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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 116 - Outsider?
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Chapter 116: Outsider?

She was the one who would inherit the position of Chief anyhow.

These people were only here to obtain the benefits from the family and control the family.

“Woah woah woah, young miss, are you anxious now? You said that your father passed the position of Chief to you. Why didn’t we know that? Are you making this up?”

A voice with a mocking tone appeared.


When Ernest Lin’s father passed the position of Chief to her, there were witnesses next to them.

But these people had already been bribed.

“That’s right. Have you ever seen a woman who can become the Chief?”

Another voice also appeared.

This was also a sore point for Ernest Lin.

In this world, men held power.

If Ernest Lin was a man, she would definitely have received some support.

At the very least, she wouldn’t have been in such a helpless situation.

“In this world, there are many women who are the Chief of a family. There was even once an Empress who ruled the Empire. Do you blame me for your lack of knowledge?”

Although Ernest Lin was alone, her aura did not lose to anyone else.

“You little girl, if the family was in your hands, it would definitely decline!”

Everyone on the side was filled with malice toward Ernest Lin.

“Young miss, you can be the Chief, but there are indeed too many things in the family. Furthermore, you’ve just returned, so there are many things that you don’t know.”

“In the future, all of our family matters will be discussed by everyone in the family. What do you think?”

The old man who had just spoken stepped forward once more.

“Unless you’re lying to me, I know everything!”

Ernest Lin naturally wouldn’t agree to this matter.

If she agreed, it would be equivalent to her becoming a tool.

Although she would be the Chief on the surface, in reality, she would become a puppet that was being controlled!

“Uncle Ou, there are too many variables. Make your move as soon as possible.”

A masked man behind the old man told him telepathically.

“Young miss is too tired today. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

The old man knew that if he used ordinary methods, he wouldn’t be able to get Ernest Lin to agree.

“Whether it’s today or tomorrow, as long as I’m here, I won’t agree to your words!”

Ernest Lin shouted.

“Someone, bring the young miss to rest!”

The old man signaled with his eyes, and in an instant, two strong men surrounded Ernest Lin.

“What are you doing! ?”

Ernest Lin roared angrily.

But everyone acted as if they didn’t see it.

The current Ernest Lin was only a Tier 6 Assassin, she couldn’t resist the strength of these two strong men at all.

Ernest Lin felt despair in her heart. She knew that if she was placed under house arrest, the rest of her life would be cut out already.

“Young miss, we have already prepared a place for you to rest. When you have thought it through, just tell someone to inform us.”

The old man spoke.

“Let go of me!”

Ernest Lin still wanted to resist, but she was dragged to the door.

“From today onwards, I will temporarily settle the family matters. Does anyone have any objections?”

The old man opened his mouth and finally revealed his true nature.

The reason why Ernest Lin could hold on for this period of time was because the old man had been busy planning to take down the family and becoming the person in charge of the family.

That was why Ernest Lin had a moment to catch her breath.

Now that everything was planned out, he revealed his true nature.

Naturally, there was no one around to refute him.

At this moment, Ernest Lin was about to be taken out of the room and placed under house arrest.

“I have an opinion!”

Suddenly, a voice appeared.

This voice belonged to Lin Ming.


The door was instantly shattered!

“Who are you? How dare you came here to behave atrociously!”

Following Lin Ming’s appearance, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

“You reckless brat, somebody come and chop him up!”

Looking at Lin Ming who suddenly appeared, he shouted loudly.

At this moment, the people in the family who had the intention to curry favor with him rushed up at the first moment.

After all, in their eyes, Lin Ming was really just a brat.

In their eyes, taking down Lin Ming was a piece of cake.

“Lin Ming, leave quickly, the situation here…”

Ernest Lin looked at Lin Ming who appeared and said anxiously.

Although she was grateful that Lin Ming was still fearless and appeared here at this time.

But in her opinion, Lin Ming facing the power of the entire Royal family was no different from sending himself to his death.

But before she could finish speaking, the few people who rushed up turned into ashes!

“You did ask whoever has an opinion, right? Were you merely putting on an act? You want to chop me up just because I said something?”

Lin Ming looked at the old man and said coldly.

“Humph, how can an outsider like you interfere in our family’s internal affairs!”

The old man snorted and confronted Lin Ming.

“Isn’t he also an outsider?”

Lin Ming pointed at the masked man behind the old man innocently.

“He is my adopted son, of course he is not an outsider.”

The old man’s face was filled with dark clouds as he spoke.

“Oh, I thought that as long as one’s surname is different, one would be an outsider. According to what you said, I am now Ernest Lin’s man, so I am no longer an outsider.”

Lin Ming mocked him back.

“You are only a Tier seven Mage, yet you are still spouting such arrogant words! What are the two of you standing there for? Send the young lady to rest!”

The old man’s brows were tightly knitted. He berated the two strong men who were escorting Ernest Lin instead.

At this moment, Ernest Lin’s face was flushed red. Lin Ming’s words made her heart beat faster, and her heart surged.

“Old senior, don’t change the topic.”

Lin Ming smiled and strode forward. The magic in his hands surged, and he actually killed the two strong men that Ernest Lin was unable to break free from!

“Are you okay?”

Lin Ming looked at Ernest Lin and asked with concern.

“Lin Ming, you don’t have to care about me! I will definitely have a way to control the family in the future. Before they surround you, you have to leave this place quickly.”

Ernest Lin grabbed the corner of Lin Ming’s clothes and said.

“Today, leave the matters here to me.”

Lin Ming said.

Lin Ming stood in front of Ernest Lin, like a towering mountain.

“Little brat, how dare you commit serial murder in our family’s meeting place, truly detestable!”

“Why are you still not exterminating him! Don’t tell me you want us to become a joke!”

As these angry words were said, Lin Ming was instantly surrounded in the middle.

“Lin Ming…”

Ernest Lin was so nervous that her palms were sweating.

In Ernest Lin’s eyes, they were probably doomed today.

“Fiery Phoenix Spell!”

Fire magic elements gathered around Lin Ming’s body.

The entire conference room instantly became burning hot!

“Fiery Phoenix Spell!”

The two Fiery Phoenix Spells made the huge conference room restless!

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