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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: Song Jiaren

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The girl in the lead wasn’t even 1.6 meters in height, but she was very plump.

There was so much fat on her face that her facial features were barely visible.

Those squinted eyes and a face full of chunky flesh, along with her overbearing aura, made her seem very frightening.

There were four other girls following behind her. They were all tall and robust, which made them look like the Four Great Guardian Warriors.

Upon taking a close look at Xia Xibei, hints of jealousy flickered past the girl’s eyes.


She hated beautiful girls with slim and willowy bodies like her the most!

“I’m Xia Xibei. How can I help you?”

Looking at the girl in front of her, Xia Xibei was laughing inside. She was here, just as expected.

This girl’s name was Song Jiaren (‘Jiaren’ means beauty). Although her name was beautiful, her looks did not match her name.

She has always been fat since she was young, and she was even fatter now.

With a height of 1.6 meters and a body weight of 85 kilograms, the spotlight would be fixed on her wherever she went.

Fat girls like her would usually get bullied, but her father was an influential gangster in the area.

Therefore, she walked with her nose upturned in the school.

The reason Xia Xibei crossed paths with her was all because of Yang Xuan.

It was because she was one of Yang Xuan’s… girlfriends.

The reason why Yang Xuan didn’t make his relationship with Xia Xibei public was all because of Song Jiaren’s presence.

She was the daughter of the gang’s chief. If that man were to know that he was being unfaithful to his daughter, he would definitely have his balls ripped off!

Xia Xibei wasn’t aware of it in the past, which nearly got her killed later, because of Yang Xuan.

Yang Xuan had no guts to let Song Jiaren know about him and Xia Xibei, but he had done lots of nasty things to Xia Xibei by relying on Song Jiaren’s reputation.

A few years later, Yang Xuan even married Song Jiaren as though he had always been infatuated with her.

Xia Xibei had to admit that she had some admiration for Yang Xuan: at least he was as cruel to himself as he was to other people!


However, Xia Xibei would never allow Yang Xuan to continue behaving as he pleased this time!

“It was you who said that Yang Xuan borrowed your money?” Song Jiaren shot a glare at her, but her eyes were too small, which made her seem ludicrous instead of intimidating.

Xia Xibei nodded, as if she did not notice the threat from the girls at the back.

“Yes!” She nodded. “He borrowed 20,000 yuan from me!”

“Liar!” Song Jiaren immediately responded, “How could he have borrowed your money!”

From Song Jiaren’s point of view, Xia Xibei was lying.

She was Yang Xuan’s girlfriend; why would Yang Xuan need to borrow someone else’s money?

Putting that aside, what could a mere 20,000 yuan do?

She had tens of thousands of yuan in her pocket every month, why would Yang Xuan even borrow 20,000 yuan from someone else?

“I’m not lying!” Xia Xibei was serious. “I only lent him the money because his girlfriend agreed to be his guarantor!”


Song Jiaren was truly stunned this time around. “What girlfriend?!”

She was Yang Xuan’s girlfriend, when had there ever been another one?!

“His girlfriend is called Jin Yazhen, she used to be my good friend.” Xia Xibei pretended not to notice her shock.

“Jin Yazhen?” The look on Song Jiaren’s face changed subtly. “How come I heard that you are the one who’s Yang Xuan’s girlfriend?”

“Who are you kidding!” Xia Xibei shrieked. “How can Yang Xuan and I be a couple! I have met him a few times indeed, but I’ve always been a third wheel. He has been with Jin Yazhen all along!”

Every time Yang Xuan appeared, Jin Yazhen was present.

Therefore, there was nothing wrong with what Xia Xibei said.

Song Jiaren frowned, her face turning awful. “Then why did Yang Xuan say that you and him are a couple?”

“He’s so evil!” Xia Xibei’s eyes went wide. “Is he trying not to return my money?!”

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