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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 114 - Face Up
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Chapter 114: Face Up

Chapter 114

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After hearing the shop owner’s voice, Lin Ming began to contemplate his clothing.

At this moment, Lin Ming understood why everyone on the street was avoiding them.

It was because the three of them were travel-worn, and the clothes No.1 and No.2 wore were the hand-me-downs of Lin Ming.

Therefore, they were all treated as poor people.

This was the capital, and beggars were not allowed here.

Therefore, with Lin Ming’s appearance, he was treated as the lowest class of people.

Such people were naturally avoided on the busiest streets of the capital.

After Lin Ming understood the situation, he heaved a sigh of relief.

If the Dark power of No.1 and No.2 were to leak out, it would probably attract a lot of trouble.

“Does your shop sell clothes?”

Lin Ming looked at the shop and asked.

“Yes, our shop has silk and silk. We have everything, even clothes made from the fur of magical eeasts!”

The person was arrogant.

“Show us.”

Lin Ming said.

“No, don’t come in. You’ll dirty my shop.”

The guy even blocked Lin Ming directly.

“Forget it.”

Lin Ming smiled and shook his head.

He wouldn’t argue with such a person.

Lin Ming turned around and left the shop.

Seeing Lin Ming leave, this guy snorted coldly.


Lin Ming turned around and entered another shop. Since their clothes were too shabby now, they would have to change them first.

It wasn’t a good thing to be too shabby or too ostentatious.

“Sir, please follow me.”

When the shop assistant saw Lin Ming and the other two, although he was a little displeased, he still brought the three of them to a corner.

It was full of coarse clothes or items that were out of fashion.

“We want those.”

Lin Ming pointed at the relatively simple but profound clothes at the front of the shop and said.

“Sir, although those clothes don’t look so gorgeous, because of the special material used, the price…”

Seeing that Lin Ming was actually choosing the clothes at the front, the employee advised them not to think too much.

“No worries, get us three sets.”

Money to Lin Ming was like dirt.

“This… Sir, how about you have listen to the price first, after all…”

This employee had no intention of getting the clothes for Lin Ming.

“What do you mean? Our Master just wants to try them. Why are you talking so much nonsense?”

No.1 couldn’t stand it anymore.

As a Master of the Dark, he was the biggest existence in the Juncture.

Now he was being looked down upon in a clothing store.

“Alright, I know what you mean.”

Lin Ming waved his hand and No.1 returned to behind Lin Ming.


Lin Ming took out a bag of gold coins and placed it in front of the shop assistant.

The shop assistant was dumbfounded when he saw so many gold coins.

After he came to his senses, his expression immediately changed as if he was a different person.

“Sir, this kind of clothes don’t cost so many gold coins. I’ll bring you three sets of clothes that match your sizes.”

The shop assistant hurriedly placed the three sets of clothes in front of Lin Ming.

Not long after, Lin Ming, No.1 and No.2 walked out of the shop.

This time, Lin Ming and the other two completely merged into the capital.

As expected, clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse.

Lin Ming continued to walk on the street, and a spiritual herb shop attracted his gaze.

“How long has it been since I last performed alchemy?”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask.

He was originally a Tier 3 Alchemist.

But because there were too many things to do, Lin Ming had put alchemy aside for a very long time.

Even if he performed alchemy now, his skill would probably be a little rusty.


But before Lin Ming had the time to sigh, a red object landed in front of Lin Ming.

No.1 and No.2 wanted to make a move, but were stopped by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming looked over. It was actually a red embroidered ball.

Lin Ming smiled and shook his head. He didn’t pick up the embroidered ball, but instead turned around to leave.


Just as Lin Ming was about to leave, a husky voice appeared behind him.


Lin Ming turned his head. Was this a forced sale?

“Congratulations, Sir, you have been chosen by the most popular courtesan. Tonight, you can have a drink with her.”

The burly man walked up to Lin Ming and said.

“No need. I’m not interested.”

Lin Ming shook his head and said.

“Not interested? Don’t you know who the most popular courtesan of our Fantasy Valley is? Many people have begged for and still couldn’t get this opportunity, but you actually…”

After hearing Lin Ming’s answer, the burly man was a little surprised.

“I said I’m not interested, which means just that. There’s no need to say more.”

Lin Ming turned around and strode forward.

“Please give me some face, Sir!”

A figure appeared in front of Lin Ming.

When Lin Ming heard this voice, he abruptly raised his head!

“Ernest Lin!”

Lin Ming opened his mouth in surprise. He did not expect that the so-called most popular courtesan of the Fantasy Valley was actually an old acquaintance of his! Ernest Lin!

“Weren’t you…”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but open his mouth.

After all, meeting Ernest Lin here was too unbelievable for Lin Ming.

“Come with me to Fantasy Valley, we’ll talk there.”

Ernest Lin said.


Originally, Lin Ming had no interest in this so-called Fantasy Valley.

But now, with Ernest Lin’s appearance, he was full of curiosity.

It seemed that Ernest Lin had quite a few secrets.

“Why are you here?”

“And you became the most popular courtesan?”

This was the first thing Lin Ming said after entering the room.

“Alas, things are unpredictable. Fantasy Valley was originally run by my family. It included restaurants, spiritual herb stores, spiritual treasure stores, and all kinds of businesses. We were involved in them, and we were extremely powerful!”

“Our family was also a part of the Royal family in this Empire.”

“After you participated in the competition and said goodbye to me, I suddenly received the news of my father’s death!”

Ernest Lin’s expression was sorrowful.

“And now, although I’m struggling to hold on, it’s difficult for me to escape the end result of my father’s family business being eroded step by step

“After all, the struggles and infighting among the Royal family were cruel to begin with.”

Ernest Lin Sighed.

It was hard for a woman like her to support such a large family business.

At this time, there was definitely someone else in the family who would want to fight for the family property.

“So you came to be the most popular courtesan?”

Lin Ming smiled and asked.

“Yes, I want to find someone who can help me through my identity as the most popular courtesan.”

Ernest Lin nodded. There was nothing to deny.

After all, she was at the end of her rope.

“Fortunately, I appeared in time.”

Lin Ming smiled and said.

“Sigh, although you are indeed very good and I don’t even know your level now, but…”

Last time, when Ernest Lin was attacked by a Tier 8 mage, Lin Ming saved her.

At that time, she fell into a coma.

Indeed, after that, she couldn’t figure out Lin Ming’s depth.

But, what was the use?

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