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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 19
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Chapter 19: I Trust You

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Looking at Xia Xibei, who was blocking her way, Song Jiaren’s lips twitched. “What do you really want?!”

This meet-up was totally different from what she had expected!


She was thinking that if Xia Xibei were the other girlfriend of Yang Xuan, she would teach her a lesson.

Who would have expected things to turn out this way?

Most importantly, Xia Xibei wasn’t planning to let her go now!

Xia Xibei smilingly approached her and grabbed her wrist all of a sudden.

“What are you trying to do?!”

The girls at the back panicked right away.

Before they could rush forward, Xia Xibei spoke, “You’re losing sleep every night nowadays, aren’t you?”

Song Jiaren was taken aback. “How do you know that?”

“By assessing your pulse, of course.”

Xia Xibei’s smile remained unfaltering. “But you get tired easily during the day, and your quality of sleep is still poor. Also, your heart palpitates often, and you’re miserable when you’re on your period… Am I right?”

Song Jiaren’s eyes went very wide. “How on earth do you know that?!”

She had all the problems that were mentioned, but she had never told anyone about them!


“I told you, by assessing your pulse.” Xia Xibei raised her brows, got close to her, and spoke softly in her ear, “If this continues, it will probably affect your fertility!”

Affect her fertility?!

Song Jiaren’s heart skipped a beat as she stared at the confident girl before her eyes with great disbelief. A thought occurred to her.

‘——She and Yang Xuan definitely weren’t a couple!’

With Xia Xibei’s current capabilities, Yang Xuan was no match for her!

“But put your mind at ease, if I help you lose weight, you can return to a normal weight in three months.”

Xia Xibei added.

This astonished Song Jiaren even more. “You… you’re not lying to me?”

“Why would I dare lie to you?” Xia Xibei shrugged. “You know my circumstances. If I lied to you, would I still be here today?”

That was true though.

There was a whole world of difference between Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren, like the Heaven and the Earth.

Song Jiaren had numerous ways to get rid of her.

As long as Xia Xibei wasn’t a fool, she wouldn’t dare mess around with her.

“So… you have the confidence to help me lose weight?”

As she spoke the words, Song Jiaren’s heart pounded wildly in her chest.

“Of course!” Xia Xibei was firm and resolute. “If I’m not confident in the first place, why would I even pull you over? And I guarantee, there will be no side effects!”

Losing weight without any side effects!

Song Jiaren was moved.

“Fine! I agree with it!”

The girls at the back were shocked. “Sister Jiaren!”

“Alright, don’t say anything, I have made up my mind!”

The bell rang. Song Jiaren stared at Xia Xibei, the look on her face somber and serious. “I trust your words, so, you’d better not deceive me.”

“Of course!” Xia Xibei nodded with a smile. “After dismissal this evening, you could come find me. We can get it started today.”


Song Jiaren shot her a glance and then left with the girls on her heels.

Watching their backs as they walked away, Xia Xibei’s lips curled into a creepy smile.

‘Yang Xuan, let us wait and see!’

The reason Xia Xibei hadn’t gotten her hands on Yang Xuan was because of Song Jiaren’s presence.

Sure enough, she could carry out her plans for him directly, but if it provoked Song Jiaren, it wouldn’t serve her any benefits.

She didn’t want to make too many foes.

The reason Song Jiaren liked Yang Xuan was because Yang Xuan would put up a loving and caring front when he was with her, and he didn’t despise her appearance.

Song Jiaren might not be aware of it, but she was unable to give up on Yang Xuan because of how well he was treating her.

However, if Xia Xibei succeeded in helping her lose weight, more options would open up to her.

By then, it wouldn’t be easy for Yang Xuan to meddle with her anymore.

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