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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 8
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Chapter 8: She Must Have Been Possessed

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After hanging up the call, Xia Xibei stood up from the sofa and did some stretching.

She sure knew she wasn’t the biological child of the Xia family, however, neither was she interested in looking for her own biological parents.

All the ties she shared with them had been severed from the time they decided to sell her to Dong Shulan back then.

Having lived two lifetimes, Xia Xibei had learnt a lesson: it is best to rely on yourself, because mountains against which you lean, collapse; and people upon whom you depend, vanish.

Hence, in this lifetime, she would march to the top all by herself!

Xia Shahai came over early the next morning, with a dark, overcast look on his face, as if a thunderstorm was approaching.

He had never thought of being threatened by a little girl! And that little girl was even his own daughter!

As he kept his eyes on Xia Xibei who was sitting on the sofa, he subconsciously dashed over, raised his hand high, and slammed it down on her!


Xia Xibei clasped her cheek and fell backward onto the sofa.

“Godda*n little girl, how dare you ask money from me?!”

Xia Shahai furiously berated as he held back the urge to give another slap.


However, he let out an agonized scream the next moment and staggered a few steps back, collapsing into another narrow sofa.

He clutched at his own belly and stared at Xia Xibei in disbelief. “How dare you fight me back?!”

“Mister Xia, you have forgotten something.” Xia Xibei stood up and dropped the hand that was covering her cheek. There wasn’t the slightest mark on her face.

She was looking down at him from above, with an indifferent look in her eyes. “If I had the courage to call you and ask for money, I sure enough wasn’t afraid that you’d raise a hand to me.”

She went on, “If you remain adamant, I have no choice but to hand the evidence over to the police. I’d like to know, the manager of a traded company who had abandoned his own child and even beat up his abandoned daughter… I suppose the reporters would be intrigued to know about such incidents.”

“What… what do you mean?”

Xia Shahai looked at her in apprehension.

Xia Xibei responded by getting hold of her phone from the side and clicking the start of the video that was just recorded. She turned the screen to him.

As he watched his own ferocious self and the slap he gave, Xia Shahai’s face turned ashen.

He was tricked!

Besides, the phone held in Xia Xibei’s hand was the new product of a well-known brand, which cost at least 5,000 yuan!

From where did she get the money?!

That wasn’t the point, of course; the point was, Xia Xibei had gotten the whole incident recorded. If it were made public, it would be a big shame on him!

“Give me your phone!”

Xia Shahai stood up and darted toward her. However, he was kicked back onto the sofa midway.

He stared at Xia Xibei in total disbelief. Since when had she acquired such intrepid power?

A malicious smile appeared on Xia Xibei’s gorgeous face. “Mister Xia, do you still think I’m still the little girl who let herself be bullied and never fought back?”

Xia Shahai wanted a son, but she was a daughter, so it was a norm for her to get scolded and beaten.

Xia Shahai couldn’t help but shudder, Xia Xibei’s reaction was terrifying!

“Aren’t you afraid that I will reveal what happened to you to the public?!” Xia Shahai shouted, seeming stern but weak inside.

“Just do it,” Xia Xibei shrugged. “But whose words do you think are more convincing? If I upload this video, and go to the reporters and the police to lodge a tearful complaint… I suppose you can imagine the outcome. All I’m asking for right now are the 200,000 yuan that I deserve and this tiny house, is that too much?”

As he watched Xia Xibei speaking the intimidating words with a calm look on her face, Xia Shahai felt his blood run cold.

He thought… Xia Xibei must have been possessed!

However, even if that was true, he had no other way out!

Eventually, he gritted his teeth. “Alright, I’ll give it to you!”

Xia Xibei finally beamed cheerfully. “That’s the right way. That way, we don’t have to waste any time.”

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