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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2: Running into Someone Familiar

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In the fantasy world that Xia Xibei was reborn into for her second life, there were animal-trainers and royal botanists. People who had both skills were called naturalists.

It could be because of her memory that she had a strong mental power to become a rare naturalist.

Even though her skills in this area were almost non-existent after being reborn, controlling a few feral cats and dogs was still really easy.

Xia Xibei wasn’t moved by the screams coming from behind her. She kept walking forward.

However, as she passed another alley, a few footsteps came.

“Get him! He’s in front! Don’t let him get away!”

Xia Xibei frowned. She didn’t want to face these people, so she carefully darted away.

As she got close to a raft of bamboo, the scent of blood rushed to her nose.

Before she could react, a hand had pulled her into the raft of bamboo.


A low-pitched voice sounded, and before she could speak, he hugged her and covered her mouth.

A masculine scent filled her nostrils along with the thick scent of blood.

The footsteps outside got closer. They were headed toward them.

Xia Xibei was angry, but she couldn’t let those people get close to them. They might think she was with the man.

Her brows moved.

“Over there!”

Someone yelled, followed by others running in another direction.

After making the feral cats and dogs lead the people away, Xia Xibei felt dizzy and her body went limp.

She would have fallen on the ground if the man didn’t catch her.

However, their pose was a little suggestive.

Xia Xibei was very thin, but she wasn’t short. She was almost 170 cm.

The man, however, was taller. She could feel his energy over her head, giving her goosebumps. He was also quite strong, with a wide and solid chest.

When Xia Xibei had been pulled in here earlier, she didn’t struggle; she just tried to maintain some distance from him.

Now, she was too weak to stand from her exertion. She could only lean on him. There was almost no space between them.

Such an ambiguous posture was already embarrassing, but what made Xia Xibei ashamed and annoyed was that the man’s body seemed to have changed!

The air seemed to have frozen as the two of them leaned together.

Confirming that those people had left, she pressed against the man’s chest and pushed him away.


The man grunted. There was more blood on his belly now.

Pa pa pa!

The bamboo raft fell to the ground, making a crisp sound and bringing up a lot of dust.

Xia Xibei finally saw the man.

He was at least 185 cm tall. He had a lean figure and angular features, slanted and strong brows, deep and sharp eyes, thin lips, and a frown that made him look like an emperor overlooking the world from his throne, exuding arrogance.

Too bad the blood stains and the mess made his strength ridiculous.

When Xia Xibei clearly saw the man’s face, her gaze changed.

Qiao Yanjue. People called him Master Jue!

The Qiao family was renowned for its wealth in the country of Hua, and he was a mogul of the business world, which frightened people.

Except, when she thought of Qiao Yanjue’s relationship with a certain person, she wished that she could have made those people chasing him come back!

Xia Xibei’s gaze made Qiao Yanjue frown. He hesitated. “You know me?”

“I don’t know you.” Xia Xibei’s face was unchanged.

Of course, Qiao Yanjue didn’t believe her. He could tell that the young woman wasn’t telling the truth.

However, he had no time to ponder this as his injury became worse.

His body shook. Xia Xibei didn’t have time to think: she strode forward and supported him.

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