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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 20
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Chapter 20: I’m Busy

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When Xia Xibei returned to the classroom, the class had begun. She reported her presence before entering.

Once she took her seat, Tang Luo looked over at her with a frown.

“Are you alright? I heard that you were blocked by Song Jiaren at the washroom?”

He heard about the matter just a while ago and was prepared to go out when Xia Xibei returned.

“I’m fine, it was just a misunderstanding.” Xia Xibei shook her head. “Song Jiaren is quite a nice person.”

Tang Luo’s lips twitched. How did she even come to the conclusion that Song Jiaren was quite a nice person?

“It’s great that you’re fine, let’s focus on the lesson.”

Xia Xibei nodded and then hung her head low to read. Moments later, she turned around all of a sudden.

Jin Yazhen gasped so loud that it drew the teacher’s attention.

“Jin Yazhen, what are you doing?” The teacher was wearing an awful look on her face.

She was in the midst of teaching intently when she got interrupted. Who wouldn’t get mad at that?

“Not-nothing!” Jin Yazhen smiled stiffly.

When Xia Xibei returned, she couldn’t identify anything wrong with her, rousing her suspicion.

With Song Jiaren’s character, how could Xia Xibei get out of it totally unscathed?

She had been staring at Xia Xibei when she turned around the next instant. She was jolted for a second, thus the exaggerated reaction.

“Really?” The teacher snorted with a glum face. “Answer this question then.”

Jin Yazhen’s face grew even stiffer as she read the question on the blackboard.

All of her thoughts were focused on Xia Xibei today. How would she even know what the teacher was talking about?

She stood on her spot, stammering for a long time but to no avail. The teacher had no choice but to let her sit down.

“Even though you guys are only in sophomore year, you’re going to be in senior year the next semester. It’s time you focus on your studies!”


Although her words weren’t exactly harsh, Jin Yazhen got so embarrassed that her face and ears turned red.

The looks that people gave her made her even more uneasy.

And all Xia Xibei did was flash her a creepy smile.


Jin Yazhen was frightened by Xia Xibei’s strange smile, but she managed to hold herself back from screaming.

What was the matter with Xia Xibei? Why was she so different today?

The class finally ended. Jin Yazhen approached Xia Xibei again.


“Have you decided to pay me back?”

Xia Xibei spoke before she could even say a word.

The look on Jin Yazhen’s face turned even more awful when she heard those words.

“It wasn’t me who borrowed the money!” She panicked.

“Although you didn’t, the two of you spent it together anyway, right?” Xia Xibei stared at her with a poker face.


Jin Yazhen’s heart raced. How did Xia Xibei know that?

“Xibei, you have misunderstood…”

“Do you have the guts to take a vow then? If you really did spend the money, you will be struck by lightning and die a painful death!”


Jin Yazhen froze.

“Jin Yazhen, don’t fool Xia Xibei as though she’s a three-year-old, will you?”

Tang Luo couldn’t hold it back any longer, he teased, “You can’t be a b*tch while trying to maintain a good reputation! As a person, you must live by conscience! Xia Xibei has been good to you all along.”

Others joined the fuss. “Right! You can’t be that shameless!”

“I did not!” Jin Yazhen got more nervous, but she couldn’t find a way to explain herself in the heat of the moment.

She was usually eloquent, but in the face of Xia Xibei, who had turned into a whole new person, she was helpless.

“Fine. If you’re not going to pay me back, don’t talk to me anymore; I’m busy!”

Xia Xibei turned around and left right after she finished speaking.

She had to go look for herbs!

The treatment for Song Jiaren would begin tonight, and she was a big client!

Once she was out of the school compound, Xia Xibei got on a bus. Very soon, she arrived at a herb store.

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