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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: I Want to Call the Police

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While Deng Zhiqiang was still talking, Xia Xibei’s eyes went cold. She kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying and crashing into several chairs.

Deng Zhiqiang was dumbfounded, but before he could react, he saw Xia Xibei advancing on him again. She grabbed him from the ground and punched him in the stomach.


Deng Zhiqiang felt as if his internal organs were about to shatter, and he had cold sweat like torrential rain.

His mind turned blank. When did Xia Xibei become so cruel?

He was 180 cm tall and twice the size of Xia Xibei, but when he was in front of her, he didn’t have the slightest strength to fight back!

But what frightened him was Xia Xibei’s expression for she had been so calm. It was as if what she was doing now has not affected her emotions at all.

—She really wanted to kill him!

Deng Zhiqiang’s hairs stood upright, and he quickly begged for mercy. “I’ll pay you! I’ll give you the money! Stop hitting me!”

In response, Xia Xibei punched him in the belly.


“Sorry. Force of habit.”

Xia Xibei shoved him aside with a completely insincere expression of apology.

However, Deng Zhiqiang didn’t dare say anything; he was dumbfounded.

Who would have thought that this thin and weak girl could have such terrifying power!

Was she pretending to be weak when she was being easily bullied in the past?

Deng Zhiqiang got up from the ground, ran behind the counter, and took out a wad of money, amouting to 5,000 yuan.

The 4,500 yuan was Xia Xibei’s wages for the past three months, which he had deducted.

Xia Xibei would have starved to death if she hadn’t been able to take a meal here.

Xia Xibei reached out her hand.

Looking at Xia Xibei’s soft hand, Deng Zhiqiang trembled. He wanted to keep five bills, but he passed her the whole wad of money in the end.

Xia Xibei collected the money, then she went to the kitchen to take away her belongings.

Not many things belonged to her, just a cup and a towel.

Seeing a pot of meat cooking in the kitchen, a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

After Xia Xibei left, Deng Zhiqiang breathed a sigh of relief, but in the next moment he became annoyed.

He rubbed his aching chest, gritted his teeth, and showed a bitter expression.

He was going to make the little bitch pay!

He picked up the phone and called the police.

Soon, the police arrived.

“Officer, I was beaten!”

The police officer looked him up and down then wondered, “Where were you hit?”


Deng Zhiqiang pulled up his clothes, but no wound was visible.

He was stunned. How could there be no sign of Xia Xibei’s power just now?

“It must be an internal injury!” He confidently said.

“If it is an internal injury, then you have to go get checked out,” the police officer said.

As soon as he finished talking, one of the police officers’ phones rang. The police officer’s face changed when he heard the words on the other end.

“…Okay, I understand.”

After the police officer hung up the phone, Deng Zhiqiang was about to say something when the police officer spoke seriously, “Someone reported that you are using opium husks in your food!”

‘Opium husks?’

As soon as the words were said, Deng Zhiqiang’s face suddenly changed. His face paled, and he stumbled over his words. “No, it’s impossible! I…we are all proper business people here!”

However, his reaction was so intense that the police could easily see the problem.

“We’ll let you know if it’s true or not. However, if someone made a report, we have to verify things. It just so happens that we are here today, so let’s start.”

Deng Zhiqiang’s face was even paler. His mind was blank.

‘—He’s finished!’

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