhen returned to her seat with cold limbs as chaos raged in her brain.

The students started passing notes around once again. Jin Yazhen and Yang Xuan’s matter was spreading like wildfire among the class.

Xia Xibei sat in her seat, looking completely at ease. There was not a single hint of sadness on her face at all.

A note was passed to her. “Did they really borrow 20,000 yuan from you?”

Xia Xibei cast a look at Tang Luo and wrote down the answer.

‘——Of course they did.’

Sure enough, Yang Xuan didn’t borrow so much money from her, it was at most 10,000 yuan or so altogether.

The remaining 10,000 yuan was compensation for the emotional trauma she had been through.


She only asked for 10,000 yuan, which was a fair and reasonable price.

With her current net worth, it wouldn’t even be bold of her to ask for ten million.

However, if she asked for too much money, others wouldn’t believe her either. They all knew she was broke, didn’t they?

Tang Luo shot her a look and did not say a word, but there was a hint of smile in his eyes.

Jin Yazhen restlessly waited until dismissal. She wanted to look for Xia Xibei to explain things, but Xia Xibei, who wasn’t even willing to bother with her, ran off to the washroom instead.

When Xia Xibei emerged from the washroom, several girls stopped her in her tracks.

“So you are Xia Xibei?”


The girl in the lead questioned in a low, deep voice.

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