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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 9
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Chapter 9: All Love Lost

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Xia Shahai was fast in dealing with things. With the help of his extensive network of connections, the house was transferred under Xia Xibei’s ownership very quickly.

After the matter with the house was settled, Xia Xibei displayed an agreement entitled “Repudiation of Relations”.

“After signing this, whatever debt and owing between us will be cleared.”

Although this agreement might not have any legal effect, it was better than nothing.

As far as Xia Xibei was concerned at least, this agreement could be used to prevent untoward circumstances that might happen in the future.

Xia Shahai looked at the agreement. His face had turned so dark that water was about to drip from it.

However, having thought of Xia Xibei’s change, he gritted his teeth eventually. “After I sign this, you won’t look for me again?”

“Of course.” Xia Xibei flashed a smile. “I’ll live very well on my own. I just hope that when I become rich someday, you won’t come to me and ask for money.”

Xia Shahai’s face turned even darker.

From where came her confidence to even think of getting rich someday?

Even if she did become rich, would he go broke then?

“I hope you live up to your words!”

After signing the agreement, Xia Shahai strode away in rage.

However, he did heave a sigh of relief. From then on, he could break free from the daughter he never liked.

Although she was good-looking, no child that got out of his control was ever a good child!

After resolving the matter with Xia Shahai, it was Dong Shulan’s turn.

Dong Shulan was far less violent than Xia Shahai. Besides, she was afraid of being exposed about what she did back then.

Everyone knew that Xia Xibei was the child she had with Xia Shahai.

If she hadn’t been pregnant with Xia Xibei, Xia Shahai wouldn’t have married her.

Even after getting divorced from Xia Shahai, this saying remained unchanged.

If others were to know that she was a kid that she had bought, it would give rise to loads of troubles.

Therefore, she did just as Xia Xibei instructed.

Nonetheless, her heart ached when she gave her money away.

That was 200,000 yuan! That was a great half of the money she secretly saved up all these years!

Even though her husband was rich, she wouldn’t normally receive a lot of money. Now that she was giving it all away in one shot, she felt all her internal organs aching at once.

Xia Xibei couldn’t even be bothered about her reaction. Upon receiving the money, she displayed the agreement.

“After this is signed, are you not going to…”

“Rest assured, all love will be lost between us right after this.”

Dong Shulan furrowed her brows.

Although this was the outcome that she had wanted, it was too ruthless and cold of Xia Xibei to do this!

They had raised her for so many years no matter what, yet she was threatening them like that now! What an ungrateful monster!

However, from Xia Xibei’s perspective, she had returned all that she owed them in the first life.

If she hadn’t considered the fact that they brought her up all these years, she wouldn’t be this merciful to them.

“Alright, best wishes to you.” Xia Xibei kept the agreement and flashed a bright smile at Dong Shulan.

Looking at her beautiful smile, Dong Shulan had mixed feelings.

However, Dong Shulan was relieved that the burden was finally removed and that they would never have to cross paths again. She left without turning back, her footsteps light and brisk.

Having noticed that Dong Shulan had the same response as Xia Shahai, Xia Xibei sneered coldly inside.

The next moment, her face beamed with joy as the thought of receiving 400,000 yuan at once occurred to her.

However, that was only her starting capital.

Four hundred thousand yuan seemed like quite a big sum of money, but to some people out there, it was only the amount of their monthly pocket money.

The disparity was kind of harsh.

However, Xia Xibei wasn’t worried. She would earn a lot more money in the years to come!

After tying up the loose ends, she got a cozy sleep. The next morning, she returned to Qing Ye High School where she was studying.

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