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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 105 - I Am the Opportunity
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Chapter 105: I Am the Opportunity

“The world has collapsed, the path to ascension has been blocked, the magic has depleted, and the body is hard to cultivate.”

The figure spoke.

“Is this the current predicament of your world?”

The figure looked at Lin Ming and spoke.


Lin Ming nodded.

The path to ascension was blocked, which meant that after reaching the level of a Sage Tier Mage, one would be unable to continue to strive for a higher magic Tier.

The depletion of magic meant that the concentration of magic elements now was extremely low.

As for body forging, it meant that even the secret swordsmen would find it difficult to break through above Tier 10.

As for the collapse of the world, the meaning was clear.

“But you’re not affected. This is why you’re the first person to see me in over a hundred thousand years.”

The figure only glanced at Lin Ming, but Lin Ming seemed to have been seen through.

“Senior, I wonder what happened back then?”

Lin Ming asked curiously. After all, he really couldn’t understand what kind of battle could cause the entire world to collapse!

To the point that even in the next hundred thousand years, there wasn’t a single Mage who could surpass the Sage Tier!

“Your purpose for this trip is to find an opportunity to break through past the Sage Tier Mage level, right?”

The figure didn’t answer Lin Ming’s question, but spoke instead.


Lin Ming nodded.

The reason he entered this Juncture was precisely to find out how to break through past the Sage Tier Mage level.

“This world is no longer able to support an existence that surpasses the Sage Tier Mage.”

The figure shook his head and said.

“You mean… It’s impossible for a Mage in this world to break through past the level of a Sage Tier Mage?”

When Lin Ming heard this, he was extremely disappointed.

Just this sentence alone was enough to let him see the end.

This kind of feeling was really hard to accept.

“That’s right, the path to ascension has already been blocked.”

The figure nodded.

“Unless there’s a heaven-defying person who breaks through past the level of a Sage Tier Mage and repair this fault, only then will the Sage Tier Mages in this world have a chance to break through.”

The voice spoke again.

“But, didn’t you just say…”

Lin Ming scratched his head. He suddenly thought of the crux of the problem.

Just now, this figure had said that the path of ascension in Lin Ming’s world had been blocked, so it was impossible for there to be an existence above the Sage Tier Mage.

Now, he said that there had to be a person of such a tier to break through the barrier.

Wasn’t he contradicting himself?

“Senior, I want to ask another question.”

Lin Ming spoke.

“At that time of the battle, it’s impossible that all the existences who surpassed the Sage Tier Mage level died in battle, right?”

Seeing this figure nod, Lin Ming said his own question.

As long as one broke through that tier, their lifespan would definitely be extended.


The figure shook his head.

“Those who surpassed the level of a Sage Tier Mage would definitely have their lifespan extended by a lot. Why didn’t they break through this barrier?”

Lin Ming asked.

“You’re right. Those who surpassed the level of a Sage Tier Mage would completely break away from their human constitution. Their lifespan would be extended by at least ten thousand years.”

“And if they continued to break through, they can even gain hundreds of thousands of years of lifespan!”

At that time, they could be considered to have the same lifespan as Heaven and Earth.

“As for why they didn’t break through the barrier, it’s because this barrier was set up by them!”

The figure let out a cold snort and said.

“The Great War back then, it could be said that it was earth-shattering. Heaven and Earth were damaged, and the world collapsed.”

“Therefore, the last few surviving existences left this world. When they left this world, they blocked the opportunity to break through past the Sage Tier Mage level.”

The figure continued to speak.

Even though his body had already died back then.

But because of his strength, he knew a lot of things after that!

“Were they trying to prevent this kind of situation from happening again in this world?”

Lin Ming asked curiously.

After all, no one wanted to experience such a cruel war a second time.

“Bullsh*t, do you know that the Great Dao is ruthless?”

“At that level, they are already ruthless existences. They were only worried about the revenge from the descendants of their enemies in the future.”

“After all, there are too many amazing people in the river of time.”

Hearing Lin Ming’s words, the figure was a little angry.

“They blocked the opportunity to break through past the level of a Sage Tier Mage. No one can break through past that level. After their lifespans are exhausted, they will directly die, let alone take revenge.”

To them, this was a once-and-for-all matter.

“And just in case, they brainwashed everyone at that time that this war was the Holy War between the Gods and Demons!”

“And I, the guardian of the battle, was given the title of Demon King!”

Speaking of this issue, this figure was extremely furious.

“You are…”

The person in front of him was actually the Demon King that everyone was cursing!

Currently, there were rumors among the Sage Tier Mages that the reason why they couldn’t break through past the Sage Tier was because the Demon King had started the Holy War, causing the world to collapse.

Who would have thought that everything was fake!

“At that time, in order to protect the entire human race, I fought against the entire Beast Tide! Among them, the most powerful Taotie was killed by me!”

The Demon King thought back to that time, with heroic bearing.

Even Taotie, who was said to be able to devour the world, was killed by him in the depths of the magic forest!

“However, the existences that luckily survived were the instigators of the conspiracy! It was also to prevent the leak of their conspiracy that they did all these things!”

Up until now, as Lin Ming and the Demon King communicated, he also understood everything that had happened at that time.

So, the so-called heroes and so-called Demon King were all fake!

“Do you want to break through past the level of a Sage Tier Mage?”

The Demon King looked at Lin Ming and asked.


Lin Ming nodded. Although he was only a Tier 6 Mage now, it didn’t delay his desire to break through past the level of a Sage Tier Mage.

“I’ve been waiting here for more than a hundred thousand years. Today, I finally have a successor.”

The Demon King sighed. He was filled with hatred every day. Once he found a successor, he would be able to free his last remaining consciousness.

“I said just now that you’re not affected by this world. Do you remember?”

The Demon King looked at Lin Ming and said.


Lin Ming nodded. When he had just entered, the Demon King had said this.

“It doesn’t matter what the secret in your body is, because you are the opportunity!”

The Demon King said.

“I am the opportunity to break through?”

Lin Ming frowned.

Many Sage Tier Mages had been searching for the opportunity for so many years. Was it him?


Lin Ming couldn’t believe it.

“The secret in your body will allow you to break through past the level of a Sage Tier Mage. Of course, there’s another prerequisite.”

The Demon King took a deep breath and said.

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