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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 110 - Complete Mastery!
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Chapter 110: Complete Mastery!

Even a Sage Tier Mage by Lin Ming’s side had to watch his expression.

However, there was one point he couldn’t ignore.

A Tier 9 Mage was an extremely powerful existence.

“Greetings, Master!”

Just as Lin Ming arrived, the few Masters of the Dark all knelt down.

This was because they could sense the aura of the Demon King from Lin Ming.

This aura suppressed them to the bone.

“No need.”

Lin Ming waved his hand.

Lin Ming was against such etiquette.

“From now on, you are responsible for staying by my side. If I need anything, you should immediately execute it.”

Lin Ming looked at them and said.


Lin Ming was the reason they could escape from the Juncture. This much was their duty.

“Of course, I won’t ask you to keep staying by my side. After I break through to the level of a Sage Tier Mage, you’ll be free.”

Lin Ming said.

“Thank you, Master!”

The few of them bowed together again.

Lin Ming brought them from the Stupa into the real world.

“Wow, this feeling… is great.”

The few of them looked at the Sun outside and couldn’t help but be intoxicated.

This was the taste of freedom!

Being in the Juncture for so long, it was no different than being in the Abyss.

Moreover, who said that a Dark Mage had to stay in the Abyss?

They also liked the Sun and preferred freedom.

“I thought that even if I die, I would have to die in that place.”

No.1 could not help but speak.

“We were all trial-takers who entered previously. We were swallowed by the Dark Magic and became Dark Mages. Now, we can finally leave the Abyss.”

No.2 also spoke. His magic level was at Tier 8!

Their identities were already known to Lin Ming when he obtained the inheritance.

“From today onwards, if I have any instructions, you must carry them out immediately. Of course, I will not let you do anything that is beyond your capabilities.”

Lin Ming spoke.


The eight Masters of the Dark calmed their emotions and immediately agreed.

“The few of you, just build a few more houses around my house and settle down first.”

Lin Ming pointed at the surroundings and said.

The few Masters of the Dark heard Lin Ming’s orders and quickly carried them out.

Lin Ming looked at the few Masters of the Dark who were starting to get busy and closed his eyes again.

“Ding! You have received the inheritance, Demon King’s memory, do you want to open it?”

As Lin Ming closed his eyes, the system’s voice sounded.


Lin Ming nodded and opened the cultivation methods the Demon King gave him at the end.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Dark Magic Skill, Shadow Kill!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Dark Magic Skill, Shadow Fall!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Dark Magic Skill, Dark Puppet!”

“Ding! …”

As Lin Ming opened the Demon King’s memory, a series of system sounds appeared.

Not only did Lin Ming instantly learn the best and fastest way to cultivate Dark Magic, he also obtained many Dark Magic skills!

Lin Ming now discovered that Dark Magic involved a wider range, it was stronger and more difficult to parry since it was filled with unpredictable changes.

Of course, Lin Ming’s Fire Magic was definitely more powerful than Dark Magic in terms of the power to instantaneously cause explosive damage.

“Ding! Host has obtained Dark Magic Skill, Shadow Kill! Do you wish to learn it?”

“Ding! Host has obtained Dark Magic Skill, Darkness Falls! Do you wish to learn it?”

“Ding! Host has obtained…”

Another series of system notifications appeared.

Of course, Lin Ming clicked on yes to all the notifications, and at the same time, he pushed his proficiency to the maximum level!

“This, they’re all at Tier 10 proficiency!”

Lin Ming looked at the proficiency level and could not help but exclaim in surprise.

Lin Ming knew that the higher the proficiency, the stronger the inner strength, and the stronger the aftershock!

These proficiency levels were all at level 10, so one could clearly see how strong the strength would be when they were released!

Lin Ming even felt that his state and power had entered a new level!

In the Juncture, although Lin Ming had obtained the Demon King’s inheritance.

His level of Fire Magic had risen to that of a Tier 7 Mage.

And he had opened up a new magic element, dark element, and jumped to being a Tier 9 Dark Mage.

But before this, although Lin Ming had obtained the power of Darkness, he had not been able to control this power.

Even if it was just a simple Dark spell, Lin Ming would not be able to cast it.

However, things were different now. Lin Ming had already completely mastered this power of Darkness.

On top of that, he now had a proficiency level of up to Tier 10 for any random magic skill!

It could be said that anyone below the Sage Tier Mage level was no match for the current Lin Ming!

Lin Ming opened his eyes, and the aura around him also changed.

Originally, the Dark Magic in his body hadn’t leaked out because the Demon King had helped Lin Ming to wipe out this aura in his final moments.

But now, Lin Ming had complete mastery over the Dark Magic, and he could control it freely!

Lin Ming entered the Stupa and stepped into the Spirit Pool.

“How can the density of the Spirit Pool become so strong?”

After entering the Spirit Pool, Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask.

The magic elements in the original Spirit Pool did sometimes appear in the form of crystals.

That was only when the magic elements were extremely dense.

But now, the extremely dense crystals almost covered the entire Spirit Pool!

“Bai Han!”

As Lin Ming spoke, Bai Han’s figure appeared behind Lin Ming.


Bai Han waited for Lin Ming’s orders.

“Do you know the reason?”

Lin Ming asked.

“Yes. Before the old Master disappeared, he used his remaining strength to repair the first crack.”

Bai Han nodded.

“Senior Demon King really did devote all his energy to this.”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but speak.

The Demon King didn’t hold back at all towards him.

“The second crack can only be repaired after Master breaks through to that tier.”

Bai Han spoke again.

“I understand.”

Lin Ming nodded.

The density of the Spirit Pool now was enough for Lin Ming to cultivate.

Furthermore, Lin Ming was certain that even if all the Empires worked together, they would not be able to achieve such a Spirit Pool!

Lin Ming closed his eyes and crazily absorbed the spirit energy within.

Because Lin Ming was now a dual-element Mage, the absorption speed could be said to be terrifying.

This was because the Spirit Pool contained the purest and most primitive magic elements.

Even if it was Dark Magic, its essence was the same.

Because of the terrifying absorption speed, vortexes appeared around Lin Ming’s body!


Lin Ming had once again transformed the Dark Magic in his body into a crystal form.

Because of the Demon King’s inheritance, although Lin Ming’s Dark Magic level had reached Tier 9.

But Lin Ming’s Dark Magic was at the liquid state after Tier 8.

Now, Lin Ming needed to transform the intensity of Fire Magic and Dark Magic once again!

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